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Mar 17, 2013
Hello. I ask help.

- We, a group of several players who play Fall From Heaven 2 by Hamachi. We are now facing a new and incomprensible problem : we can't play by direct IP when we are more than 2. We can play when we are 2 but not more.

BUT there are two days ago, we could play at more than 2.

- At the beginning, we thought it was a problem of firewall/router of one of us. So we tryed to play without one of us : without me, without A player, without B etc. BUT we faced the same problem with anyplayer, so we concluded it was not a singular problem but a collective problem !

- Then we tryed to play without Hamachi but by direct connexion : unpossible to connect to any player even when are two (but it may be normal).

- Then we tryed to use Tunngle and not Hamachi : same problem that with Hamachi (can connect to one player but not to 2 or more in the lobby).

What is this problem ? It is insane !! Please help. :nuke: :)
AS I've stated here Gamespy is now interfering with DirectIP games. The online MP players have now moved to hosting LAN games on evolve vpn.

you are welcome to come to the Civplayers Chat/Party to host LAN games. Don't worry about it saying Civ5, I just made this ages ago but it never took off at the time. It's for all Civ playing people. As long as all players are in the same "party" LAN games will show up and can be joined just like they are on your home LAN

One of the forum members at Realms Beyond has worked out a fix for the problem of 2+ players connecting to a Direct IP or Pitboss game simultaneously without requiring a VPN. All you need to do is to configure the "hosts" file on your system to redirect connection attempts to the Gamespy natneg servers to another IP. Then you will be able to connect to any player who has applied the same fix. :)

Here's the link:

Our primary Pitboss host (Caledorn) is currently running an alternative natneg server, and he has mentioned it uses so little traffic that he's happy for others to simply connect to his IP if they wish. (You do not need to be playing in any of his games to make use of the fix.) Alternatively, if you're more comfortable rerouting your IP to someone you know, you can find the source code for the program in the same thread linked above, and you or one of your friends can host an alternative natneg server.

Happy gaming! :)
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