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Diplomatic save


Feb 6, 2002
Ciao from Italy; well, i want to try to play this gotm, and i will do it without cheat, even i guess it's bot the right way to have a good score.
i just want to submit a question:
90% of my games ended with a diplomatic victory (i hate this kind of victory, i think it's the worst thing they can do in civ III)-ok if i am the one who calls an election, but how can i save the game one turn before to end if other civilization call it?

I am waiting for an answer---

P.S. I am plaiing with some not so useful customized units i have downloaded from this site, is it allowed?
alrighty. not an official bod or anything but i thought i'd answer your points anyway.

1. not reloading will actually make you a better player which in turn will lead to much higher scores. its actually much more fun when things go wrong sometimes too.

2. to avoid a diplomatic victory against you, the simplist thing to do is to make sure you build the UN. this can be achieved by pre-emptive building (e.g. a palace) before the UN pops up and then making sure you win, by sandbagging a leader or by industrial sabotage against the enemy cities building the wonder (F7 to see this). the same holds for any key wonder that you need. its generally best to decide before the game which wonders you really want to target, and if diplomatic victories are giving you a problem then the UN should be one of yours. of course the ideal solution is to win before the modern age.

3. not quite sure what you mean by "saving one turn before they call the vote". you can't alter the fact the vote is called and it changing who votes for you by bribary after you find out you would have lost anyway, is essesntially reloading so no. best to keep good diplomatic relations with the small nations if one of your enemies builds the UN.

4. no you have to play the standard game with all the standard rules and units, no add-ons. the purpose of the GOTM is for players around the globe to compare their abilities and the game itself. if people are playing different maps/rules/units then this defeats the point of the GOTM.

hope that helps!,
What I think he means ChumChum is that if someone else calls the vote and he wins/loses he still wants to send in the file, right?

Then he wants to know how to save so he can submit the file...

Just send in the apropriate auto-save.

EDIT: NO! You cannot play with edited rules! If the mod your using is only graphics, then it's ok, but if it changes your units in a way that's not the original game, it's cheating.
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