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Does anyone else feel cities are too easily blockaded?


Dec 1, 2009
I've noticed in my last game that one barbarian ship wandering through your territory 3 hexes away from a city can blockade that city and shut off the trade routes going through the harbour. This can happen even if the blockading ship is on the wrong side of the landmass and has no means to attack any notional route from your city to the capital.

If your capital is blockaded you can lose your trades routes to every city this way, if you're relying on harbours. Given that it's far more difficult to exclude units from sea than it is from land, has anyone else seen difficulties with blockades?
Makes sense to me. It is an encouragement to build naval units. You've got pirates of your coast, and they're looting all your merchant ships, not attacking your city per se.
He's right, is too easy to blockade, from hexes and hexes away. Not only that, but even if you have a road connecting to the capital, coastal cities can be blockaded. This is ridiculous.
I think the system is well done. If you don't want to be blockaded, build a navy.
Yeah build a defense ship, how hard is that.
I think it's awesome that you can do some damage from the sea too. So it wont be as useless.
I think it's fantastic that they finally made naval blocade viable. They should have done this in Civ3 and civ4 too.
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