Diplomacy, who is interested in more?

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Mar 5, 2001
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I am merely guaging interest for a second game of Diplomacy to begin here at Civfanatics.

I will add Adamski immediately as the first player, as he has been waiting for a game for a LONG time.

I of course am the second.:D

We will need a G.M. (Richard III maybe?) and then we will see whether or not we can get another game going.:)
Oh wow, you guys have been playing Diplomacy online this whole time? I thought you were just talking about the game. I guess I will have to read the old thread. Don't add me since I have no idea what is going on, just wanted to express my suprise!
I think that this site is getting too big for it's own good.:goodjob:

If you are interested in a game that has NO luck, simultaneous moves, and more paranoia than you can shake a stick at, then I suggest you go out and pick up a copy of Diplomacy today!!!
Wow, it sounds damn good. I remember seeing some reviews for it a while back.
Fine, fine. Now is not the BEST time, but I can make do. FFox, I understand how you just can't hold back those urges...

I suggest waiting until we have a player or two eliminated from CivDIP-001 first if we can't find enough to start with here.

Richard III
Are not to start now, but to wait until we get some new players in also...

Palehorse, if you are interested, KoC has put some links in the other thread...

You can pick up a copy of the PC game for about $5.00 on E-Bay.
Cool, thanks for the Ebay tip (I am so leary of using that site though. My Dad has had good experiences but I have heard the horror stories. Let me search the bargain bins at my local stores also:)). I am printing the PDF right now so I can read through that. I also printed the map. I would like to sign up for the second game, even though I am sure to get eaten up and spit out.

Games played:
FTF : 0
All others: 0

Game experience is not that important, considering that a few of the players in the current CivDip game have very little experience.

Let me know if you can find the game, and perhaps we could play a game together (2 player) to sharpen up your skills before the big game.

You also can find the boardgame, and it is well worth the money. The only problem is that the friends you gather together to play it may not be your friends after a game.:)
I would certainly like to GM a future game, but I think more critical for me at present is sharpening my playing skills (I am Austria in CivDip001).
Count me in...I could always GM -but if I GM I'd like all e-mails between nations to C.C to me so I can have a good laugh!
You can count me in if there is still space! That would be cool , but could it be possible to wait? If not that is still OK!

Magnus... Thinking about converting to the Muslum religion?:whipped:
Ok, about a year ago I was really interested in this game, but I never could find anybody interested in it. If you guys are going to play be e-mail I was just wondering if there was anyway I could get into this game. I remember the basic rules, but I would need a little help at least for the first couple of rounds. PM me or whatever. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I'm pleading for your acceptance and that's something I never do!
This game will not start immediately, but with more interest we may be able to kick off a second game...

Read up on the rules while you are waiting... The beginning of a game is NOT the time to be learning from your fellow players... The Avalon Hill site, or the Real Politik site will be a big help.

I STRONGLY suggest that you buy the game of Diplomacy. As I have mentioned before, it is dirt cheap and then you will own a copy of the greatest game ever made. Plus, then you can practice and set up the board for when the game begins...
I already have that version, but it will be a collectable someday.

Avalon Hill doesn't exist anymore, and good board games are becoming hard to find...

This particular game has wooden pieces (which to me are very abstract and annoying) and a nice mapboard.

I have both versions (wooden and plastic pieces) but the mapboard with the wooden pieces is much prettier...

Plus, with the boardgame, you will be able to play with friends, or even show your children someday what a boardgame looks like, considering that this particular genre is vanishing so quickly.

Anyway, we are collecting quite a few players, perhaps we can start planning a launch date.
By hearing some votes, we can assess some player numbers here. I am, as before, ASSUMING I am the GM as I was dumb/smart/honest/thankful enough to volunteer.

So: who votes for Civdip002 startup at:

March 1st:

March 7th:

March 15th:

(mmm, March 15th. I can understand those voting for earlier, but March 15th sounds just right. And I will have my precious by then, mmmm, my longawaited 1.8 gig precious...)

To spice up my offer, I will also agree to put my historical talents to use by making Civdip002 a commemorative edition. Once the game is over, I will invade the Civfanatics Civ3 "Stories and Tales" site when it's all over, since all players will be forced to cc: their diplomatic dirty laundry to me.

So, vote! Schnell!
FFox that bit about showing your kids what a boardgame looks like was priceless, btw
I agree with the idea of March 15. This would give me the most amount of time to get the game and become nicely reacquainted with the rules. FFox, I took your idea of looking it up on Ebay and you were right, there are a couple I may place bids on. Just need my parent's credit card number:D
Originally posted by Beerman
Magnus... Thinking about converting to the Muslum religion?:whipped:

I think the German Lutherans in Vienna, the Roman Catholics in Trieste and the Orthodox Russians in Galicia beat you to it! Austria is home to a Holy War!!!!:egypt:
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