Diplomacy Music


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Nov 29, 2006
One thing I find that is really lacking in EMA is diplomacy music. It doesn't look very hard to add, but I'm unable to do it without crashing the game. So, if any one is willing to help please post ideas here. Here is who I think should get what music:
Tatars: Persia intro, Mongol main
Russians: Catherine
Poland: Fredrick
Lithuania: Peter
Viking: Viking
Germany: Bismark
France: Charlemagne
Spain: Issabella
England: Elizabeth
Moors: MM intro, Saladin main
Italy: Julius Ceasear
Egypt: Saladin intro, Hatshepsut main
Turkey: Mehmed II
Arabia: Saladin
Armenia: Alexander?
Byzantine: Justinian
Magyars: Mongol?

All are Middle unless specified. Please post ideas and if you are willing to help.
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