Does anyone know how to reduce the poly count of Old World units?


super foxy
Sep 25, 2019
Hello, does anyone know how to reduce the poly count of an Old World mesh? I've converted a Hittite unit but have not had success when decimating. Currently this unit is 228kb.

Old World Hittite Charioteer.pngOld World Decimation Difficulties.png

Additional info: I tried converting Old World units from OBJ to DAE, but blender has been freezing on import (probably due to large file size?), so I used an online converter to convert the original OBJ to ABC (alembic) and successfully imported that. I don't know if the online converter or the alembic format itself would pose an issue?

I'd like to decimate this unit and add him to the civ5 Hittite War Chariot to create a proper three-man Hittite chariot. I've attached the original OBJ and texture files, along with the NIF. Thank you for any help or advice :thumbsup:

Hititte War Chariot 01 (default).png


  • Old World Hittite Charioteer.7z
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