Does the AI ever rush buildings with slavery?

Conqueror Worm

Jan 22, 2006
I know the AI whips units with slavery when a city is under direct attack. But does it ever whips buildings?

P.S. - Sorry, upon reflection I'm sure this is not the correct forum (I don't know how to change that now). I suppose I put it here because for me the question sort of is a Creation and Customization question because if the answer is "No," then I will no consider my whipping buildings to be a kind of cheat, and will no longer do so (a house rule for me kind of customization if you will). Also, I've been playing this game on and on but pretty regularly for over 15 years now and still don't know the answer to this question, so I suppose if anyone is going to answer it, it is going to be a modder. Anyway, if you have any insight, thanks in advance.
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At least it's clearly intended to hurry buildings. I don't know how frequently it actually happens, but there is plenty of AI code aimed at identifying buildings that are worth hurrying. I doubt that it's somehow totally bugged – I think karadoc would've mentioned that in the K-Mod changelog when he overhauled the Slavery AI, and, also, the Warlords and BtS expansions have tweaked the Slavery AI and one would like to think that they tested it on that occasion.

For hard evidence - or to explore how often the AI hurries buildings -, one could run AI Play (AI Auto Play mod or game.aiplay cheat command) for a while, look for AI cities with hurry anger, then load an older Autosave to check what had been hurried.
Thanks for the reply f1rpo. I have to tell you that it is your mod, AdvCiv, that I have been playing almost exclusively for the last few years. Right now I'm playing a game with AdvCiv+, which you kindly linked to in your forum. It's really good. That's a great idea about how to check, and I will try that sometime in the not too distant future. Thanks for all your wonderful work in providing the best AI in the best 4x game ever made!
In that case, I can easily provide some statistics from the BBAI log. I've run AI Auto Play with the AdvCiv mod for 100 turns on a Fractal map with default settings (8 players), Monarch difficulty:
48 population sacrificed in total. Hurried units:
14 Worker (out of 53), 6 Settler (out of 46), 2 Archer (out of 59), 1 Work Boat (out of 7)
Hurried buildings:
4 Granary (out of 27), 2 Lighthouse (out of 2), 2 Library (out of 8), 2 Barracks (out of 14), 1 Monument (out of 6)
Stonehenge (3 pop sac'd in capital :undecide:)
That's with a recent balance change reducing hurry production to 80%. If the BtS effect is restored, then I get 69 sacrificed population (same settings, but different seed, i.e. different resulting map and leaders). AdvCivPlus may be a different story yet as it makes some high-level AI changes.

Same experiment with K-Mod, using only 7 players because that's the K-Mod (and BtS) default and because tech costs are higher in AdvCiv and starting food less abundant, so having one fewer player might be closer to a fair comparison of frequencies:
137 pop sacrificed in total. Hurried:
14 Worker (out of 41), 23 Settler (out of 37), 8 Archer (out of 91 :wow:), 3 Scout (out of 19), 2 Work Boat (out of 5), 1 Axeman, 1 Chariot, 1 Horse Archer
17 Granary (out of 27), 7 Barracks (out of 18), 5 Monument (out of 11), 5 Library (out of 10), 4 Lighthouse (out of 7), 3 Forge (out of 3), 2 Temple (out of 3), Moai Statues (3 pop), Stonehenge (3 pop), Great Wall (3 pop)

And with just BBAI, which leaves the hurry AI code pretty much unchanged from BtS – but does modify the unit and building choices substantially. Again, 7 players.
102 pop sacrificed in total. Hurried:
11 Worker (out of 22), 15 Settler (out of 32), 6 Work Boat (out of 17), 1 Archer (out of 56), 1 Axeman,
16 Granary (out of 22), 10 Monument (out of 17), 7 Lighthouse (out of 8), 4 Barracks (out of 13), 1 Library (out of 2 :shake:), Oracle (2 pop), Temple of Artemis (2 pop)
Very interesting. So clearly the AI does rush and always has rushed both units and buildings, even more so apparently with K-Mod and BTS than AdvCiv. Well, I'm sure you had your reasons to reduce the hurry production by the AI by a little. Thanks for the insight. In my latest game I've decided not to rush anyway, and I almost never have as it is so much extra trouble. With AdvCiv Plus I've used Caste System, which gives an extra hammer with workshops, so my grasslands cities can still eventually get things built once I get Code of Laws. Thanks again for the info and for all of your awesome work!
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