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Nov 16, 2005
Munich, Germany
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm back for another part in the great, but yet short history of the DMI series :) . This time we will make a journey to a world almost wholly different to Single Player Civ - we will play a game style that is very popular on Multiplayer. Now what exactly is a CTON? The abbreviation stands for "Cannot Talk Or Negotiate" and means a game with the following settings:

Map: Inland Sea
Options: Always War, No tech Trading, No Tech Brokering
City Elimination: 2 cities
Game Length: 130 or 140 turns
Speed: Quick
Timer: Blazing

Now the basic concept is that every player is at war with his neighbor from the get-go. No game-related talk between players is allowed so as to prevent teaming up on purpose.

We will try to resemble that game in a game vs. the AI as best as possible. Game Length and City Elimination of course won't work in Single Player, and the timer is not available either. But the rest should work after some savegame manipulation :D , so we'll play a true always war game where the AI is at war with each other too.

To prevent choking and camping in the early game - which the AI doesn't handle this well - we can't enter enemy borders for the first 50 turns, except attacking with a SoD. Difficulty will be Emperor+.

Starting save and Civ/leader after the roster is finalized. I'm looking for 6 players of my choice :) .

I'll volunteer to be the first player to be rejected.
Same here. I'm still in the process of working the game concept in my head to see if I should join or not ...
Sounds like an single player AW game at quick speed to me. I guess he is going to modify the WB save to set all of the AI at war with each other, based on the "save game manipulation" statement. No clue how he stops them from negotiating, though. :dunno: Ought to be interesting either way. I'd love to join you, as well ...
Hi guys... this seems crazy! I'd be interested If you have still one slot...

I don't have much experience in AW but willing to learn :)
I can play Immortal normal settings when sober... chieftain drunk :p

Anyways, I already asked myself how to set up a game like this ("true" AW with AI-AI wars) but coudln't figured it out... :scan:

You guys are ALL WAR JUNKIES!!!!! The fact that I love it as well is besides the point :p
I will be waiting for DMI 14. The thought of a timer is a big turn off for me. I hate real time pressures...
SNo clue how he stops them from negotiating, though. :dunno:
You can select the "Always War Or Peace" option, then edit the WorldBuilder save file in a text editor to set the civs at war with each other. I think that does the trick.
Roster duty:
  • Imhotep
  • Atlas
  • pigswill
  • Ozbenno
  • berserks01
  • GreyFox
  • sunrise089

Okay, roster is finalized. Welcome all guys! :) Now let's discuss leader and civ...

Good luck guys... will be lurking ;)


Cyrus is probably the best AW leader (Immortals, Imperialistic, Charismatic). You can never knock Rome or Boudicea in these games either.

If we want something a little less used, how about Mehmed (Expansive/Organised) or Suleiman (Philosophical/Imperialistic). Ottomans UB is an aqueduct with extra happiness and the UU is a musket with bonuses against virtually everything.
The variant doesn't seems to call for any particular leader. Personally I like to try Ethopia ... Zara seems to manage to be the Top dog in all of my recent games (not that the number is as high as it used to be), but I would love to know if it is a pure coincident.

Having said that, as I mentioned, as the variant doesn't really call for a specific leader, i'm fine to go along with any.
Oh crap ... I'm more worried about the Fox :whipped: than anything else :p
There's a reasonable chance of picking up a tech lead and/or tasty wonders while all the AIs are assembling giant stacks and beating the shoot out of each other. The trick is to survive long enough at the start.

Protective seems a pretty safe choice, maybe even financial leading us to Wang and the Mighty Hwachas.
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