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Download and Screenshots

Discussion in 'Civ4 - MongooseMod' started by LunarMongoose, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    MongooseMod 4.2a
    for Beyond the Sword 3.19


    Version 4.2a Main Download (715.7 MB)

    Or, if you already have the 4.2 main download from 4 Jan 2017, you can update it to 4.2a:
    Version 4.2-to-4.2a Patch (15.1 MB)

    1) Delete all old/previous/existing versions of the mod.
    2) Be sure to install the MongooseMod folder from the zip, into "C:\Games\Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\" or something similar.
    3) It shouldn't matter because the mod's config file is set to ignore it, but please also be sure your "MyDocuments\MyGames\Beyond the Sword\CustomAssets\" folder is empty, especially if you're having problems.
    4) MongooseMod has been moderately tested on Windows Vista, and heavily tested on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. If it is not launching and running properly, check to make sure the zip you downloaded is not corrupted, ie that it is the correct size (750,508,083 bytes). If that doesn't help, please see steps 1-3. Thanks. :)


    I am the sole author. I am smart, well-educated, historically informed, creative, clever, and witty. I care a lot about quality, and I am a perfectionist. I am skilled or highly skilled in most relevant areas: game design, programming, graphic design, user interface design, and yes even music composition. And I have been obsessed with video games since I was a kid. (Anyone remember the NWC?)

    This mod is the result of me being turned loose on something like Civ4, being given enough time (years), and being given enough terrific support from the community (in the form of all the work other people have done): a great game turns into a paradise. (Too bad Civ5 is going to suck.)


    A multiplayer thoroughbred. The mod was designed from Day 1 for this purpose above all others, and as such you will find neither grossly-unbalanced abilities nor desync errors here.

    A speed demon. Every mod worth considering at this point will have Better BTS AI, with its adaptation of the CAR mod, included, so that part goes without saying. However there is a LOT more that can be done. By now I have moved almost everything I was doing in Python over to the SDK for speed. I do not use modular loading; it is unnecessary and it inevitably slows things down. Most of the SDK components I have integrated have been partially or completely rewritten, and there is a LOT of custom programming in this thing as well. These pieces will play better together, and run faster, than you will generally see elsewhere, I suspect.

    A true fulfillment of the promise of the vanilla game, that still remains closer and more faithful to vanilla than not in terms of design, balance, gameplay, and quality.


    An extremely strict adherant to realism. It comes pretty darn close though, and in many ways is actually more accurate than vanilla.

    A campaign or scenario.

    A fantasy or scifi mod.

    A bloated mess. I admire the design of something like RoM, and appreciate all the work that has gone into it; I really do. But in my personal opinion that approach is the way to make a better historical simulation, NOT the way to make a better game. I have extended and added to the vanilla system myself, yes, but always with the belief that extra complexity is something to be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

    MM 4.2 SCREENSHOT (6 June 2014)

    TECH TREE - The definitive version. Lovingly refined for 8 long tedious years to achieve unparalleled richness, depth, beauty, and efficiency. The soul of my ultimate creation.

    MM 4.0 SCREENSHOT (19 Jan 2012)

    CIVICS - My breakthrough civic "subcategory" design that finally allowed me to handle all the concepts involved the way I wanted to. (This screenshot was met with significant praise when first posted. :))

    MM 3.6 SCREENSHOT (9 Nov 2010)

    EVENT PICTURE SET - This took approximately 3 weeks to make, in total. Everything has been carefully culled from countless Google Image searches (save a few being reused from Smeagolheart's original collection and one from Arian's set), and lovingly cropped and scaled to perfection.

    A few of the images in this set are obviously copyrighted (like the ones from movies and tv series), but they were all taken from 3rd party sources on the web; I didn't screencap anything, and I'm not the first to be posting them. I also specifically did not use any images with any copyright text embedded in them, just to be safe. Nevertheless, if any copyright holders wish me to remove their pictures from this set I will do so.

    MM 3.4 SCREENSHOTS (6 March 2010)

    TITLE SCREEN - I think this looks freakin' awesome. Your mileage may vary. The massively-improved planet and cloud textures are from BlueMarble, obviously; I supplied the better starfield.

    SILVER UI - I did steal about half of the UI elements (scrollbars, etc) from Planetfall's theme, a terrific dialog background image from Planetfall, and the silver cursor that's been floating around, but my color scheme is completely original, and I also did the reskinning of the vanilla brown paper background.

    TECH TREE - The beating heart of the mod. Designed from scratch in early 2006 and continuously improved upon since. This is my masterpiece. The different tech colors of each era are a feature of the mod as of version 3.4, and are actually like that in-game. You'll also notice, if you pay attention to the individual techs and the various things in them, that all of that generally fits extremely well into the time periods specified for each tech column, which is no minor feat to accomplish. Version 3.5 changed the start date to 48,000 BC to be more historically accurate.

    CIVICS - This is an area I want to update in the future, but for now it's fine. I gave up on having an equal number of civics in every category for the sake of balance, dropping some of the awkward ones that had been added just to fill slots. A number of Stone Age Mod civics are present, as is part of my original custom set (Technocracy, Manifest Destiny, Atheism, and the Education and Heathcare categories). Barter was a great idea from one of the big mods, and I moved Theocracy from the Religion category to Government. But I am definitely not completely happy with the civics yet.

    STATS MOD - I dropped the Unit Stats and Hall of Fame pages a long time ago to focus exclusively on the Player Stats page, which runs a lot faster and doesn't overload the user with too much useless information. The leaderhead bar allows you to check the stats of every player you've met, plus the barbs. Could be abused by using it to follow the progress of wars and such I suppose, but I already reveal this information in diplomacy thanks to the SHAM, and don't really think either is a problem.

    MM1 SCREENSHOTS (29 July 2006)

    TECH TREE - A very early iteration from either the end of Vanilla or the beginning of Warlords development (my record-keeping was a bit spotty back then, heh). It's come so far from here, yet still remains the same. :) Many, though not all, of the custom icons visible here were original selections by me, and are now in many other mods.

    CIVICS - Most of the non-vanilla civics, and all of their icon selections, shown here were original when I released them; I specifically remember coming up with the ideas for these civics myself and choosing their icons out of my Civ icon library. They were picked up by at least one big mod when I had the MongooseMod posted publically, then further spread from there, and I never thought to make sure I got credit for them. How silly and ignorant I was back then. :p
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  2. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
  3. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 3.5.2 Patch has (finally) been posted.

    This patch does NOT break 3.5.1 savegames.


    Spoiler :

    * Flying Machine now a World Unit
    * Mammoth now +50% vs Mounted like his cousin the War Elephant
    * Spy and Great Spy now have exploration ability again
    * Combat 1-5, Hunter and Shock available to Wild Animals
    * Bear and Polar Bear start with Amphibious
    * Werewolf starts with March
    * Sandworms are now required to stay on Desert tiles under all circumstances
    * Sandworm withdrawal odds increased to 60%
    * Transport and Freighter reverted to having no exploration ability again
    * Wolf and Cave Bear now have natural/innate mountain-crossing ability
    * Gold Dragon, Blue Dragon, Jedi Master and Sith Lord now have limits of 2 each
    * Battering Ram now -50% vs Mammoth
    * Flaming Pig now +100% vs Mammoth


    * Drill 5 now has the Artillery bonus it was accidentally never given when the Siege type was split
    * Sentry 2 now requires Optics


    * Academy now requires Polytheism
    * Scotland Yard now requires Civil Service
    * The tech requirements for Great Person-built buildings are now enforced rather than ignored


    * Constitution no longer has redundant/unnecessary Code of Laws secondary requirement


    * Fixed Classic Literature's new first reward option (which was completely broken thanks to a simple boolean not being set heh)

    Difficulty Levels

    * Added new TwilightLlama setting as a second fully-endorsed custom option that is 1-3 levels easier than DarkMongoose and is intended for solo players; because it comes ahead of DM in the list it will cause 3.5.1 games still in progress to suddenly get easier if and only if they were being played on DM, but the AI minor stats from the grayed-out AI difficulty setting should not be significantly affected in such games
    * Reduced base happiness and health to 2/1 on Monarch, Emperor, Immortal and Deity, matching DarkMongoose and adhering to the intended design


    * Fixed red sphere ethnic South American Trireme art path typo
    * Fixed Thunderstorm and Snowstorm animations not looping after 30sec


