DoC 1.16.3 released


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Aug 23, 2009

I have released a new minor version of the mod. It contains the changes introduced by the code rewrite this year, including many of the recent bugfixes.

It also comes with the following fixes for the Varietas Delectat module:
- fixed an issue with the Ottoman aqueduct art that prevented the display of wonders in cities where it is present
- fixed some wonder movies not being available

The installer will now also offer an option to select the installation location again. This is helpful for people where the registry points to an incorrect directory for Beyond the Sword.

You can simply download the mod installer from the usual link provided in the Welcome to DoC thread for a fresh install and it will be up to date with 1.16.3.

If you already have any prior version of 1.16.x installed, download the patch, extract it into your Beyond the Sword/Mods directory, and select overwrite all.
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No, thank you for asking. Should have mentioned that they aren't.
I suggest to revise your naming convention for version numbers.
Version number for map (change map, change version number), so next map should be version 2.0.0
Major number for same map but incompatible savegames (1.16, 1.17, 1.18...)
Minor number for same map and compatible savegames (1.16.x)

Just a suggestion, but in this way gamers have all informations about map and savegames.
Savegame breaking changes are too frequent for that to make sense. It is safe to assume that any release is savegame incompatible unless noted otherwise.
Update: I have fixed the error in the VD module that was reported in the bug reports thread. The installers downloadable now contain the fixed version. The patch is unaffected and works regardless. However, if you have already installed VD from the broken installer, you have to delete and install it again, the patch doesn't help there.
1.16.3 Machu Pichu takes no effect
and some icons (great statesman and great spy) missing
Is that with or without VD?
OK the icons are correct now. I replaced the Sylfaen fonts with Calibri, and also the Fonts/cour.ttf. After I got the backup file back, everything was OK. Please check the wonder Machu Pichu as Qusqu can't get the gold per peak.
Oh, good to know. Thanks for the update. I will check Machu Picchu.
Hi Leoreth, I deleted the game a while ago as I was spending too much time on it.

But if I download the mod again from your "Play RFC Dawn of Civilization version 1.16" link, it will download the newer minor version?
Yes. If you install the mod again from scratch you don't need to worry about the minor version. It will always be the latest one that has been released.
Updating to 1.16.3 from my prior version 1.6.2 does not seem to work for me.
After unzipping (and overwriting files) the game does not start and I get a lot of xml errors.
See attached file doc16.3_error.jpg for the first of many xml error popups.

When I instead deleted the DoC Mod folder and used the complete installation for 1.16.3 it worked.


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The patch does not cover modules. Sorry, I should have been clearer about that.
Leoreth, please post a normal version of the installer 16.3. When trying to install, the game starts with errors. Crash game occurs frequently
What do you mean by "normal version"?
The installer found at this link is updated to 1.16.3. So I still do not understand the question.
Thanks so much for the outstanding work throughout the years! Is the installer compatible with Linux or is a manual installation necessary?
I don't officially support running the mod on Linux. You have to figure out how to do so yourself. The installer uses the Windows registry and will likely be of limited help.
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