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Download 'After WWIII', my first scenario!


Great Scientist
Mar 14, 2002
Highlands, Scotland Uni: St Andrews

This scenario is my first scenario I have made. It is a zip, 436kb in size and contains my scenario and graphics. The full thing contains sounds I have taken from other scenarios and will be 2MB!

I have submitted it to Thunderfall for publishing on the civfanatics site itself, and thought maybe to give forum users the chance to try it out, and also to maybe tell me about what they thought of it, and even some things they would have added, so if I make another scenario I'll remember thier tips!:)

It will be in Sci-Fi section in CIV2 Downloads

I hope you enjoy it! (Just because it's my first, doesn't mean it isn't any good.) :D



  • afterwwiii.zip
    436.6 KB · Views: 87
A small mistake I found when looking at my scenario, in the readme1st.txt it says that if you get a good score, e-mail your score to me. The e-mail address is WRONG. It is my old one.

I feel like shooting myself! :shotgun:

Anyway, send it to the right e-mail address which is in the address in events.txt, the correct one is: jamesds@subdimension.com, all low-caps. O.K?


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