Do all steam workshop mods work in multiplayer?


Dec 4, 2005
Do all steam workshop mods work in multiplayer? Of course, if this were so, then I'd expect everyone playing the game together would have first downloaded and installed said mods first.

I ask because I do not know much at all about Steam Workshop. I think it uses a variety of programs and is not quite like Starcraft 2's editor...but I would only ever use it in multiplayer anyway - I never play any of the other games that use it, and I only play Civ in multiplayer. I'm coming back for Gods and Kings.

As such, I refer you guys to the original question. Civ 4 Beyond the Sword had 'mods' built in that worked sometimes offline, sometimes online. Is *that* the case with steam workshop mods? And if so, would you guys say 80% of the mods are multiplayer enabled? Or more like 15%?

EDIT: Someone mentioned to me that the only way to get a "mod" working in MP is have all players modify their base game files. What can you guys tell me about this? Can you do it for *any* mod?
Jan 7, 2009
As far as I know, mods are not playable in multiplayer. As for having the mods work by altering the base game, I highly recommend against this; one wrong character and your entire game can be unplayable. Making a backup of the base files would "help" but I still don't recommend messing with the base.

Gedemon has a mod that might help you out here
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