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Do you use nuclear missiles in CivII?

Do you use nuclear weapons in your game?

  • Yes, I do

    Votes: 76 48.7%
  • No, I don't

    Votes: 49 31.4%
  • Only when the AI uses them against me first

    Votes: 31 19.9%

  • Total voters
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It is (almost?) never good to use them. However, sometimes there aren't any better choices. Their combonation of range and power make them very usefull, but the side effects make almost always too costly to use. If everyone had to build their own MP, nukes would be a lot more usefull.
I'll use them in a roundabout way. Build Manhattan, build one "nucular bum", switch out of the beloved Democracy, and DEMAND TRIBUTE!!! Just possessing the one missile will make everyone worshipful and pay tribute each turn until they are broke if they can get broke. Just gotta make sure you aren't demanding tribute when they can't pay, otherwise they're view of you will drop. Well, as long as they don't have nukes, it works well. Of course, I play Prince/King and I would assume it doesn't work as well higher up. :goodjob:
Imagine the scenario: I have been started several times on a single square island. So imagine that a civ has a large city (possibly its capital) on a single-square island (which of course is good defensively). There is no land for miles around. Now sea can't be polluted, and you just happen to have a nice nuclear missile and some paratroopers on an island 9 or so squares away...
Sometimes they are very enjoyable to use, and to hell with the pollution :D
But not all the time, although it is always amusing to use them as punishment weapons...
:D If it looks like someone else is going to have ;or does have them,I guess one must have the horrible things!I like floppa's idea on the tribute![dance] :beer: [dance]
on strong civs i like to nuke a city, and then paradrop to take over the city and build enginerrs to clean up the pullotion and move on to the next city, on weaker cities i just use cruise missiles and stealth fighter/bomers. i play mostly archeplogo (garanteed to be spelled wrong) maps so a ground force isn't my favorite option.
NUKE 'EM TILL THEY GLOW AND SHOOT 'EM IN THE DARK!!!!!!!! :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke:

it has been SSSSOOOOO long since i uttered those words...:D
god i miss the soviets....:(

i prefer to use them only on large consintrations (?) of units, especially on naval units to avoid the polluation. (?)

just think how the world might have been in the spainish armada had one or two of those puppy's.
:nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke:
global warming is a bummer but if you've got to use them you've got to use them.never go to war with a civ that has nukes .as soon as you go to war all your cities go up in flames.
I agree with floppa21. And the SDI defense is key to winning Nuclear War. I just played Emperor on the largest map, so the AI would get big. I built one Nuc Missile -- that seemed to hold them off. But stacking many units in one city with SDI -- they would attack the same city over and over. I took no chances in expanding. I built a city within 3 squares of the next large enemy city, then captured it. The AI would respond by nuking their city I had just captured, but the SDI Defence held. Very fun!
Note: I had tried nuke retaliation, the global warming kicked in and destroyed the map, so I went back 20 turns to before the launch and played with SDI rather than many missiles. Also, Solar Plants seem to reduce pollution everywhere...
when i use nukes, i only use them as retaliation or on the computers gigantic fleets, or on cities that have nukes in them
nukes are a waste of good shields. But you do need to build one to gain the A.I.s respect. from than on, veteran spies planting bombs are much cheaper and effective. especially since the A.I. just loves to put SDI in all his big cities. Just be sure to have tons of engineers to clean up the pollution.
I tend to keep just a few for when I need them. Also, I try to keep Manhatton Proj. from being built, because the AI LOVES those things way to much.
The only time I ever use them is after I've bribed an AI city with a nuke or two in it. Seems a shame to waste all their hard work in building the things. :D
waste of time
I never use nukes if nothing happens, I only build a few of them because the AI will be more carefull towards you.

:nuke: In the other way, using nukes can be very interesting when the AI suffers more from global warming then you will. :D :nuke:
I can't understand those who don't use them. I fire them off in droves. I once made it so every city of ALL enemy civs had been nuked. I then sent in my Armor to take the cities over. Who can't love a weapon that wipes out all enemy units in a city and all those just outside? Trust me: NUKES ARE GOOD, USE EM!
:nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke:
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