[Vanilla] Difference in diplomacy between vanilla and C3C?


Jan 19, 2020
When I have landed my hands on a Civ3 this time, I ran across the Internet collecting tips and basics of playing it, and have found both this forum and a lot of played games - but most of them were C3C, where people would whack a mole out of an enemy empire then sue for peace and get tech parity at the same time. Well, at least a couple of techs or cities. Playing my last game, I had pushed my arch-enemy (judging by number of units sent my way over the past millennia, which were at least one and a half) France several times into 100%WW under Republic, and its ruler just won't budge, or ask a tech off ME to make peace. Difficulty is Monarch, which I've reached with many advices and my past experience with Civ2 and SMAC. So I wonder, did Firaxis rework the diplomatic engine to maybe tune the diplo easier in C3C, so these tricks have become possible?

On a side note, there seem to be serious discrepancy over what causes war weariness to increase between vanilla and C3C. In C3C it's said to increase only if your units get attacked, while in vanilla it's possible that my relentless attacks with 20+ MAs/cavalries per turn quickly brought it to the cap, resulting in revolts with 30% lux slider and 5 to 6 luxes available worldwide. Any ideas or missing scrolls of ancient wisdom to toss at me?


Nov 16, 2011
Dunno about that. C3C is the way to go; it's a full-blooded grand strategic wargame in which you'd better crush your enemies at higher levels or suffer defeat. But then it seemed that way in Vanilla as well. AFAIK war weariness works pretty much the same in both. You get more even if you take enemy cities, less or none if you fight in your own territory. And better to have them declare on you than vice- versa (you get War Happiness if they do ). Generally keep casualties low while gobbling territory as quickly as possible.


Jun 25, 2007
Could be that Firaxis reworked both aspects a bit for C3C, but it does not necessarily need to be so.
E.g. the AI gives cities and techs in a peace deal only, if they can expect you to keep the peace treaty. So if in the past you have broken a peace treaty before the 20 turns were over, the AI is less likely to trust you again and will be less willing to give any hard goods (cities, techs) for a peace treaty.

And the war weariness also increases just for having your units inside enemy borders. (The mothers don't like their sons to be on foreign soil...) I think it is 1 WW point for each unit inside enemy borders at the end of the turn. So you need to use fast-movers to quickly take a town on the first or second turn, so that your units are again on your own territory... :D That way you can capture big portions of land without getting WW.
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