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mowing em' down!
Aug 15, 2002
How do you know they are barbarians if they are two different colors? I would test this, but my conquests is broken. This must be pretty funny though.
Originally posted by Gogf
How do you know they are barbarians if they are two different colors? I would test this, but my conquests is broken. This must be pretty funny though.

I'm not shaw, cause I can't test it either (I'm at a friend's place) but I think he means Worriors, not Barbarians.
Sounds like a rare bug in Civ3 and PTW if they're both barbarian. I think those kind of games crash if you actually meet the civs.
my mistake they are warriors. i have the flu and i am on medication and my mind isnt right at the moment. please dont flog me too badly for this.

i already met em both. game still works. weird huh?
the save is the link in the first post. enjoy it!
i've played the game a little bit more. the dutchs civs are not using the same names for their cities. they're using the same list but whoever gets to the next name first gets to use it is what it looks like. contacting them is confusing so i'm avoiding contacting them and when they contact me...same thing, i'm confused. the game works just fine, no problems, no gliches, nothing has gone wrong surprisingly.

its weird having the the same civ twice in your game but its not giving me any troubles. i think its amusing more than anything!

they even have communication with each other. freaky! i wonder how they like talking to themselves? lol
I loaded this save with version 1.12 Beta and can confirm that the Netherlands has 2 warriors on screen - one red and one orange.
I reproduced this too, and must say I was a bit relieved when encountering the third civ and finding out that they were not the Netherlands too... :crazyeye:

For Gogf (though a bit late) here's the Screenshot.
could anyone post a save from as early as possible?
i'd like to play with 2 dutch nations and see what happens
the sav i uploaded is the earliest sav there is. its in the first post.
I wish I could post a screenshot or a save of when it happened to me, but I have already cleared out those save files. Anyhow...

I came across another civilization that had the same leader, country, and adjective as me. It was very odd. I was playing as the Chinese....came to the town of York and was greeted by the leader of the Chinese - and it had my modified name on it. I was really confused as to how this happened, but I kept playing. Instead of letting it go to see what happened, I just went to war with them and destroyed my clone.

Only have seen it once. I was playing with the 1.12 patch.
ok in the last two games i've played i've seen portugal twice and sumeria twice.

this is only happening with the C3C civs.

any word of a fix on this??
I just got a game like this!

I set the game in choosing random Civs, and yes, 2x Netherlands tribes are in the game. I can provide a save game if anyone is interested, though an early copy of the game is found in another place of the forums here

Also, take note this game was started on C3C V1.22

It is frustrating when the entries are adjacent to each other, so I think I'll have to remove one of them to make life easier.
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