Do you have a routine per turn?


Feb 20, 2002
New York
Hopefully this isnt one of those "oh no not again" topics :p

I was wondering if anyone had a set pattern on checking all the various cities, advisors, workers, units etc. It seems like a handfull and at the higher levels later in the game its even more difficult to manage so much.

I'm not totally new to Civ, I've played both previous incarnations but its been awhile heh. Any tips on stuff you find important to check each turn? Maybe every other turn? or maybe when its time for the city to build something new?

I'm trying my first Regent game now. I'm getting out expanded badly and its not looking great in about 450AD, I'm about middle of the pack.

Thanks in advance :egypt:
It very much depends on how much you want to micro-manage. I'm rather a slow player I think, I micro-manage a lot during the early turns, so this might not work for you. What I generally do is:

1) If I've discovered a new tech, or it has been a few turns since I've talked to them, spend some time in Diplomacy seeing what deals are possible with my known rivals.

2) Move those units for which I already have a goal in mind. (This before next step because moving units in/out of cities can change happiness.)

3) Review each city. Check whether I want to change what it is producing. Optimize what tiles are being worked by the citizens. (Ignore that last part if you use the city governor. Doing it yourself instead of using the governor can make a big difference in the early stages of the game though.)

4) Move the remaining active units.

5) Check the Domestic advisor. Check that each city has enough happiness to avoid disorder. Optimize the settings of the science and luxury rate sliders. (Near the start of the game, science as high as you can afford, but reduce it if reducing makes no difference to the number of turns remaining. Luxury at zero unless required for happiness. Finally, reduce science if necessary to avoid bankrupcy.)

Sometimes it is necessary to iterate back and forth a bit between the above steps because they can affect each other a lot, especially in terms of citizen happiness.
My routine is clicking enter to make the turn pass.

as you as you are before age 0 you need a lot of micro management and don't put automaton on worker cuzx they will irragate and it won't give you any bonus while minning will give you 1 more shield... ( in despotism)
Also sometimes when i get to many cities i will put governor to look for happinness and certain cities *like a sice 12 cities waiting to growth, you ask your governor to specialize in production....

to you take a look at your cities some times to see if everything correct.

But doing this will make your final score a little lower then suppose. probably:)
But if you play a huge mapo it'S pretty usefull.:)
Check each city a turn, I wish.

I've lost count of my cities; probably a shade over a hundread.

My routine is to try and keep my empire from crumbling, making sure I won't have another city break out in riots because of their home country, make sure I've got enough defensive units placed, make sure my naval units are moving to the right spot, and try and muster up the forces to sack the next enemy city.
Its a rewarding headache :crazyeyes
Early on, I micromanage every turn, mainly to try to get military units out in as few turns as possible without wastage (producing 5 or 7 shields per turn for a 20 shield unit, for example, or 8 shields for a 30 shield unit). Later on I cut down on micromanaging as I don't have the patience :) Micromanaging early on is much more important anyway.
In the later part of the game, I find I have to visit every city and click on the middle square so that the city is worked at the default setting. This seems like what the governor should be doing but doesn't. For instance, if I just cleaned up a pollution square, the governor doesn't rework it. I have to do it myself. This gets very tiresome. So, every few turns, I methodically to through every city and hit the middle square. I'd love to see a macro for this: make every city work its default pattern.
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