Discord bot for Civ VI Play by Cloud games.


Jan 12, 2023
Over the pandemic, I've played a few asynchronous games of Civ 6 with friends, using discord to keep track of whose turn it is. We wanted a way to automate @mention'ing the next player, so we looked around.

There are a few github repos that have this functionality that you can clone and run with, and there is an often cited reddit post that explains how to set up IFTTT for this, but there wasn't an easy way to add a bot to your server and have it "just work".

Until now!

Introducing, roze.run, the self-proclaimed "premier way to get turn notifications in Discord for Sid Meier's Civilization VI". This was a fun weekend project, in that there are only a few moving parts, but it gets the job done! Well mostly, Civ's webhook system has a bunch of issues that can actually make it kinda flaky, but under certain circumstances it works well.

roze's site above has more details and her source is available on github in the zkhr/roze repo. Happy to answer any questions folks have.
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