    * Training Grounds construct sound slightly quieter


    * One type of alert button that had a black border may now have a red one due to fixing an SDK typo bug
    * Animals category now fully shown as Wild Animals everywhere
    * Widget added to Oral Tradition to show the silent unit effect added in 3.5.1
    * Wild Animals, Sandworms and sea monsters now display a cost of "(Barbarian Only)"
    * The automatic leader cycling feature now triggers a global alert message for all players who have contact with that civ
    * Updated Great People name lists to include the most significant contributors to the mod from the community as far as my records and memory currently show (please note they are at the ends of the name lists and this mod uses the old vanilla behavior of going through the name lists in chronological sequence rather than randomly, so these new names will not generally show up until late in a game)
    * Fixed game year dates for all gamespeed settings below EternalMongoose, which were still using vanilla brackets that assumed a 4,000 BC start year
    * Units that cannot move if they would explore fogged tiles now display their limitation on mouseover
    * March promotion text now correctly describes the half-strength healing effect it has had since version 3.3 or earlier

    SDK/DLL Code

    * Removed new suicidal, odds-ignoring barbarian behavior from Sandworm and sea monsters; normal barbs remain bloodcrazed
    * Fixed AI units not being able to use Oasis tiles to stop and heal, and also allowed them to use low-damage tiles to heal if they are badly hurt and have any kind of positive heal rate there
    * AI units will now take tile damage into consideration when moving, however they still value defense more than not taking damage, in general
    * Fixed bug preventing Cave Bears from ever spawning
    * Prevented any animals that are still around from gaining the ability to traverse Peaks when the barbarian player acquires the Mountaineering tech
    * Added ability for units to have natural, innate mountain-crossing ability
    * Mirrored all Hill attack, defense and movement bonuses, such as those found on Archer units and the Guerilla promotions, to apply to Peaks as well
    * Fixed feature growth on all gamespeeds below EternalMongoose, which was missing the modified BBAI gamespeed scaling effect I accidentally omitted when adding it to everything else originally
    * Added mission (AI) and activity (human) reset when a feature with any kind of tile damage spreads/grows/spawns there, so units will not stupidly just sit there (and potentially die from it in the case of ocean storms)
    * Fixed minor bug where AIs might miscalculate the heal rates for units being carried as cargo, and for Sandworms and sea monsters
    * Added BBAI 1.02a files, Maniac's first two AI_doEnemyUnitData() fixes, Fuyu's AI_civicValue() fix, and a modified version of Afforess' AI_goldTarget() fixes
    * Added Maniac's canMoveInto() vanilla reversion fix, which should solve the issue with AIs refusing to capture empty cities
    * Fixed and added JDog's disabled code to make capturing an empty city require a unit's main action
    * Civic code: added Fuyu's integral boundscheck; Fuyu's population-weighting of city results using my offset value of 5; a substantially improved evaluator of the Monarchy military happiness effect that looks at all currently available units with access to the city defense mission instead of just assuming a flat 3 units will be present per city on average (thanks to Afforess for pointing out a function I could use); a slightly lower threshold for switching civics when Spiritual or in a Golden Age; an integer math fix with the application of the threshold value along with a few other minor code improvements to AI_doCivics(); and my AI_neededDefenders() update which makes AIs use the Monarchy effect intelligently, adding units to cities that need more happiness instead of just taking the bonuses they get from the troop deployments they would've made anyway
  4. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    For a while now I'd been noticing a trend, where some people were grabbing the main download - version 3.5.1 - and skipping the patch, for the purpose of quickly trying out the mod, and then maybe coming back for the patch later if they decide they like the mod (and if they even remember a patch exists for it). Plus some people probably didn't notice the second link in the description telling them there was a patch at all.

    This was frustrating and annoying, because the patch contained a number of important bugfixes and improvements. My patches are usually fairly big deals, in other words. And I could see not having it having adversely affected people's decisions of whether to stick with the mod or not.

    THEN there was the issue of people not knowing how to physically apply the patch correctly due to my lack of an installer program, and me not knowing for sure if the file copy/merge system was the same on older versions of Windows as it is on 7.

    SO! I am not going to be releasing standalone patches any more. The only reason to in the first place was to save bandwidth... hopefully my site can handle it in the future. :)

    To that end I have also, just now, removed the 3.5.1 main download and 3.5.2 patch, and replaced them with a single Version 3.5.2 Main Download, which is identical to what you got by merging the two zips before (except I went ahead and updated the Art.pak file to clean things up a little). I'm not sure if anyone is actually going to be downloading the mod between now and when my new update is ready, but if they are this should make it a little easier on them.
  5. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 3.6 has been posted. No, it wasn't vaporware. ;)

    This version ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DOES break 3.5.2 savegames.


    Spoiler :

    * Added Ekmek's Wu and Constantine, SaibotLieh's Cleopatra and Maria II, and Ahmadinejad
    * Swapped Pericles' Creative Philosophical and Constantine's Industrial Seafaring, then swapped Pericles' Industrial Seafaring and Kublai Khan's Creative Seafaring


    * Replaced the Werewolf with the Neanderthal from Quot Capita (reordering it to follow the Gorilla)
    * Added Ancient King elite unit using original Conan model with sword, and replaced with the Stone Axeman model from Quot Capita
    * Added Chuggi's Legolas as Ranger, and added a custom effect to get its arrow graphic firing properly
    * Added SaibotLieh's Werdandi as Valkyrie elite archer and renamed Valkyrie helicopter to Banshee to compensate
    * Decreased Banshee speed from 5 to 4 and replaced its Flanking with Collateral, and added the Wraith helicopter variation
    * Added the EE2 Fusion Caster as final ground-based anti-air unit
    * Removed Bismarck as German Battleship VU and added it as Leviathan elite unit; renamed the tank to Behemoth to compensate
    * Added QC's Band idea as version of Tribe with Sentry 1 used only for the free starting unit, then added 2 movement and Ignores Terrain Movement Cost

    * Added 20% Withdrawal to Gorilla, and 10% Withdrawal to Cheetah, Panther, Tiger and Lion
    * Added +10% vs Melee to Mammoth, War Elephant and Ballista Elephant, and +25% vs Melee, -10% vs Archer and -25% vs Siege to Mumakil
    * Increased cost of Mumakil from 60 to 70, and restored old air intercept ability at 20% chance, 80% lethality since it might actually encounter Flying Machines now
    * Returned Master Swordsman to +20% City Attack, from 10
    * Increased Spartan limit from 1 to 2, and added First Strike Immunity
    * Decreased cost of Flaming Pig from 20 to 15
    * Buffed Paladin and Samurai from 10% City Attack, to 10% City Strength and 20% Hill Attack
    * Removed War Chariot +50% bonus vs War Dog
    * Added +25% vs Mammoth and +75% vs War Elephant to Catapult and Trebuchet, and +50% vs Mammoth and War Elephant to Bombard, Great Bombard, Culverin and Cannon
    * Increased Sandworm from 20 to 25 strength
    * Changed Battering Ram from +10% vs Archer, -75% vs Siege to +50% vs Archer, -25% vs Melee and -100% vs Siege
    * Removed +50% vs Mobile from Gunship and Valkyrie
    * Changed Humvee from +25% vs Armor to +10% vs Gun, Armor and Artillery
    * Increased Scout Mech from 25 to +50% vs Mobile and added +25% vs Artillery
    * Added +10% vs Armor to Artillery, and +25% vs Armor to Mechanized Artillery and Rocket Artillery
    * Decreased Panzer and Heavy Mech from 50 to +25% vs Mobile
    * Removed +10% vs Mobile from Fighter-Bomber and Interceptor-Bomber, and reduced it from 25 to +10% on Assault Fighter
    * Decreased cost of Jeep from 170 to 160
    * Decreased cost of Humvee from 200 to 190
    * Increased Helicopter from 18 to 20 strength
    * Increased Cyborg from 30 to 34 strength
    * Added +25% City Defense and +25% Hill Defense to Assault Mech
    * Returned Mechanized Infantry to 20% Withdrawal, from 10
    * Decreased Leviathan from 20 to 10% Withdrawal
    * Fixed lack of Paradrop AI mission for Mercenary, and added +25% vs Gun and Helicopter
    * Increased Penalty vs Submarine from -75 to -100% on Biplane, Biplane Legend, Fighter and Fighter Legend
    * Added +25% vs Water to Fighter-Bomber and Interceptor-Bomber, and increased their penalty vs Submarines from -50 to -75% to compensate
    * Increased Assault Fighter penalty vs Helicopters from -50 to -100%
    * Added -100% vs Helicopters to Flying Machine and Airship, -25% vs Helicopters to Bomber, and -50% vs Helicopters to Heavy Bomber, Stealth Bomber and Drone Bomber
    * Added +10% Hill Strength to Mercenary and +20% Hill Attack to Clone Infantry
    * Added +25% Forest and Jungle Strength, and +10% Burnt Forest Strength, to Special Forces and Cyborg, matching Explorer
    * Added +10% vs Gun to Rocket Artillery
    * Added First Strike Immunity to SAM Battery
    * Increased Flak Cannon and SAM Infantry from 50 to +75% vs Helicopters to accomodate the new Helicopter 20 str
    * Increased Freight limit from 1 to 2
    * Added Tundra native to Mammoth to cover the Wooly variety
    * Increased number of mines in a Sea Mine unit from 3 to 4, and changed it from Mechanical to Animal formation
    * Increased Manta gold cost from 8 to 12
    * Increased Guided Missile bombard rate from 10 to 20%, increased its bombard limit from 0 to 50%, and decreased its evasion rate from 90 to 80%
    * Decreased AP Mech strength from 32 to 30 and increased its bonus from 50 to +100% vs Gun
    * Set all Sea Monsters, Sea Mine, and all Submarine units except Manta to have No Defense, and set Kraken and all Submarine units except Manta to have -25% Coast and Coral strength and +10% Ocean strength (thanks Yxklyx!)
    * Added AI_Explore to Mercenary due to Enter Rival and Commando abilities
    * Increased Valkyrie base cost from 30 to 32
    * Added +25% vs Siege to Flaming Pig
    * Increased Catapult str from 4 to 5 and Trebuchet str from 6 to 7
    * Added First Strike Immunity to the Battering Ram and increased it from 50 to +75% vs Archery
    * Removed the -50% vs Mounted penalty from the Hwacha to make up for it no longer having superior strength, and changed it to +50% vs Mammoth and Elephant to be fully consistent with Bombard stats
    * Increased Sith Lord str from 50 to 64 and added No Defense stat
    * Added -100% vs Wild Animals to Valkyrie (because she doesn't want to harm innocent creatures and won't try very hard when you tell her to)
    * Increased Transport str from 12 to 16, Freighter str from 18 to 20, and Carrier str from 16 to 18
    * Removed Flanking from Gold Dragon (making it a Blue Dragon exclusive, as far as dragons go anyway…) and replaced starting Medic 1-3 with Regeneration
    decided a strength increase was probably a bad idea (it'd actually been tried before in the past) and added +50% vs Melee to Catapult instead
    * Added base gold rewards of 200 to Sandworm, 20 to Turtle, 100 to Serpent and 1000 to Kraken
    * Added +25% vs Wild Animals to Explorer
    * Added Nuke Immune to Attack Submarine, Nuclear Submarine and Manta
    * Added -50% vs Submarine to Assault Fighter
    * Added submarine invisibility to Kraken


