Diplomacy screen - seeing map during trades


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Dec 10, 2001
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I'm sure this has been posted somewhere on the forum before, but I can't find it at all (perhaps it should be added to the FAQ?).

During trades on the Diplomacy screen, I think that somebody mentioned it is possible to 'drop out' of the screen (for example to see the map or Civilopedia) without exiting fully from diplomacy.

How do you do this?
I would like to know this as well, I hate it when I have a civ on the run, and can't demand the exact cities (course I can't remember the names only their position) I want.

Help us! :confused:
offer any deal (there must be a deal on the table). Press "return" - you´re back at the advisor screen. Close it, look around, go to the advisor screen. Contact the Civ - takes you back to the deal offered before.

This way you can also check for mysterious dealing during your turn and stuff like that since you can keep a deal open with every civ at the same time...

Also, when they offer to buy/exchange tech during their turn, edit the deal, press return, go back during your turn. This way, they can`t (theoretically, but check for duringyourturn dealing) sell the tech they get from you to everyone else...

Hope this helps!
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