DMI XV - Gorgeous Cathy (BULL Mod)


Legendary Builder
Nov 16, 2005
Munich, Germany
Hi guys,

the Legendary Builder™ is back! This time I just want to play a fun game, but we'll have a variant twist as in every game:

  • We must get at least 3 AI Civs to friendly
  • Once they have reached friendly status, we must declare war within 15 turns and can't sue for peace unless the AI offers it
  • We must at least pile up -15 for arrogant demands with 2 other Civs

We'll play as Catherine of Russia of course, and hopefully we'll see plenty of Cossack action. Map will be Grid, a map used for MP Ironman games. Level will be Monarch, and we should win either by Conquest or Domination. I'm looking for 6 players, old vets of the DMI series will get a clinched spot. The use of the latest version of the BULL Mod is necessary to take part in this game.

Ok - sign me up for full on involvement (oh dear, what have I signed up for :crazyeye:). Re BULL ... do you want to give BAT a try or will that tax everyone's machine too much? As I understand it, EF is about to release an update ... should we wait for that? I'll try and get an ETA if you want that info.
Ok ruff, you're in :) . As for BAT I think my machine could handle it easily, but I don't want to kick anyone out because of hardware requirements. Let's decide once we have a full roster.
BTW, someone's going to have to help me understand the mod situation, as I'm too stupid. I have BUG and I have BUFFY. BULL and BAT are included in at least one of those, right? In either case, I have a brand new average computer. I'm pretty sure I could handle either.
does open mean i can sign up? i've never played a GS before...or is it an SG?


this is the dance dance revolution forums isn't it??
How severe is this mod? Hi everyone, btw.

If it's not too different to normal BTS then I reckon I could come in on this. If you'll have me ofc...
BAT ... if we use it ... is a mod that includes BUG and BULL. It is unaltered game play but choke full of additional civ-specific graphics. It weights in at 250mb.
·Imhotep·;9162155 said:
Roster so far:

  • Imhotep
  • ruff
  • Rex
  • pholkherina
  • omni_paul aka Mr. Shambles
  • open

We'll wait for the 6th spot until Sunday, because I'm not home until then anyway. I will start the game on Sunday regardless of a 6th player or not.

BTW, if we all install BAT as CustomAssets mod using Ruff's excellent CustomAssests changer everyone could then switch to standard BULL if BAT proves too great a strain for his machine - I assume BAT adds just graphics to BULL and the rest (DLL, XML and Python) is identical.
I am pretty sure that BAT doesn't work under customassets. I could be wrong. Where is LM when you need her?

If you want to use BULL, it will not work under customassets (of that I am sure). Are you suggesting we over-write the v3.19 patch dll?

oh - I am an auto skip for next week. Away for the week in bean town with no civ4 pc.

I'm using BULL just like that - installed under CustomAssets. Of course I solely use the modified DLL then, but a friend in my clan has written a nice batch file for quickly renaming and thus switching the DLL files. I assumed the BULL DLL was built on 3.19 and had everything the original DLL has as well. At least I never encountered problems when playing with the modified DLL only.

I'll download BAT this weekend and see what it's like, if the content is too good to not use it I'll consider it for the game.

I started to extended my customasset swapper to also swap in / out any associated dll but never finished that work. I did expand it to swap in / out a screenshot folder. Now I can keep my RB Adv screen shots separate from my pbem, from my pitboss, from my SGs.
I am pretty sure that BAT doesn't work under customassets. I could be wrong. Where is LM when you need her?
Right here, Boss. :)

I've never tried to use BAT under CA, but I don't see why it wouldn't work under the following conditions:

1. You'd need to rename the original CA folder, and put BAT into it's own and use your changer.

2. BAT normally installs as a mod, so you would need to manually move the BAT folders into their proper places in CA.

3. BAT has it's own version of BUG and BULL, and the Sentry Actions, and Governor Build options are enabled, meaning the BULL DLL is different. Starting BAT with a different DLL might cause XML load errors, or errors showing up in game. You will need to use BAT's DLL.

4. Modular loading will need to be disabled in BAT.ini if it is in CA, and this may prevent Varietas and Custom Citystyles from loading, as they are modular. Those folders might have to be merged into the standard xml folders.

The operational xml and Python in BAT is the same as what is contained in normal BUG. Any differences are purely due to the graphics enhancements, and to the Sentry Actions, etc.

It might be an interesting experiment, but it might also be a lot of work. :(

If you want to use BULL, it will not work under customassets (of that I am sure). Are you suggesting we over-write the v3.19 patch dll?
You would need to over write the standard DLL with BAT's DLL. BAT's DLL includes the latest patch.
I took a look at BAT. I don't really like it, so it will be standard BUG. I'll start the game soon.
Not having been on here for a while, this talk of BULLs, BATs and BUGs is all very confusing.

Is it essential to run the game, or just aesthetic?

If essential, will it change any of the standard game play? Ruff suggested not...

Can someone provide a link to the one we're going to use?

The questions, oh my!
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