Doviello Domination

Lone Wolf

Dec 4, 2006
Mahala of the Doviello, ErebusContinent, Large, High sea level, 2 AI's more then default, Medium cohesion. My own modmod (can be found in my signature),

Monarch, No AI minimum requirements, No Acheron, No Orthus.

That's a sucky start. Come on, no food resources? At least, I have the Doviello receive +1 hammer on tundra, which makes the initial production semi-good. So, I settle in place. After all, the settings make it quite likely that I'll have a nice rushable neighbour nearby...

My Beastmen explore to the south. Even the Doviello elders (meaning, those who are strongest and survived the most fights in duels - we Doviello don't put much stock in the other tribes' conception of "elders") are forced to admit that the southern lands are better then out current homelands.

Our groups of Scouts terrorize local weak and pathetic tribes into giving us some gold. Later, another minor tribe teaches us the secrets of the Wheel.

"Gracious and well-maintained cities"? Sounds fine for our first victim.

Here's our first victim's capital.

The 'Zealots', pah. They may speak about their "fervour for Junil" and other hoolabaloo like that, but ultimately, they are weaklings, completely immersed in the degeneracy of warm grasslands as opposed to our cold tundra.
Our Scouts meet these types further east in the tundra. Let's see whether they'll prove to be useful.

At least, someone less civilized. It's, however, not neccessarily good - it means that we have some competition.

Sight of Bhall's imprisoned archangel stirred emotion even in the hearts of the Doviello. On the Grand Council, after the customary tournament, the Doviello swear to free Brigit someday.

Doviello shamen can now pray to the Gods.

And yeah, the Calabim are somehow in Erebus.

Hmph, the Sheaim. The softer civilized nations may call them "barbaric", but they aren't really Doviello-style barbaric, if you catch my drift.

Fjirgard is founded among cotton-rich grasslands.

And our hordes of Beastmen, led by Lucian, enter the Bannor borders.

Guess what: Julil was in fact the God Emperor of Mankind: he warpstorms your entire cov, cutting it off for it's heresy.

Don't get ride of all the good in the world!
The Bannor aren't called regimental and organized for nothing. At first, our Beastmen have difficulties defeating them in their fortifications.

However, at the price of three Beastmen battalions we overrun their capital, located in rich, fertile, farmed lands. The Bannor escape to the east.

But not for long. Mahala gave orders to capture the city, but the beastmen, fresh from the battle fury, raze it.

Soon, Doviello immigrants resettle the city.

The Doviello mystics decide to figure out the ways of nature (In my modmod, you can build Lumbermills on Ancient Forests. That makes FoL more useful for non-elves).

Doviello warriors appreciate new Copper weapons.

The settelement of Hermseter is founded next to the mana node.

The Calabim and the Khazad are fighting. This is good. Always good when our neighbours fight. However, there's the danger of one becoming more powerful at the expence of the other. Like a wolf does with his prey, the key is knowing when to intervene.

The Doviello may despice education, yet Mahala is always willing to make use of educated travellers coming our way.

The Illians are stealing out tundra.

We can't allow the Calabim to take all Khazad riches. We really must take the bulk for ourselves. But the Dwarven cities, founded on Hills, are too well-fortified for our hordes. The only way forward is the arcane ritual of Wild Hunt, that summons wolves loyal to our bidding.

Dwarven defenders of Halowell try to beat off the wolves' assault. They kill a lot of wolves, with many blood-covered furry grey skins lining the streets. But out Beastmen and Lucian with his Axe finish the job.

Your going to need to hit the Calabim next. You know that. Of they ever get the chance to survive to late game, they will have numbers so large they be unbeatable.
Why did you raze that Bannor city and resettle it on the spot? Am I missing something?
Why did you raze that Bannor city and resettle it on the spot? Am I missing something?
Accidentally hit the raze button. It ended up being quite thematic, though.
The Doviello warriors had developed some respect for sturdy Dwarven Soldiers of Kilmorph. Their grim determination, while a bit too disciplined, mirrored the Doviello ethos. Followers of the earth goddess were the only ones to provide credible resistance to the Wolf packs and the Sons of Asena.

Yet in the end, the Doviello wolf paw banner was still raised on the buildings of Khazak.

Every Doviello man is the embodiment of a wolf, and a wolf is the perfect embodiment of Nature's qualities. Be like wolves - bloodthirsty, yet calculating, unpredictable and without any formal regiments, like the Vampire or the Dwarf armies, yet merciless and accurate in their own, wild way.
-Voltarr, a Doviello Disciple of Leaves.