    * Added Burnt Forest to Forest Familiarity
    * Decreased Burnt Forest bonuses on Woodsman 1 and 2 from 50 to 25%
    * Made Ambush available to Artillery units and Charge available to Mobile units


    * Reluctantly went ahead with popular opinion and changed Palisade from 25% Modern Defense to 30% Physical Defense
    * Changed Olympic Cathedral doubler from Stone to Marble
    * Changed all Cathedrals to +20% culture (they had been at +10% for the vanilla religions but still at +50% for the JARM religions all this time… how did no one notice? lol), which works better with the 4 religion limit
    * Increased Theory of Evolution from 1 to 2 free techs

    Goody Huts

    * Added 4-6 base gold to Map Hut (one fourth of the Gold Hut) and 2 experience to Healing Hut (one fifth of the Experience Hut)


    * Added SaibotLieh's Snowman, modified to provide +2 Commerce and +10% Defense instead of +1 Happiness
    * Increased Snowman and Forest Preserve pillage gold from 0 to 5
    * Increased Fort pillage gold from 0 to 30


    * Added Military Tactics requirement to Military Science


    * Increased luxury resource limit for triggering HiyoSilver from 5 to 8, set the second option to spawn a Mountain Mine if the plot is a Peak rather than just always a Mine (which could've easily bugged the plot), and set the second option to spawn whatever the player's best buildable route type is rather than just always a Road
    * Added Sulphur and Aluminum to the Brothers In Need event's donation list options

    * Set PastureBuilt event to not spawn a Road
    * Set Mining Accident options 2 and 3 to correctly destroy Mountain Mines as well as regular ones (since it could already spawn on both)
    * Set Spicy, Antelope and Wining Monks second options to spawn whatever the player's best buildable route type is rather than just always a Road
    * Increased cost of second option for Antelope from 10 to 16, for Spicy and Wining Monks from 20 to 24, and for Hiyo Silver from 20 to 58 to account for average cost of building route and tile improvement in those cases
    * Changed Impact Crater's tech requirement from Physics to Fission, set it to require a slightly different set of features then normal Uranium (including Burnt Forest and Marsh and not including Flood Plains), and set the second option to not spawn a Road and Mine
    * Changed Rifled Cannon event text to Double-Barrel Cannon to accomodate the new event picture, and to make more sense since Rifling is required to build them anyway

    Global Warming

    * Increased GWDefense on Forest from 2 to 3, Jungle from 3 to 5, Marsh from 0 to 2, Ice from 0 to 2, and Oasis and Scrub from 0 to 1
    * Increased GLOBAL_WARMING_UNHEALTH_WEIGHT global from 10 to 20 as per MinorAnnoyance's official instruction on the forum
    * Decreased GLOBAL_WARMING_FOREST global from 20 to 10 to compensate for the higher feature GWDefense values

    Map Scripts

    * Ported Civ5's PerfectWorld 3v2 to Civ4 and merged it with PerfectWorld 2.06f, resulting in PerfectMongoose 3.1 and PerfectWorld 2.0.8
    * Added Flood Plains to flat Plains tiles with rivers (thanks OnmyojiOmn!)

    World Sizes

    * Added PlanetaryMongoose, though using it without a powerful PC is not recommended
    * Switched default map size settings from exactly matching vanilla to the map sizes I'd been using in PW2 for some time now with y/x ratios of 1.5, which are slightly smaller and correctly fill the minimap display


    * Made much-needed updates to Epic, Marathon and EternalMongoose values, and removed unused iCulturePercent value from the XML
    * Rewrote some WorldSize and most CultureLevel values
    * Made much-needed update passes on unit, tech and building iPower/iAsset values
    * Made much-needed update pass on tech iFlavor values, which had largely been ignored until now and were set quite badly in many cases
    * Made second pass on tech iFlavor values, setting them all this time and continuing to match the effects of the techs they're in (so the AI tech choices will be based on what they want or need and modified by their personalities, not by the real-life flavors of tech concepts that are not necessarily represented that way in-game)
    * Decreased iAIWeight from 100 to 0 on SedentaryLifestyle
    * Increased iAIWeight from 0 to 100 on Fine-Edged Tools, Archery, Bronze Working, Rifling, Assembly Line, Robotics and Shielding
    * Increased iAIWeight from 0 to 50 on Machinery, Civil Service and Gunpowder

    Game Options

    * Set NoTechBrokering to be on as a mod default value
    * Completely reorganized the game option list order
    * Set the SimultaneousTurns multiplayer option's default value to on, and the TakeOverAI multiplayer option's default value to off

    * Modified Python Graphic Options handling to force Frozen Animations to always be off, since most of the mod's custom units don't currently display properly with this setting on and the performance cost is negligible


    * Added the Flying Machine animation files which were missing, got the Flying Machine wing flap animation to loop, and reduced its speed to 80% of normal
    * Reskinned Wraith EE2 Heavy Gun helicopter to dark gray
    * Merged the Khaki and Rainbow-Stripe Balloon skins into a custom one that also (mostly) fixes some white graphical glitchiness
    * Fixed American VU bugs where they were still pointing to Ohio and not pointing to Gato
    * Switched to Chuggi's Sith model
    * Added GeS' Mi28 as Russian Gunship VU replacing Mi24, and added Mi24 to Persia, Arabia, Korea and Khmer (in addition to India which already had it)
    * Added Fokker DXXI as Dutch Fighter
    * Added Mr.Metis' F4U Corsair model, which is newer than what I had archived, as French Fighter-Bomber VU
    * Shrank the Gato from 0.5 to 0.42, increased the F35's size from 0.6 to 0.62 and increased Stealth Tank scale from 0.45 to 0.47
    * Finally fixed The_Coyote's double-barrel strike animation for the Stealth Tank and Fusion Caster
    * Added a custom effect to get the South American style Archer's non-standard arrow graphic firing properly, which is a bug in vanilla
    * Fixed path bug in CulturalCitystyles 0.99 with Future_University .nif file causing the large beaker sign to be all pink (thanks Brun58!)

