Do AI benefit from human Caravan ?


Apr 23, 2005
So I was playing civilization 1 the other day, I went back in time to save India from destruction.

My idea/plan was to inject his city with many of my caravans to establish valuable trade routes, also for my benefit, recorded it also on my youtube channel here:

1:52 the first caravans arrive, later more !

Anyway, I send a whole bunch of caravans into his city. Inspected the city with a diplomat before and after the injection of Caravans.

Unfortunately I cannot see by diplomat inspection of the AI city has any trade routes ? At least this one didn't seem to have any trade routes, I also checked the manual and it mentions only home city of caravan gets a trade route, so this could mean a couple of things:

1. The manual is correct and only the home city/owner of the caravan gets a trade route.
2. The manual is incorrect and forgets to mention that the other city also benefits ?
3. The diplomat inspect city screen might not show this information ? I also noticed another short coming in this regards/game at least in the F1 to FX screens and also demographics there is no way to get any information about the total ammount earned from trade routes ?! However I did discover some interesting things:
3.1 the home city does show the trade route income in green
3.2 the home city does show the trade route cities in the map screen as green squares which is very cool.
3.3 I also noticed when capturing a city that it will show unexplored trade cities on this map, which is kinda funny.
In video at 1:53, happened to notice/find it in link above :)

unfortuneately later near end of video the game hang and I tried to debug it, but I have another thread about that :) that thread is here in case interested:

So now you kinda understand why I was trying to save that game from hanging, trying to save this India and having lots of fun travelling the seas and managed to not get destroyed earlier on by russian, cut him off with irrigation, strangely enough that worked, he was busy with USA, thoughest AI settings, AI all busy busy busy :) I did secure the auto save games of this session, so I can go back in time again if I wish, maybe... and experience a nice powerfull situation, russia very powerfull, america very powerfull but kind but not stupid, zulu very powerfull/aggressive, egyptions sneaky, india knocked into passiveness but could become aggressive, kinda hoping he becomes back and takes back some land, what was interesting in this game was USA invading Russia, Russia moving capital to Delhi, powerfull AI gameplay going on.)

So seeing other lack of information and strange quirks it is conceiveable that maybe the "other' AI/city does benefit from trade routes ?

(I could have sworn that when I was a kid I saw a caravan of an AI enter my city... and maybe I benefitted from it somehow... like getting free techs and such lol).

Anybody know for sure ? Maybe via map editor ?
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Nov 10, 2008
ı remember a foreign caravan once arriving in my city . Was so odd that ı investigated every possible screen afterwards . No changes on my part noticed ... Think ı remember ı could not get a caravan route now that the trade connection had already been established and ı took care in blocking foreign caravans afterwards . But can not vouch for whether it was exactly like that , it was 15 to 20 years ago ...

and somehow the best use of caravans should still be hoarding 50 of them for wonder in a turn thing ?
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