Does the A.I. use Bombardment units against you or other Civs?


Nov 17, 2001
I never see the AI move in a stack of cannon or artilery covered by riflemen or infantry and try to take out cities...why not? This is my prefered method of attack in the latter stages of the game.
A.I. players use artillery only for garrison. And they hardly ever use them for shooting at all.
I often see the AI use Naval bombardment and I have caught a few bombard units, but rarely see the AI using them on the ground.
Thjey have never brought one up against me. Captured units will fire on my units, if they are close enough, and the bombards have not moved away. Ships bombard, but that is easy... just send a few arty to that coast, like a railgun, and the ship goes back to the yards for repairs without firing a shot.
I have rarely, if ever, seen the AI use bombardment units offensively.

However, I have mixed feelings about this. If the AI started using the same artillery blitz tactics against me that I use against them, they'd probably kick the stufing out of me in short order.
I am pretty sure I have never had one of my cities bombarded by the AI. Naval units will bombard a city if there are no more improvements to destroy within their range. I am quite happy about not having my 3000 year old temple and library leveled by artillery.
I have only ever seen the AI use artillery offensively once. A stack of 6 arty and one cavalry invaded my territory. The cav commited suicide and I captured the arty stack.

No wonder you rarely see it. Free guns anyone? :D
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