    * Added C.Roland's Lizardman Crossbow and Esvath's Warrior Mage as escorts in the Ancient King unit
    * Increased Jedi and Sith run speeds from 1.75 to 2.25 (standard for ships)
    * Added building name and copyright text to the main loading picture
    * Added optimized CulturalCitystyles graphics from Quot Capita
    * Greatly organized Art/Units folder, adding categories, moving a few things around, deleting a few apparently pre-BTS ethnic files, and removing unnecessary freeze files and full kfm sets (Jedi, Mercenary, Immortal - Melee, Spartan, Stone Axeman, Olympic Missionary, Slinger, Knight Champion, Turtle)
    * Removed huge pile of unused VU Humvee files, and two stupidly-added Mumakil nif files
    * Removed redundant Palisade art folder
    * Fixed Medallions.nif typo in ArtDefines_Misc.xml (thanks God-Emperor)
    * Repaired the internal file modification date damage done in Art/Units by having to work with the unpaked pak file since the Win7 upgrade, by restoring all files from their original sources when available, also leading to the following 5 bug fixes:
    * Fixed missing Gold Dragon eye and armor textures
    * Fixed missing VU American Infantry texture file, and missing Stealth Tank double-barrel strike animation
    * Fixed missing FX versions of Zuul's animals, and missing Fallschirmjager nif files
    * Activated the unused War Elephant Asian FX version in xml
    * Removed Musketman custom turquoise pants (reverting to vanilla brown matching shirt)


    * Updated Light Shines Eternal to v2.1 and installed it as new title music
    * Added the Warlords title music to the Ancient Era soundtrack, the Beyond the Sword title music to the Industrial Era soundtrack, and Baba Yetu to the Modern Era soundtrack (as well as to the identical Future Era soundtrack in the public version only)
    * Updated the diplomacy music settings so each leader's Early, Middle and Late tracks would all get used before the leader is cycled out (except Roosevelt Early since there was no room), and switched Stalin and Putin over from Alexander Late to Washington Late and Lincoln Late respectively (so those would get used, so Alexander Late wouldn't get overused with Greece also having it, and b/c they should hopefully work well there)
    * Added custom Mumakil sounds as deeper versions of the standard elephant ones (at last!)
    * Modified Jedi and Sith to use the lightsaber sound effect and Vader breathing noise, and remove the armor clanking sounds, in all their animations
    * Added OCEAN1 AudioRunSounds to Kraken since the Turtle and Serpent already had them
    * Changed Dromon and Caravel to OCEAN1 and Galleas, Clipper, Privateer, Ship of the Line and Man of War to OCEAN2 AudioRunSounds to correctly synhronize OCEAN1 with small ships and OCEAN2 with large ships
    * Changed Manta to DESTROYER AudioRunSounds


    * Added full custom Event Picture Set
    * Significantly improved and optimized the Pedia Unit/Promotion Upgrade Chart code, removed a lot of the auto-sorting code and set placements manually as needed (resulting in a much better chart that also loads faster); updated Sevopedia version from 3.0.3 to 3.0.4 as a result
    * Added BUG's 0 and 100% commerce rate buttons and gave them new icons, added Mongoose CommerceButtonMod to support a 5th Equalization button (also with a new icon), and moved the main commerce rate text down slightly
    * Set the min and max buttons to be hidden when the city screen is open for space, moved the city screen commerce values further to the right for space, and moved the GP bars down slightly more
    * Extended Mongoose NotificationMod to provide a much-needed reminder message when Stone Building is researched to build your Palace
    * Fixed disturbingly widespread lack of support in Civ4DiplomacyInfos.xml for the text tags of the custom leaders
    * Wrote (and in a few cases, updated) Pedia entries for all units that didn't have them, and copied in (or in one case, linked) text descriptions for the 5 leaders (Marcos, Amin, Constantine, Ahmadinjad and Barbarian/Sid) and 6 resource types that didn't have them

    * Updated GameFont pictures to include the two new BUG characters, adjusted the GG one, and activated them
    * Capitalized "Can Perform Paradrop" line
    * Added Mongoose FeatureStringMod to clean up the Pedia feature entry tag order
    * Extended Mongoose GlobalWarmingMod to display a GWDefense stat for features that have it
    * Extended Mongoose UnitStringMod to display the Nuke Immune stat for units that have it
    * Added title and loading screen red and purple text colors to the version strings in the flag mouseover
    * Changed Hill and Peak Attack/Defense/Strength to be on one line as "Hill/Peak" for unit descriptions
    * Added separate damage and healing text to the tile mouseover, matching the Pedia descriptions
    * Changed Outpost and Lumberyard widget text from "Can Build" to "Can Become" to differentiate them
    * Moved Clone Infantry back up to just above Cyborg in the unit list
    * Reversed the order of Floating Town and Extractor in the improvement list
    * Added EternalMongoose, TwilightLlama and DarkMongoose help strings (which are used in the Play Now! sequence)
    * Added alert messages for killing monster units with air strikes, matching the ones for surface combat
    * Set new start year of 100,000 BC, and updated all game speed types to support it


    * Updated all Python files, except the ones used completely as-is from mods, with consistent header info, adding MM version numbers, dates and, where appropriate, copyright notices
    * Updated GreatPersonScreen to use the new BUGPath code


    * First ever Better BUG AI merge using version 1.02b / 26 Sept 2010:
    * Added Fuyu's duplicate ExtraBadBuildingHealth fix, Fuyu's AI Civic code (replacing mine), and MinorAnnoyance's GlobalWarmingMod
    * Added Fuyu's Meltdown chance gamespeed scaling, with standard MM adjustment keeping Marathon/Eternal equivalent
    * Increased max number of civs from 18 to 34, allowing one of each
    * Added IgnoreHarmlessBarbarians component, and BUG change to permanent GoodyHut log messages
    * Added Afforess' promotion check speed tweak; Fuyu's improved city razing logic having to do with culture cities and culture victory; Fuyu's better city placement logic; Fuyu's less severe AI gold hoarding reduction if only TechBrokering is off; Fuyu's increased values for techs having early improvements, feature-clearing abilities and Airports; Afforess' inflation adjustment to the max gold AIs will trade; Fuyu's updates to disregard obsolete units and buildings when considering strategic resources; Afforess/Fuyu's change to make AIs not cancel Open Borders with anyone if planning any wars; Fuyu's rewritten unit value code; Afforess' change to make AIs not pursue culture when there's enough borders already, and never in capital; and BUG's Great General and Airport font characters
    * Added Fuyu's City Defenders, Worker Counting, Better Evaluation, Fort fix, miscellaneous city AI code, worker capturing code, sleep for espionage code, LFB combat limits fix, blockade-breaking code, and minor UnitAI fixes
    * Added a couple of Afforess' minor FAssert condition checks
    * Removed last Mongoose AICivicFix code block that probably didn't work really well anyway and was definitely in conflict with Fuyu's civic code added earlier
    * Added Fuyu's extra Conscript help text, and put the tags in the BetterBTSAI text file which is now the BetterBUGAI text file
    * Added BUG's Culture Flip examine city option, latitude/longitude code, and SafeMove code

    * Added Afforess' CvSelectionGroup infinite loop bypass fix from the forum
    * Added Mongoose AutoSaveMod, which can be disabled in the Options.ini file, that disables standard vanilla autosaving functionality entirely (regardless of CivilizationIV.ini preferences) and creates its own saves in the Auto folders once per turn (with no quantity limit, sorry) that have much better, more readable, more sortable and more useful filenames
    * At long last devised a simple, effective way to lock random seeds in Network Multiplayer games when the NewRandomSeedOnReload option is not enabled, resurrecting Mongoose MPRandomFix!!!
    * Added JeanElcard's CulturallyLinkedStarts 1.13
    * Added Mongoose CustomColorMod, which allows the Random Personalities option to be overriden to select another empire's color scheme instead
    * Added Mongoose UnitGoldValueMod, which includes the optional iGoldValue XML tag, to make Mammoths worth 10 base gold (plus gamespeed scaling as with a Gold Hut) when killed (for their tusks), to announce it to the player when it occurs (as when getting a Gold Hut), and to show it in the Pedia description for the unit
    * Removed unused BBAI Era TechCostModifier value and all BBAI logging code, for speed and clutter
    * Found a way to successfully move the half of the Mongoose LeaderCyclingMod that was still being done in Python into the SDK for speed and tamper-proofing, as part of:
    * Got the Random Personalities game option, which had been inadvertently disabled by the Mongoose LeaderCyclingMod, working again
    * Got the Unrestricted Leaders game option working with the Mongoose LeaderCyclingMod: leader choice determines leader progression group seperately from civilization choice

    * Restored vanilla Python call that allows humans to override the default "best" conscript unit type with their choice from current options
    * Extended Mongoose GamespeedScalingFix to correct Fuyu's upside-down Global Warming and Nuclear Winter scaling calculation
    * Added support in the GW component for MM's terrain and features
    * Added a fixed and edited version of ThomasSG's AI mod for valuation for techs that reveal water resources, and Denev's AI_getStrategyRand() initialization fix
    * Set all multiplayer games, not just MP Scenarios, to assign AI's to Open slots when the game starts
    * Disabled CLS when a game starts with only one player to avoid triggering a Python error since CLS doesn't seem to handle this case very well
    * Added isBetterDefenderThan() iAsset code optimization for units not carrying any cargo
    * Changed Mongoose LakeSizeMod to range from 4 to 18 (in even increments of 2) based on world size to accomodate the new PlanetaryMongoose setting
    * Changed Mongoose GamespeedScalingFix to be based on EternalMongoose's new iVictoryDelayPercent value of 360
    * Made very minor canAirDefend() optimization and officially reinstated Mongoose InterceptDomainBlockingFix in the code comments
    * Added the HugeMongoose WorldSizeType to CyEnumsInterface.cpp; this doesn't seem to do anything, although maps like Maze were not as broken as I thought as they apparently only fail when trying to use HugeMongoose
  6. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 3.6.1 has been posted.

