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Does any Modder interest on making texture or drawing on Custom Lego Mini-Figure


May 20, 2019
* It's off Topic from Civ but I can't find no place for free talking. I decided post topic in here.

Hello, I'm Kardien Lupus. My mail are kardienlupus@gmail.com . An, A long time CIV user and Mania Who have little job of selling Lego and Oxford Block.

Recently I started another works Make Lego Custom Mini-Figure. It's like 2D texture making for 3d Lego Figure piece body processed physically by UV printer. I can supply Lego material and print but I'm lacking in modeling skill.
But through a 10 year more long time, I saw Civ fandom did great job of work for mods and new units, Like Fall from Heavn. People on CIV forum are The very skilled guys who I'm loving. Thus, I'm finding companion or co worker who like CIV and doing project together.
Of Course, If you join my project we split profit from selling.

Here is example of lego Mini-Figure texturing or reprinting.


Reprinted, retextured. Example.

Thanks for reading this Post. I respect CIV Froum rule. If you know any place put free topic. I will move this post.
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