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Do militaristic civilizations prefer to have war?


Nov 6, 2001
I simply just love to wage wars ( i always use militaristic tribes). For most part of the game i will be in democracy, which supposedly hates wars, and this 'war-weariness' would set in to cause unhappiness and civil disorders. But this doesn't seem to apply to me. Every time i wage war almost all my cities would go into 'we love the emperor' celebrations. But once I argree to peace agreements then all my cities would end their celebrations. All in the same turn! Does anyone know what's really happening? This war-weariness simply doesn't apply to me at all !
It doesn't come from the attributes of the Civilization, but from the leader's personality. For example, Caesar is more agressive than Ghandi...
So where's the war weariness? It doesn't really make sense that people under democracy government would actually prefer war. (although this is to the advantage of us users)
I experienced the very same thing while playing with the "wrong" version of the patch. After installing the "right" patch it worked just fine again. Arer you sure that you are using the "right" patch?
Right after when war is declared, war weariness is actually reduced, (how can there be war weariness before a war? dunno, it's just what the manual says. basically you get a happiness boost after war is declared). If you aren't trading luxuries with the civ you're at war with, you might even see a wave of WLTK in your civ.

After a while war weariness will begin to kick in. Maybe somebody will be nice enough to mark down what happens next time they have a war under democracy. It would be nice to know:

How big the happiness boost is.
Who declared war and have they been at war with your civ before.
When the boost ends.
When war weariness starts.

When noting war weariness, city size, % of unhappiness types, etc. are important.

I get the feeling if I really wanna know I'll have to check it myself, but can't blame me for trying.
Actually this happens to all civs, to some degree. If you were at war and suffering some war weariness, then another civ declares war on you, the people temporarily become happier, which makes some sense. If the war drags on war weariness will begin to go back up though, although I often stay in wars for a lot of the game and my republic can handle it without too many problems.
Originally posted by Vinc
It doesn't come from the attributes of the Civilization, but from the leader's personality. For example, Caesar is more agressive than Ghandi...

That is right. But Gandhi is Religious, Commercial. The Chinese would be a better example of the aggression rule. In terms of aggression, the Chinese are in the lower half (more aggressive than the Indians, French but less aggressive than Americans), yet the Chinese are Militaristic. It just goes to show that some militaristic civs are actually pacifists (though I think that China is the only one).
Funny thing is, in one of my latest game, the only ones who declared war on me were both the french and indians. Zulu and Rome did not, neither did the japanese.

In most of my games though, the germans almost always declare war on me at one point or another (usually quite early in the game when I am weak).

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