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Does Civilization 5 have a global view like in Civilization 4?


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Dec 21, 2006
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Well, I have to play this game at my friend's house until I get the money to do a huge upgrade on my computer; so I can't really check for myself. When I was playing this game, I didn't really remember to go out of my way to see if it was still there. It was one of my favorite features of the previous game, so I think it would be pretty "cool" if it was still in. Thanks for the reply.
Nope no global view they decided to add in the 2D hex view instead.

they have the tactical view (think thats what its called) which in my opinion is alot better.
Is there any way to rotate the camera? I think that may have been a feature of Civ4 mods like BUG, but it was nice to be able view things from more than one perspective.

Has anyone looked into whether the camera settings may be moddable in XML?
I miss this feature, and not for any practical reason. It just made the world feel very awesome. It was a tool for immersion.
I'd be happy with just having the map revealed with satellites tech.


Yeah. it's 2000 and there are clouds. Clouds everywhere. In CIV 5 people seem to have lost the ability to make and trade maps.
Immersion? Never mention that word again in the same sentence with civ 5.
The developers hate this word.
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