dora rail gun: civlopedia and units_32


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Apr 29, 2004
I'm not sure how popular this unit has been in the past but I used the Dora Rail Gun in my scenario and in the process i made civlopedia and unit 32 file. They are not that great but something is better than nothing.


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Thanks, and welcome to the unit graphics forum as a thread-starter!
Funny, I think I've seen this graphics before...

look at the last post in:

which links to:

striq says:
"and in the process i made civlopedia and unit 32 file."

striq = stainz (moderator at CDG) ? :confused:

who can solve this mystery?

or did striq by "i made" mean, mirroring and setting a diffenrent resolution to
stainz pictures? :nono:

btw. here is Wyrms great railgun: :thumbsup:
the pictures by stainz...


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striq = stainz (moderator at CDG) === No they are 2 diff. ppl.
Morfos said:
Problem, there are no animation or sound files!
No there are, just have to DL them seperately. Striq did not make the animations, just the add on files to go with them. So he reasonably did not include the work of others in his post.
The file is probably here, and I know it is on
or you can just get Wyrmshadows unit. His are always complete (except for sound, which he leaves to you).
If I had time I'd try to make a Dora myself.
the unit is in the unit library

Click to go to the page, it's the second one down.

EDIT: It has only the videos, .ini, and one sound in it.
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