Does Propoganda work?


Mar 1, 2002
In Civ 2, I was a great believer in "buying" cities away from my enemy.

However, in Civ 3, I haven't been able to "prove" that it is possible (i.e. I have NEVER had a "initiate propoganda" work for me).

Is it just me?

been able to do it a few times, but it's pretty rare, and I havne't been able to really find a rhyme or reason to it. Once I got a fairly good size city (6-8 I think) in the middle of another person's empire on another continet. Very very random and unexplained.
Everything related to Espionage (advance, Wonder, missions) is far too expensive and a waste of time. I even lowered ALL their costs by a third in Editor and I still wouldn't bother.

I have never had one of my cities succesfully propagandized. I have seen seven attempts by AI civs - they all failed, like all spy missions usually do.

Espionage is good for only one thing - getting them to declare war on you. :rolleyes:
I have to say that propaganda is not very useful. If you want some certain city, gather your forces and go get it. Why bother waist thousands of dollars on it.

Spying is useful for me to learn the positions of the enemy forces. Once I spied that around 30 of Roman tanks were gathering at one city, so I threw a nuke, and killed them all. The most efficient nuke I ever used. :lol:
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