Directx 9? or Direct x11?

Sep 4, 2010
New York
At startup, the game keeps asking me if I want to start in Directx 9 or 11. It says 9 is recommended. What are the pros and cons of starting up in 11?
For one thing, Dx9 demands less of your system, so for low end specs it'll likely be the best option. DX11 will give you a nicer visual experience but I haven't tested both yet so I don't know how much it'll differ.

Also, WinXP users should be restricted to dx9 as dx10-11 isn't officially supported by winXP if I'm correct (though I could run the demo with the dx10-11 start option in winxp with dx9c, don't ask me how, it worked, perhaps it automatically went down to dx9c, I don't know, but then, my graphic card supports dx10.1)
Anyone know how we can stop it prompting us to pick each time ?

I right clicked on the screen to create a shortcut for DX 11 mode, but clicking on that STILL brings up the option for both
one my dx9 / d11 choice screen, it tells me dx11 needs sp2. I'm running win7 and ran the demo in dx10/11 fine (dx 10 as my gpu will not do 11)

Anyone know what dx10/11 sp2 is?
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