    This version does NOT break 3.6 savegames.


    Spoiler :

    * Made a major update pass on the leader flavor values, which are quite important


    * Added Ancient King and Valkyrie to Aggressive doubling; Ancient King, Ranger and Elite Maceman to Tenacious doubling; and Leviathan and Manta to Seafaring doubling
    * Added Fascism requirement to Leviathan
    * Removed Can Enter Rival Territory ability from Ranger, War Dog and Marauder (thanks JJKrause84!)
    * Removed flanking ability from Knight and Knight Champion, and added +50% vs Sandworm to Marauder
    * Removed free Amphibious promotion on Jedi since it doesn't actually do anything since they can't attack (even though it fit beautifully conceptually heh), and replaced it with free Leadership promotion


    * Changed Palisade to not be buildable after it expires, despite having Physical Defense (Castles remain unaffected)
    * Made a rough initial update pass on the building flavor values


    * Increased the iAIWeight values on critical defense techs from 50 and 100 to 500 and 1000, respectively (which puts them in the standard range for values the tech evaluator uses)
    * Updated the tech flavor values to include vanilla's dormant espionage type


    * Changed Forest Fire options 2 and 3 to create a Burnt Forest on flatlands instead of Smoke (Smoke is still spawned when the event occurs on hills since Burnt Forests are invalid there)
    * Made yet another update pass on the event prereq and obsoletion tech lists (which should be fine now, finally), including adding Herbalism requirement to the Healing Plant event, Military Training requirement to most of the promotion-granting events, and Rifleman to the Smokeless Powder event
    * Made a few minimal updates to the handful of event flavor settings that actually exist in vanilla, but going through and setting them all will have to wait for the next version

    World Sizes

    * Increased HugeMongoose default player count from 16 to 17, to be half of Planetary's 34; increased Large from 9 to 10 and Huge from 12 to 13 as a result


    * Changed anarchy length back to 200% on Marathon and Eternal so civic switching time would remain at 2 turns, and set it back to 100% on Quick to avoid time costs of zero turns
    * Increased the "clumping" base civic anarchy effect from 0 back to 1 turn, and added Mongoose CivicAnarchyMod to exclude the base effect from GameSpeed scaling
    * Increased the religion anarchy base duration from 1 to 2 to achieve a 2-2-3-4-4 sequence with Epic's 150% modifier, and extended Mongoose CivicAnarchyMod to locally truncate scale factors so civic anarchy durations will remain in a 1-1-1-2-2 sequence (to avoid a 1.5 value on Epic that would cause bulk civic switches to have higher anarchy durations than they should)
    * Increased maximum number of National Wonders allowed in a single city when playing on One City Challenge mode from 5 to 6 to accomodate the presence of the Cradle
    * Increased base revolt chance per turn from 10 to 20% (only used when a city is under attack by enemy borders)

    Game Options

    * Disabled the Frozen Animations graphics option directly when starting new games and loading savefiles, since, contrary to what I had stupidly assumed, the locks I put in place before only affect the Graphics tab of the Options dialog (opening it, creating/loading/deleting profiles, and using the checkbox) and aren't checked when Civ4 launches (since the value is stored in the CivilizationIV.ini file) (thanks JJKrause84!)


    * Changed Palisade model to the basic wooden stockade that was in use for Mongolian and Native/Meso/South American Walls, and replaced those with the African/Norse/Russian/SouthPacific/Barbarian ancient wooden wall style (that had also been the Palisade model up til now)
    * Added WalterHawkwood's four Well models as graphics for the Moat (which didn't previously display anything), and updated the titleplate


    * Set San Martin's diplomacy music to be his own Late type, changed Franco's diplomacy music to be San Martin's Early type, and added a new track for Franco from Cybrxkhan's Europe III set (thanks Actkqk!)
    * Fixed the mostly-unused diplo music settings for eras that leaders don't exist in, so they will use the correct music when they have changed eras due to getting new techs in the middle of a turn (since leader cycling doesn't actually occur until the next turnover)


    * Fixed tile damage warning message so it doesn't also appear the following turn in some cases when the unit has actually died
    * Extended Mongoose NotificationMod to consistently provide a (different) alert message when a unit dies from tile damage
    * Added slightly different versions of the tile damage alerts for water units
    * Extended Mongoose NotificationMod to provide another new alert message when offensive combat leaves a unit sufficiently damaged that it will die on the next turnover
    * Extended Mongoose BuildingStringMod to not mention Experience for buildings with Physical Defense that obsolete if they don't provide any experience bonuses (this fixes the Palisade and Castle strings while leaving the Citadel description intact)
    * Added Mongoose FeatureDisplayMod, which adds the Mushroom and Oasis (Health) and Coral (Luxury) features to the Ctrl-R resource display modes
    * Added checks to make all alert messages that normally appear at your capital appear at your first city instead if you don't currently have a capital, rather than going into text-only mode with no icon button
    * Extended Mongoose NotificationMod to provide an alert message to remember to set your espionage target weights whenever contact is made with a new rival civilization (except the first, since the weight value makes no difference in that case)
    * Changed the tile damage alerts to use AS2D_BLIGHT, and increased the alert sound volumes a bit
    * Extended Mongoose UnitStringMod to display unit production costs on the Pedia mouseovers and upgrade chart
    * Added a half-width version of the Great Person Bar that doesn't display the type chance info, and a half-width version of the Great General Bar that doesn't display as much text, that are used on resolutions with widths less than 1600 (thanks Actkqk!)
    * Added Mongoose TeamTechSplashFix to display the tech splash dialog whenever anyone on the active player's team acquires a tech (thanks JJKrause84!)
    * Updated the Palace and Pirate alert messages to support the case where the active player does not currently have any cities (most likely due to Require Complete Kills being on), and disabled the Monster alert messages entirely in that case, to avoid triggering Python errors
    * Modified Mongoose UnitStringMod to not display collateral/flanking protection on units that are already collateral/flanking immune (Trench Infantry, Jedi and Quinquereme)


    * Fixed the GreatPersonScreen path bugs introduced in version 3.6
    * Removed Mongoose AutoSaveMod entirely, not so much due to the overwrite dialog annoyance and not at all due to the lack of auto folder filecount control, but mainly because the "semi-auto" saves it generated with the manual save command were not working completely right with locked random seeds


    * Wrote a much more robust (and complicated) system for the Mongoose CustomColorMod that handles conflicts between human player color selections (which were completely unhandled before), handles cases where the human players are not all in slots that are above any AI players, and avoids color reassignments that will force AI players to steal the colors of other AI players further down the list when possible
    * Extended Mongoose LeaderCyclingMod to fix leader assignment for colonial empires on the turn they're created (thanks Actkqk!)
    * Added Mongoose RandomPersonalityFix to generate random personalities for the leaders of spawned colonial empires if the relevant game option is on, which is a bug in vanilla
    * Extended Mongoose GoldOnDisbandMod to make Band and Great People units undisbandable
    * Fixed gold returned for disbanding Tribes and Settlers by switching to the vanilla cost function instead of trying to calculate it myself, which also fixes a bug where all this time AIs were getting less gold than intended for disbanding their military units on low difficulty settings and more than intended for disbanding on high difficulties, since they were always getting gold based on human production costs
    * Made two minor optimizations in the addPlayer() vanilla color code, and modified Mongoose CustomColorMod to apply its improved color reassignment process to all games (since there can still be color conflicts without the Custom Colors game option set due to multiple players using the same civilization)
    * Updated Mongoose WithdrawalMod to report attacker and defender withdrawals correctly in all cases where only one or the other had the ability to withdraw in that battle, and to be much more likely to guess correctly who withdrew in cases where both had the ability to withdraw (a perfect solution would require storing a result value from the combat itself, and this would break savegames so I am not doing it in this version)
    * Fixed bug in getSplitEmpireLeaders() where a check for the Unrestricted Leaders game option was not making an exception if Custom Colors was also on
    * Added Mongoose OneCityChallengeMod to allow human players to gain one extra city, by either conquest or culture flip, if they are in the Modern Era or later with a Prehistoric or Ancient start, if they are in the Future Era with a Classical or Medieval start, or if their existing city has reached the Transcendent culture level (thanks Actkqk!)
    * Changed Plains Flood Plains tiles from 3-0-1 to 2-1-1, but left cities on them at 3-2-2 so they still provide a benefit in those cases
    * Disabled city mover pillage command when a player only has one city and Require Complete Kills is not on, to prevent being able to eliminate oneself (that's what the Retire menu command is for ;))
    * Changed vanilla SDK mapscript assist code to force Flood Plains to appear on all Plains with rivers (rather than just ones that didn't have Forests put there already), and to allow resources to exist on Flood Plains, to make all standard mapscripts match the PW/PM rules
    * Fixed four bugs with how Flood Plains are handled in both the Global Warming and Nuclear Winter processes (not appearing when Grassland changes to Plains, incorrectly disappearing and blocking the change when Plains changes to Desert, incorrectly disappearing when Fallout tries to spawn, and not restoring the Fallout that'd now been blocked when changing to Tundra)
    * Set Mushrooms and Burnt Forest to not absorb a Nuclear Winter Fallout spawn since they were already set to not absorb a Global Warming tile change
    * Added ability for Nuclear Winter process to spawn Ice in water tiles above 30 degrees latitude
    * Added Mongoose DiplomacyMusicFix to make diplomacy music be based on the era of the player in the diplomacy dialog and not the era of the active player, to make more sense, to match the music played when zooming in on another player's cities on the world map, and to make the music entries (which I previously modified assuming vanilla already did it this way) work properly with the leader cycling system
  7. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.0 has been posted.

