Diplomatic-Victory% Proof-of-concept Speed-run

Jarek Noschese

Sun Tzu's War Academician
May 5, 2019
Hancock Point, Maine
Oh boy. This will definitely be the hardest category to speed-run in this game. First of all, no factions have commonality with each other. So therefore, I merely decided to see which factions will pose the greatest threat to my run. To do this, I simulated a bunch of AI vs AI games on the Huge Map of Planet. As each faction won a game, I eliminated them until only two factions remained. Here is the final result (subject to change).
1. Hive
2. Peacekeepers
3. Believers
4. Gaias
5. University
6. Morgans
7. Spartans

As for the victory, the technology Mind/Machine Interface (Conquest, Level 6) is required. If the Hive is one of our opponents, it's likely better to restart and try again.
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