Khazad last stand was well-fortified. Yet, Lucian didn't think that leading his group in an assault over the river would be fatal. He was wrong.

Mahala knew that there's a time to be pragmatic as well as bloodthirsty. She signed a peace treaty with Kandros, knowing that he presents no threat for now.

Doviello Sons of Asena battalion dispatched a strange creature in the former Bannor lands. The Shamen warned that it could be a creature unleashed by the Illians.

Minor Frostlings were more of a problem then Mokka, overunning the northern Doviello settlement for a while. As Doviello scouts entered the city, they realized that the Frostling creatures, for some strange reason of their own, held a sage named Magister Cultuum in captivity. Mahala, who was always good at recognizing intellect, allowed Cultuum to open an Academy in former Bannor capital. Despite the social ostracism with which more traditional Doviello treated students of Cultuum, the academy proved to be valuable in discovering many arcane secrets of Erebus.

Mahala ordered building another palace for her in Halowell. Doviello palaces were clearly not like the palaces of "civilized" kingdoms.

The leader of the newly-met Svartalfar was, like Mahala, quite pragmatic in her outlook.

Finally, the Doviello joined the Calabim in destroying the last Khazad bastion. Any wolf knows an opportunity when he sees it.

The Calabim proved to be the ones who entered the city.

Impressed with the Calabim martial prowess, the Doviello Council of Shamen and Disciples decides to cultivate a friendship with them, spreading the Fellowship message in their lands. After all, many Calabim share the "hunt" ethos of the Doviello.

The Clan of Embers, like Mahala had already noted, is a dangerous competitor in the "the most wild tribe on Erebus" contest. Sons of Asena were concentrating in Torrolerial, to prepare the assault against the Clan Archers - apparently, discouraged by lack of any copper deposits in their lands, Jonas, on the advice of small groups of light elves that managed to survive the Age of Ice, turned to mass arrow volleys as the main tactics of his army.

What's the last unit in the last picture again?
Shaman, the same thing as Adept, but, like most Doviello units, can be built without Mage Guilds.
Jonas sensed the Doviello hostility before they invaded his lands.

Sons of Asena beat off his Archer invasion.

That was the army that assaulted the huge Clan city of Hezic'kul -

And that's what it was reduced to during the battle:

The city was still captured by the Shamen and the Sons of Asena reinforcements [NW of the two Shamen]. But the battle demonstrated that conquering the Clan would turn out to be a slog.

Meanwhile, the Illians had enough of conflicts with Doviello over tundra:

They also fire off Stasis. These follower of that wannabe-God can wield their sorcery like any Doviello axe.

A combination of veteran and freshly-recruited Sons captured the city with the charming name of Pain:

Many Sons perished in the battle with Rantine, the most fearsome of Clan warlords. Yet in the end, he was slain.

The socrerers. Completely not like the Doviello at all, but their leader seems to be of similar mould:

The Doviello were disappointed that the shipwreck turned out to be empty.

Meanwhile, the Illians impale themselves at the defenders of Suderholm, who were determined not to let the city and Brigit fall to the enemy.

Well, that was a surprise. Apparently, an Amurite city broke away from their homeland, establishing a separate realm.

The Doviello go on the counter-offensive in the North.

These Vampires can be very friendly.

Here is the world as revealed to the Doviello by the Calabim carthographers. Note that the Luchuirp are on their way out.

The Doviello tried to assault Sorodh, but were unsuccessul. After several Sons of Asena battalions were shot down by the Clan arrows, Mahala had to order a retreat.

The wolf-people were more succesfull in the tundra:

However, even there they overextended themselves a bit. Gostai, though, was in no danger.

Trade. The consensus among the Doviello was that these dark sorcerers are too weak and lack the sheer physical strength to be treatening, anyway.

Taiga Spirits, whom the Northern Doviello worshipped, came to their help in order to drive out the Illian invaders.

More trade with the sorceror types.

Finally, the Doviello amass a large enough force to break though another Clan city.

And a peace treaty was signed with the Illians, leaving the wolf-men alone to concentrate on the Orcs.

Get the Calabim.
they have the unbeatable endgame. you cant beat the late game calabim numbers.
I had decided to cozy up to the devil, so to speak.
I always disliked the Doviello... good to see someone better at them than me play them!
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