    This version not only breaks 3.6.1 savegames - it makes them deeply envious.

    Contents (Part 1):

    Spoiler :

    * Renamed UpgradeCostTraitMod to Mongoose TraitFunctionalityMod
    * Converted the +Growth Rate effect from hardcoded to full XML support, and re-implemented the old +Diplo Attitude effect from the Warlords version of the mod
    * Implemented the new higher starting population, split civic and religion anarchy removal, and missionary survival effects (thanks Platyping!)
    * Implemented new Shrine income modifier and No Bad Events effects
    * Implemented new Elite Unit Gold Cost Modifier and Improvement Gold Cost Modifier effects

    * Decreased Expansive from 4 to +2 health to compensate for the new population effect
    * Decreased Expansive from -25% to 0 civic upkeep to compensate for new civic anarchy removal

    * Increased Prolific from 10 to +25% growth rate
    * Moved Granary doubler from Expansive to Prolific

    * Added Caravan and Freight doublers to Industrial
    * Decreased Industrial from 50 to +25% production on Caravan and Freight
    * Moved Levee doubler from Expansive to Industrial

    * Added Executive doublers to Financial
    * Added +1 gold per city to Financial

    * Decreased Philosophical from 100 to +50% Great People points (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Moved -25% unit upgrade costs effect from Financial to Philosophical

    * Added +1 espionage per city and +25% espionage to Spiritual
    * Added Missionary doublers to Spiritual

    * Increased Imperial from -25 to -50% civic upkeep

    * Moved Flying Machine doubler from Tenacious to Aggressive
    * Added Flamethrower doubler to Aggressive
    * Added Mercenary and Bounty Hunter doublers to Aggressive
    * Added Great Bombard doubler to Aggressive
    * Removed Elite Maceman doubling from Aggressive
    * Added Spy doubler to Aggressive

    * Moved Airport doubler from Expansive to Tenacious
    * Added Hawk to Tenacious doubling
    * Added Flying Machine, Biplane Legend, Fighter Legend, and Jet Fighter Legend doublers to Tenacious
    * Added Balloon, Jet Recon, Stealth Recon, and Drone Recon doublers to Tenacious
    * Added Spy doubler to Tenacious

    * Moved Mercenary and Bounty Hunter doublers from Aggressive to Seafaring
    * Added Explorer doubler to Seafaring
    * Added Pirate and Privateer doublers to Seafaring
    * Added Raft, Galley, Kogge, Galleon, Transport, and Freighter doublers to Seafaring
    * Added Marine, Special Forces, and Cyborg doublers to Seafaring

    * Increased Aggression and Seafaring promotions from 10 to +15% strength, and Seafaring from 40 to +50% vs air units
    * Increased Tenacity from 15 to 25% All Defense, and from 10 to 15% City Defense



    * Added Orangutan, Panda Bear, Boar, Hyena and Rhinoceros
    * Added Atlatl unit to Long Range Weapons using skin from Stone Age Mod's Barbarian Javelineer
    * Added Witch Doctor from Stone Age Mod as Barbarian unique Slinger
    * Added Shaman as Barbarian unique Stone Spearman using Stone Age Mod's Barbarian Stone Spearman
    * Added Falcon as a helicopter-style bird unit in Falconry, and added +50% vs Falcon to Warrior
    * Added Hawk unit from FFH AoI in new Falconry tech
    * Added a third version of the FFH bird model as Condor to Mountaineering
    * Added SaibotLieh's Female Buccaneers as Pirate upgrade for Paladin, with gold cost of 1, free Amphibious promotion, and extensive restrictions, in Compass
    * Added SaibotLieh's SpecOps as Bounty Hunter upgrade for Mercenary, with gold cost of 5 and free Nanites promotion, in NanoConstruction; decreased Mercenary strength from 30 to 28 to compensate
    * Added GarretSidzaka's / Sezereth's Flamethrower to Industrialism


    * Increased Withdrawal on Gorilla from 20 to 40%; on Panther, Cheetah and Tiger from 10 to 30%; on Lion from 10 to 20%; on Wolf from 0 to 20%; and on Neanderthal from 0 to 10%
    * Added Blitz to Wolf, matching the new Hyena
    * Added Tundra and Mushroom native to Neanderthal, and Mushroom native to Bear
    * Added 2 FS to Mammoth, and increased it from 10 to +25% vs Melee
    * Added Marsh native to Bear
    * Set Orangutan to be defensive only, and decreased their withdrawal from 50% to 0 as a result (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Increased withdrawal on Gorilla from 40 to 50%, and on Cheetah from 30 to 40%, to compensate
    * Set Orangutan to get defense bonuses
    * Increased gold reward value on Mammoth from 25 to 120, and on Rhinoceros from 15 to 80
    * Changed Mongoose UnitGoldValueMod to scale special kill gold rewards from 50-100% based on gamespeed, rather than using the GrowthThreshold value
    * Extended Mongoose UnitGoldValueMod to also scale special kill gold rewards from 100-50% depending on world size
    * Extended Mongoose UnitGoldValueMod to fix a bug where players would not get the gold reward when using an Air Strike mission instead of surface combat to kill special units
    * Fixed bug with Mongoose UnitGoldValueMod where killing a unit worth gold using a Cannot Capture Cities unit would not trigger the reward


    * Changed Sandworm to not be able to attack cities at all, and updated the text line in its stats
    * Doubled gold reward values on Sandworm, Turtle, Serpent, and Kraken
    * Added Sentry1 to Sandworm and Kraken, Defense1 to Turtle, and Regeneration to Serpent
    * Added bombard ability to Sandworm at 25% power with 10% limit, increased its speed from 1 to 2, added +50% vs Helicopters, and added 20% interception chance with 80% lethality
    * Decreased Sandworm bombard rate from 25 to 20%
    * Moved Kraken from Industrialism to Radar


    * Doubled potency of all Peak Attack effects
    * Added +25% vs Jedi and Sith to Mercenary, and +25% vs Jedi, Sith, Gold and Blue Dragon to Bounty Hunter
    * Added +25% vs Gold and Blue Dragon to Mercenary, +125% vs Gold and Blue Dragon to Flak Cannon, and +100% vs Gold and Blue Dragon to SAM Battery
    * Added +1 FSC to Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Scout, Explorer, Cuirassier, Tank, Helicopter, +2 FSC to Motorcycle, Jeep and Humvee, and +4 FSC to Scout Mech
    * Added Industrial Park requirement to Heavy Mech, Behemoth, Manta, and Drone Bomber
    * Added First Strike Immune to Early Tank, Tank, Modern Tank, Stealth Tank, Behemoth and Flak Cannon
    * Increased speed on Horse Archer, Cavalry, Explorer, Motorcycle, and Jeep from 2 to 3, and on Helicopter from 3 to 4 (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Increased intercept range on Flak Cannon from 0 to 1, on SAM Battery and Manticore from 1 to 2, and on Missile Cruiser from 1 to 3
    * Decreased intercept lethality on SAM Infantry from 70 to 60%, and increased it on Missile Cruiser from 70 to 75%
    * Increased withdrawal on Heavy Mech, Mercenary and Bounty Hunter from 0 to 10%, Scout, Explorer and Galleon from 0 to 20%, Pirate, Assault Mech and AP Mech from 10 to 20%, Scout Mech from 20 to 40%, Helicopter from 20 to 40%, Gunship, Banshee and Wraith from 30 to 50%, Gold and Blue Dragon from 20 to 30%, all Siege units from 30 to 60%, Quinquereme from 10 to 30%, and Clipper from 40 to 50%
    * Increased withdrawal on Stealth Tank from 20 to 30%, and Transport from 0 to 40%
    * Decreased withdrawal on Valkyrie from 50 to 40%, and on Cruiser from -10 to -20%
    * Decreased cost on War Dog from 15 to 14, Falcon from 20 to 16, Hawk from 25 to 20, and Gatherer from 20 to 18
    * Increased gold cost on Elite Maceman, Knight Champion, Great Bombard, and Flying Machine from 2 to 3
    * Increased gold cost on Leviathan from 8 to 10, on Manta from 12 to 15, and on Jedi, Sith, Gold and Blue Dragon from 16 to 20
    * Moved Banshee from NanoConstruction to Cybernetics, Scout Mech from Cybernetics to NanoConstruction, Manta from NanoConstruction to Shielding, and Assault Mech from Shielding to Cybernetics


