Diplomacy in the future

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  1. Matjillam1

    Matjillam1 Chieftain

    Nov 12, 2007
    In single player, diplomacy is VERY determined by previous actions (or non-action) against the AI.

    Some times, they can be so mad, that they NEVER wanna trade with you ever again.

    And sometimes, you just think: "come on, YES I declared war on you, but that was 1000 years ago! I'm trying to cut you a sweet deal here, get over it"

    I would like a more dynamic diplomacy, where the AI is coded slightly different.

    Most of the time, some diplomatic options are not available (DoW, trade and so forth). I would like to see an AI-diplomacy system, where ALL diplomatic options are available for the player. But simply enough, the worse enemies, the more the AI want for the deal.

    For example, you want civ X to declare war on civ Y with you. You both benefit huge from this, cause you can both take several cities and therefore become more powerfull. The price of the DoW from the AI varies:

    X hates Y and loves you - well, this one aint expensive :)
    X hates Y and hates you - slightly more expensive, but AI is still easy to convince.
    X loves Y and Loves you - Kinda expensive, but if X benefits enough, some good techs, some resources and some gold will do the trick.
    X loves Y and hates you - Very expensive. VERY good techs, strategic resources and some gold for a period of time. But the AI CAN be convinced, if the price is high enough (unlike now)

    So, a system, where everything is possible when you pay the right price unlike now, where you can only get your BEST friends to declare war on their WORST enemies (need to work on my diplo skills, but still)

    What are ppl's thoughts about this?
  2. Defiant47

    Defiant47 Peace Sentinel

    Jan 2, 2007
    I always found redlining things to be extremely stupid.

    "Here, I'll give you my entire empire, 20000gp, and all the modern era technologies for your world map!"

    "We'll never trade with you, our worst enemy!" or
    "We just don't like you enough" or
    so on, and so on...
  3. Tibur753

    Tibur753 Leigonary

    May 26, 2008
    A good way to fix that somewhat might be to allow the "We appriciate the years of peace between our empires" to go higher than +1. An additional +1 every 500 years (1000 years in BC) would mean that an unsucsessful rush at the begining of the game would barely affect diplomacy if, after that, you had peace until 1000 AD.

    No redding out would be nice. Perhaps trade items could be redded out once the AI would not trade them to you for everything that you have that way you know that and don't waste time trying to offer them stuff for it.
  4. Onionsoilder

    Onionsoilder Reaver

    Mar 19, 2007
    I agree with the diplomatic part. Declare war on them once, they hold a grudge throughout the game, even if you never attack them. I think every 20 turns after a peace is made, the "You declared war on us"(or a friend) will go down by one, and the "Years of peace" goes up by one, to a limit of 5.

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