Domination Victory???


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Feb 5, 2002
I am new to domination victory and I need some help....

I finally finished this game after 3 long the end I won by conquest, but I do not understand why I did not win by dominatoin many turns before....

I probably sound like a huge newbie but I could really use some is a pic....:king:

Edit: Okay, I think the pic should work now.......

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Anyone? hehe

Sorry, I can't view that picture... (i'm using netscape, maybe that's why). However, are you sure you're controlling 2/3 of the LAND in the game within your borders?

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I checked the properties for the link you posted and this is what I got: file:///C:/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/Civ3%20Pics/civdominationpic.bmp

For one thing, you want to use .jpg or .gif. BMPs are too big.

As for your question, the requirements for domination victory are a bit murky. I've only won with it once, but I think that if you control a huge majority of the land area, you'll get the win eventually. In the game that I won via domination, I hadn't been at war for probably 30 turns or so. You have to hold the land for a while.

I was surprised to get the win, I tried the UN and it was indecisive, so I was getting the techs for the spaceship. I forgot about domination.
I've only gotten the domination win once - did so on the Tiny map, four Civs. Basically I started as the Germans at one end and marched my way over and around, taking out the Germans, then the Russians, and finally two British cities. My game suddenly stopped and announced I had achieved a domination victory. I can't quite remember if I was still at war, but I do remember it was just after the borders for those two British cities culturally expanded after the first rush-built library or temple.

I controlled about 75-80% of the land, and on the graphs I outscored the Brits 3-1. SO I think 75% is the mark. My thought is that you have to have 75% of the land mass under your borders. Not 75% of cities, not 75% of population, but 75% of the mass under your borders.

It's probably much more likely, on the larger maps, that you'll hit the cultural victory mark before the normal domination victory.
I gave it a little more thought. I think the idea is that you capture and keep most of the enemy cities, as opposed to razing them. As most fo you know, when you play on increasingly harder levels, culture flipping will make it hard to hold enemy cities. Therefore, you need to either (a) bombard them down to a low population number (b) have a military force SO strong that you completely conquer the other country in two to three turns or (c) raze cities and replace them with your own. In my example above, I most closely followed the second principle - short, decisive wars. I had a lot of trouble holding onto the Russian cities, since I didn't get them all on the first shot. But once I did get them and hold them, and then take the two English cities, I had a Civ with some 5-6 pop cities, a lot of 8-9 pop cities, and a core of 12 pop cities.

I'll go back to my last save and see what things looked like. I'll try to post it to the board as well.
Two thirds of the land mass of the planet must be within your cultural borders. When you take out foreign cities you are generally left with massive gaps in culture coverage. You don't get credit for tiles that are under your physical but are not within your cultural border.
that's right - an excellent point. so everything has to be culturally "connected" to your capital. In my example, it was easy - one continent and tiny map. This will be MUCH more difficult, if not downright impossible, when jumping from continent to continent.

It needs to be one solid whole empire - not lots of little patchwork ones.

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks to everyone for the the pic I have completely covered all the continents with only one enemy town remaining...the problem must have been that my towns were not culturally connected and therefore did not count :eek:
Clarification -

It's okay if the areas of control are not connected and if they're not connected to the capital. The big problem with the gaps is that the area that isn't within your culture border doesn't count. When those fill in with culture you'll usually get surprised by a domination win.
That is just what happened to me on my last game, a suprise win. I was going for a conquest win, standard map 8 civs, was down to me, Greeks and French. I was building up tanks and bombers for the final assault on the last 4 Greek cities, before turning on my French allies (Sorry Joan), and I got the pop-up that I had won a domination victory! This had been several turns since the war started, and the temples that I rushed in the first 4-5 cities I took kicked in with the border expansion, so that must have put me over the threshold. I was a little frustrated, all those bombers on the runway, ready to strike . . .

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