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Do We Want The Great Wall?

Great Wall or No?

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Nov 14, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Our Defense Minister and Mayor of Rhiannon, Falcon02, has brought up the fact that Tara or Rhiannon could finish the Great Wall within 30 turns. Should we build it?
The choice is simple, yes or no.
I never build this Wonder. It doesn't seem to justify the spent and effort. I'd much rather build The Sistene Chapel or JS Bach's Cathedrahl. If we could have built the Hanging Gardens, it would have helped with our happiness problem. I voted no.

BTW, good poll, Bowsling.
Yeah Either one of those would be desirable...

Despite bringing it up, I'm kinda iffy myself on the Great Wall, but I lean twoards yes... but, the Art of War or the Workshop I think would be more desirable/beneficial.
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