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Do you still read the Civ III General Discussions?

Do you actively view the forum?

  • Yes. I read and post frequently.

    Votes: 7 20.0%
  • I read it occasionally, sometimes I post.

    Votes: 9 25.7%
  • I check it to see if there's anything new.

    Votes: 6 17.1%
  • Nope. Completely put off by the whining.

    Votes: 13 37.1%

  • Total voters
I use to scan it now and then. Mostly it is only the same discussions (AI cheats, I can´t play, Firaxis is conspiring against us, ...) like you said. That is why I don´t post there very often any more. But it still happens sometimes. :)
What else is there to talk about? If you remove all the whining posts there are still plenty of discussions, but talking about the allure of Joan just doesn't draw the same interest.
Yes, you are right Greadius. I guess it is just natural.
I`m all for the GD Forum. Why? That`s where you get quick hints - and then you should also dispense advice, if you can. Strategy is OK for that, too, but the small things like "hidden" short keys and so on.....
Also, it`s where Firaxis will look for the mood of the players - and that may (hopefully) influence patches.

Also, it`s sometimes simply FUN!!!
Oh yes, sometimes it is FUN indeed. :lol:
I think that the longer you participate, the less useful the general discussion forum becomes. That said, I still read and post there pretty regularly. I've picked up a few good tips, and tried to contribute some of my own.

What bugs me most in the GD forum now is that guy who started the thread about "Soren Johnson's mistakes" as if he were Mr. Johnson's boss or something. If he thinks that Firaxis programmed the game wrong, why doesn't he make his own @#$% game?
Sure, I still browse there, but like Jimcat said, the longer you participate, the less useful it becomes. Most of my posts lately (not that there have been many) have been of the type:

'Hey! they asked and answered that question months ago! Look at <this thread> for the discussion!'

Still, I do occasionally find a nugget hidden in the dross, and I have made a friend recently from the newbies there. (I tried to entice him to come to Off Topic, but he begged off, afraid he would get addicted! :D:D )
i don´t even play civ3 anymore... i´m waiting for the mp and scenarios.

i was visiting c & c forum when i was working on my swedish mod, but i don´t have any time for that anymore because i have some exams coming.:(
Good question. I was just thinking about that the other day, how stale it was compared to other parts of the site. I'm finding the civ stuff is getting better, the strat is getting better, and off-topic getting better in contrast to the deteriorating world history stuff.

I'd rather read about CIV3 discussions than the totally
boring political and religious bickering that is typical of Off Topic...

And the CIV scenario creation forum rules anyway...
Originally posted by ainwood
I'm getting sick of reading the Civ III general discussions forums, just because it is full of the same threads about what is wrong with the game, ad nauseum. What do you think?

Ditto; OT is by far the more interesting forum nowadays.
Well, at least lots of people are still hanging around other parts of the forums, instead of getting annoyed and leaving for good. There's hope yet!
I paid a visit to that area of the forums for the first time in months, and amid all the talk about some new computer game that they were all raving about, there was a perfectly nice discussion about the history of battleships. Now, if they had more of that, and less of this Civ3 nonsense, then they would attract a better class of person.
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