    * Increased Warrior City Strength from 10 to +25%, and added +25% Forest and Jungle and +10% Burnt Forest Strength
    * Increased Quechua cost from 5 to 6
    * Increased Slinger cost from 8 to 10, and decreased Stone Axeman and Stone Spearman cost from 10 to 9
    * Decreased Slinger Hill Defense from 25 to +10%, and changed Warrior from +25% Hill Defense to +20% Hill Attack
    * Moved Slinger to Leather Working with Long Range Weapons requirement (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Added Hunting requirement to Stone Spearman, Wood Working requirement to Stone Axeman, and Fine-Edged Tools requirement to Scout
    * Increased Stone Spearman from 50 to +100% vs Mounted to compensate
    * Changed Stone Axeman and Ancient King from +50% vs Slinger to +50% vs Archer units
    * Added +50% vs Melee and +100% vs Mounted to Scout, allowing it to be slightly more useful after barbs start
    * Added +50% vs Falcon to Slinger as an added ability beyond the Atlatl
    * Added +50% vs Mounted to Ancient King
    * Changed Stone Spearman to +60% vs Mounted, and added +40% vs War Dog to compensate

    Medieval / Gunpowder

    * Added 1 FSC to Crossbow
    * Added AI_CITY_DEFENSE to Paladin
    * Increased cost on Machine Gun from 140 to 150
    * Moved Paratrooper from Industrialism to Flight Research, and added Assembly Line requirement to Paratrooper and SAM Infantry
    * Increased SAM Infantry from 75 to 100% vs Helicopters
    * Increased cost on AT Infantry from 160 to 180
    * Added -25% vs Artillery to Heavy Mech
    * Decreased Heavy Mech from 25 to 10% vs Mobile
    * Added Combat 1 and Drill 1 to Clone Infantry
    * Changed Special Forces and Cyborg from Forest / Jungle Strength to Forest / Jungle Attack, and added it to Clone Infantry
    * Added +20% Hill Attack to Special Forces and Cyborg
    * Removed Cloning Facility requirement from Cyborg
    * Reduced Mercenary paradrop range from 12 to 10, and added Nanites
    * Added +10% Forest / Jungle Strength to Mercenary and Bounty Hunter
    * Added Targets Jedi, Sith, Gold and Blue Dragon to Mercenary and Bounty Hunter
    * Added Bank requirement to Mercenary and Bounty Hunter
    * Added 1 FS to Sith Lord


    * Removed all War Dog individual combat mods and added +25% vs Archer and +50% vs Melee units
    * Added +10% vs Melee to Chariot, and decreased it from 50 to +40% vs Axeman to compensate
    * Added +10% vs Melee to Horse Archer, Marauder, Knight, Knight Champion, Cuirassier, and Cavalry (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Added +1 FS to Cavalry
    * Removed +25% vs Great Bombard from Cavalry
    * Moved +25% vs Bombard and Culverin from Cavalry to Cuirassier
    * Increased bonus vs Sandworm on Horse Archer from 50 to +100%, and on Marauder from 50 to +67%
    * Increased War Dog from 0 to +25% City Attack
    * Increased Chariot from 10 to +25% City Attack, and added +50% vs Spearman and Swordsman to War Chariot
    * Increased Conquistador cost from 100 to 110
    * Removed Flanking vs Great Bombard from Cuirassier and Cavalry


    * Changed Early Tank from +10% vs Gun, to +25% vs Infantry, Trench Infantry, Marine, and Paratrooper
    * Added +10% vs Gunpowder to Cuirassier, Cavalry, Modern Tank, Stealth Tank, and Behemoth
    * Added +10% vs Infantry, Trench Infantry, Marine, and Paratrooper to Tank
    * Increased War Elephant from 10 to +25% vs Melee
    * Increased Knight Champion from 20 to +25% vs Mounted, and from 20 to +25% Raider
    * Decreased Cavalry from 50 to +40% vs Sandworm
    * Decreased cost on Stealth Tank from 300 to 290, and increased it on Behemoth from 300 to 310
    * Increased Stealth Tank str from 50 to 55, and added +20% vs Stealth Tank to Behemoth


    * Added March promotion to Motorcycle, Jeep, and Humvee
    * Added +25% vs Artillery to Motorcycle and Jeep
    * Increased Humvee from 10 to +25% vs Armor and Artillery
    * Added +10% vs Gunpowder and +25% vs Armor to Scout Mech
    * Reduced Scout Mech cost from 250 to 240


    * Changed Falcon unit mods to +100% vs Wooden Ships, and added +100% vs Falcon to Raft and Canoe to compensate
    * Moved Wraith from NanoConstruction to Cybernetics
    * Renamed Gold to Fire Dragon and Blue to Ice Dragon, decreased their quantity limits from 2 to 1, changed Ice Dragon free promotion from Amphibious to Regeneration, and removed its ability to fly over Coast tiles
    * Added Deliverator's Storm Drake in NanoTech attached to Jurassic Park, with 60 strength, 6 speed, Coast flying ability, free Amphibious promotion, and significantly reduced flapping speed ;)
    * Decreased Fire Dragon from 30 to 10% withdrawal, from 20 to 10% intercept, and from 30 to 20% lethality
    * Added Blitz to Fire Dragon, Amphibious to Ice Dragon, and Sentry 1 to Storm Drake and all normal helicopter units
    * Added +10% vs Gunpowder and -25% vs Armor to Fire Dragon, -10% vs Armor and +25% vs Artillery to Ice Dragon, and +25% city attack and -25% vs Helicopters to Storm Drake
    * Increased build cost on Gold and Blue Dragon from 500 to 600
    * Removed Gold Dragon First Strike, and increased Blue Dragon Flanking from 2/80% to 3 targets with 50% limit


    * Increased Artillery from 10 to +25% vs Armor
    * Increased Flak Cannon strength from 15 to 16
    * Increased intercept chance on Manticore from 60 to 65%
    * Increased Manticore from 25 to 50% vs Gunpowder, and from 10 to 25% vs Mobile
    * Added +10% vs Mobile to Manticore
    * Added +100% vs Gold and Blue Dragon to Manticore
    * Changed Manticore secondary requirement from Satellites to Radar


    * Moved Guided Missile from Rocketry to UAVs, and increased its range from 4 to 6, strength from 40 to 75, evasion from 80 to 85%, and bomb rate from 20 to 25%
    * Added -100% vs Helicopters to Guided Missile, and decreased it from -50 to -200% vs Submarines
    * Added Sharick's V1 Flying Bomb as Early Rocket in Rocketry to replace it
    * Removed Cannot Explore New Territory from Early Rocket and Guided Missile to allow them to target revealed tiles without having to worry about adjacent blackness


    * Decreased Privateer gold cost from 2 to 1
    * Increased Leviathan limit from 1 to 2
    * Increased Transport from 7 to 8 speed
    * Added FS Immunity and 10% Withdrawal to Quinquereme
    * Added 20% Withdrawal to Caravel
    * Changed Man of War from 13 str, to 12 str with +10% vs Frigate and +25% vs Ship of the Line
    * Added Physics requirement to Ironclad and Cruiser, and Steel requirement to Dreadnaught
    * Increased Dreadnaught cost from 200 to 210 (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Changed Coast / Ocean / Coral numbers on Kraken and Submarines around to be properly balanced
    * Removed now-redundant Nuclear Power requirement from Manta
    * Added Military Science requirement to Manta


