Discussion about standards settings for shadow playing


Praise Vivec!
May 23, 2011
Hi guys,

In the Civ4 S&T forums we had some unofficial standard settings for shadow games and challenges which would be considered to produce the sameish experience for everyone.
Following the same fashion I would propose some important settings and a rationale for each:

- Nation and leader archetype: controversially, I would use "pick later" because it expands the strategic depth. It is cool that you can make a decision which nation is best suited for the start you see. Even if 3-4 civilizations are more OP than the others it still expands the options. Combining the Archetype allows for even more synnergy. Although I currenty value schemers a lot, maybe the patches will make this choice more unpredictable.

- Mortality: Standard

- Turn scale: Semesters, purely not to be overwhelmed by the number of Courtiers

- Event level: Moderate (but with Competitive mode on - no big impact but does not kill the whole dynastymanagement layer)

- Forced march: Double fatigue ( I do think you should plan your moves a bit and personally never liked Galleon chains and other "teleportation" abuses)

- Difficulty affected settings: Default for the difficulty you choose (no nerfing of the tribes on the Great etc.)

- Victory types: All

- Ancient ruins: No (they are just too impactful)

- Copmetitive mode: Yes

- Undo (yes during a turn, no going back a turn, gentelmans agreement not to scout with forced march)

- Everything else: default

I think it is important to keep also what this game brings to the 4x and therefore I still prefer some random factor but good strategies should always come on top after couple of games.

Let me know what you think, I would like some discussion to happen and that we maybe even agree on the settings. :D

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