Does anyone still have Varietas Delectat for RFC?


Blue Period
Aug 23, 2009
A while ago, I was contacted about the Varietas Delectat for RFC download I created a while back. Apparently, the download link that was backing it has expired by now. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the file myself as well, and cannot find it on my machine anymore. If someone still has it, please let me know, so I can reupload it again and put it under source control.
The original one also has this problem. VD's download link is down.
Oh, that's bad.
That's the module for DoC.
The original one also has this problem. VD's download link is down.
Does the site's file database have enough files to rebuild VD? A unit pack for Portugal was uploaded two months ago. Other civs might have their own versions of those files somewhere.
Actually the latest versions for both Varietas Delectat and Quot Capita are available (including the extra civs).
Lemon Merchant and I uploaded them a couple months ago, check the last few posts in the corresponding threads.

Unfortunately I don't have the RFC version of VD though...
Where?!, can you post the link
Oh, that's great. Would still like to hear back from someone with the RFC adaptation I created, but with this I can at least recreate it with some effort.

Thought it was the same
No, some of the XML is mod specific, and I have since made many opinionated changes that deviate from plain VD but should not be forced upon people who just want RFC with VD.
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