Disrespect should be punished savagely!

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Settle down ren, I fail to see how this belongs in Humor and Jokes forum. Moving it to Off-Topic.
Yes, it is somewhat hard to make people understand when you are joking. But what´s the fun about joking in a forum where you explicitly have to? IMO it is sort of like someone pointing a gun to your head telling you "Make a good joke or die!!".

(Joking, but only slightly... :lol: )
Originally posted by ren
I was contemplating putting it in Off Topic, but I was afraid that then people wouldn't take it as a joke :(
I can't tell with you lately ren. You are using that angry face too much and bot enough smilies to let me know it is humor. :)
Apolyton is our sister site in many ways, and our admin and several of our mods (myself included) are friends with the admins and mods overthere, so a "forum war' isn't likely or needed.

Apolyton tends to view CFC as childish, mainly because we refuse to let these boards become flame and troll wars that are often seen there, and we take an extremly stern view of newbie bashing and nationality baiting.

As a result, they think we smash free speach here, and are not open, and some of our members think that also.

They are both wrong.

We allow most (but not all) topics, as long as your civil and not trying to hurt someone's feelings.
I have had plenty of arguments with people because of this policy, but the results speak for themselves, this board is still friendly to both new and old posters, and it always will as long as Corn, PH, and myself moderate them.

Ideas are welcome.

Trolling is not.
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