    * Decreased Explodes When Hit chance on Flying Machine and Airship from 75 to 50%
    * Renamed Interceptor-Bomber to Interceptor
    * Added +50% vs Melee and +100% vs Archery to Hawk
    * Added +25% vs Gunpowder to all Bomber units
    * Doubled all air unit modifiers vs unit types, both positive and negative
    * Added +10% vs Mobile to Fighter-Bomber and Fighter-Interceptor
    * Increased Assault Fighter Returns Fire chance from 10 to 30%
    * Increased Stealth Bomber from 40 to 50% evasion
    * Decreased air recon vision radius from 5 to 4
    * Added UAVs requirement to Drone Fighter and Drone Bomber


    * Rewrote a carpload of XML to change the dark-black-skinned Band / Tribe and Gatherer models over to being a new ethnic set for the 3 African civs only, and replaced them on these units with ethnic versions for all civs using the existing Settler and Worker models
    * Dropped down to 3 subunits in the Band to distinguish it now that it looks the same
    * Changed Tribe cost from -90 to 50, and Settler cost from -30 to 75

    * Decreased Worker cost from 60 to 50 as a result of the new era scaling
    * Increased Clone Worker cost from 90 to 225
    * Increased work rate on Clone Worker from 50 to 75
    * Added Robotics requirement to Constructor

    * Increased Missionary and Executive limits from 3 to 4


    * Shortened Raider, Garrison, Warlord, and all air promotion names
    * Moved Charge from Mathematics to Advanced Hunting to make it immediately available for countering Sandworms

    * Decreased Medic 1 from 10 / 0 to 5 tile / 2 area healing, Medic 2 from 5 / 5 to 5 tile / 3 area healing, and Medic 3 from 5 / 5 to 5 tile / 4 area healing
    * Increased Nanites from 5 to 10 healing

    * Added Rail Gun promotion to Metal Ships in Maglev Trains worth 2.5 Combat vs Metal Ships, -1 Tactics, and -1 Speed :)

    * Decreased Warlord upgrade discount from 75 to 50%



    * Decreased culture on Library from 2 to 1, and on Madrassa from 4 to 3
    * Added Gathering requirement to Agriculture, Granary, and Haramat Yusuf
    * Added -10% commerce to VR Center
    * Increased Barracks cost from 50 to 85
    * Renamed Cloning Factory to Cloning Facility
    * Decreased Virtual Reality Center from 2 to 1 happiness, added 1 unhealth, removed the commerce penalty, and added free Artist and Scientist
    * Added free Priest and Merchant to Cloning Facility
    * Increased Cloning Facility cost from 200 to 250, and Virtual Reality Center cost from 200 to 300
    * Rearranged the normal building list to make a new happiness group, and to finally put the groups in the right order
    * Increased Supermarket back to +20% gold


    * Added +25% production and -10% gold to Fusion Plant
    * Added -2 happiness and -4 health from Coal to Coal Plant, and -1 happiness and -2 health from Uranium to Nuclear Plant
    * Added -1 happiness and -2 health to Hydro Plant and Three Gorges Dam
    * Increased cost on Nuclear Plant from 150 to 200


    * Decreased culture on Academy from 4 to 2, and on Military Academy from 3 to 1
    * Decreased Academy from 50 to +40% research
    * Added free Spy to Scotland Yard

    National Wonders

    * Increased culture on Forbidden Palace, Moai Statues and Mt. Rushmore from 4 to 6, West Point from 0 to 2, Hermitage from 0 to 4, National Park from 3 to 4, and Wall Street from 0 to 2
    * Decreased culture on Royal Tomb from 4 to 2, and on Dimensional Portal from 10 to 8
    * Increased cost on Oxford University from 500 to 600
    * Added Barracks requirement to West Point, matching Heroic Epic
    * Added Industrial Park requirement to Dimensional Portal

    * Decreased unit level requirement on Heroic Epic from 5 back to 4, and on West Point from 6 to 5 (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Decreased Heroic Epic from 100 to +75% military unit production, National Epic from 100 to +50% Great People points, Wall Street from 100 to +50% gold, Oxford University from 100 to +50% research, and Hermitage from 100 to +50% culture
    * Increased Manufacturing Plant from 25 back to +50% production
    * Decreased Globe Theater artist slots from 3 to 1, and Manufacturing Plant engineer slots from 2 to 1
    * Increased Hermitage artist slots from 0 to 3, and National Park scientist slots from 0 to 1

    Great Wonders

    * Disabled bTeamShare on Dimensional Gate, and enabled it on Terracotta Army, Haramat Yusuf, Temple of Artemis, and Center for Disease Control

    * Added Lascaux Paintings, Lepenski Vir and Skara Brae great wonders from Stone Age Mod
    * Added Labyrinth to Construction with Healthcare civic category unlock and -5 population effect
    * Added Pont du Gard to Mathematics
    * Added Porcelain Tower to Guilds with Economy civic category unlock
    * Added Buckingham Palace to Military Science with Economics requirement

    * Changed point types on Haramat Yusuf from Prophet to Merchant, Himeji Castle from Engineer to Spy, Gutenberg's Printshop from Artist to Scientist, Golden Dawn from Prophet to Spy, Pentagon from Spy to Scientist, Eiffel Tower from Merchant to Engineer, Cristo Redentor from Engineer to Merchant, and United Nations from Merchant to Spy
    * Increased culture on Shwedagon Paya from 6 to 8, Apostolic Palace from 4 to 8, Himeji Castle from 2 to 4, Big Ben from 4 to 8, Statue of Liberty from 8 to 10, Cristo Redentor from 5 to 6, Pentagon from 4 to 6, Kremlin from 6 to 8, and United Nations from 2 to 4
    * Decreased culture on University of Sankore from 8 to 6, Ise Jingu from 4 to 2, Spiral Minaret from 8 to 6, eBank from 4 to 2, and Silk Road from 4 to 2
    * Decreased cost on Haramat Yusuf from 280 to 240, Terracotta Army from 150 to 140, Ishtar Gate from 140 to 130, Mausoleum of Maussollos from 400 to 380, Spiral Minaret from 500 to 480, University of Sankore from 550 to 520, and Tsukiji Fish Market from 500 to 475
    * Decreased cost on Brandenburg Gate from 500 to 425, Cristo Redentor from 1000 to 625, Three Gorges Dam from 1800 to 1550, SETI Program from 1500 to 1200, Center for Disease Control from 1700 to 1100, and Carhenge from 1300 to 1050
    * Increased cost on Ise Jingu from 50 to 80, Stonehenge from 120 to 200, Statue of Zeus from 300 to 340, Hanging Gardens from 140 to 160, Pont du Gard from 300 to 320, Great Library from 350 to 360, Machu Picchu from 225 to 270, Colossus from 250 to 280, Chichen Itza from 400 to 420, Himeji Castle from 275 to 290, and Porcelain Tower from 500 to 550
    * Increased cost on Leonardo's Workshop from 300 to 320, Theory of Evolution from 400 to 420, Big Ben from 500 to 550, Eiffel Tower from 1250 to 1800, Pentagon from 750 to 775, Kremlin from 900 to 1350, Hollywood from 750 to 800, eBank from 1000 to 1150, Dimensional Portal from 1000 to 1400, and Space Elevator from 2000 to 3000

    * Added Construction requirement to Apostolic Palace, Taj Mahal and Brandenburg Gate; Engineering requirement to Sistine Chapel and Notre Dame; Aesthetics requirement to Leonardo's Workshop; and Exploration requirement to Theory of Evolution
    * Added Compass, Gunpowder, and Naval Warfare requirements to Trafalgar Square, added Sulphur doubler, and increased its cost from 500 to 1000 to compensate
    * Added Intelligence Agency requirement to Kremlin, Supermarket requirement to Cloning Facility, "3 Training Grounds in Empire" requirement to Art of War, and "4 Barracks in Empire" requirement to Pentagon
    * Added Astronomy requirement to Golden Dawn, Theology requirement to Cristo Redentor, Steel requirement to Eiffel Tower, and Exploration requirement to Jurassic Park
    * Added coastal requirement to Theory of Evolution and Jurassic Park, Fresh Water requirement to Hanging Gardens, and "4 Industrial Parks in Empire" requirement to Space Elevator

    * Decreased Ise Jingu Great Prophet points from 2 to 1
    * Added Stance civic category unlock to Oracle
    * Removed Silk Road Economy civic category unlock, and replaced it with +2 trade routes in all inland cities (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Added Marble doubler to Great Lighthouse, and increased its cost from 200 to 350
    * Moved Great Lighthouse expiration from Corporations to Economics
    * Decreased Statue of Zeus enemy war weariness from 100 to +50% (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Removed Stone doubler on Hanging Gardens, reduced its cost from 300 to 140, removed Aqueduct requirement, and added Aesthetics requirement
    * Removed hammer bonus from Machu Picchu effect to avoid enabling Industrial bonus on Democracy Mountain Villages
    * Changed Hanging Gardens and Notre Dame from global back to area health and happiness
    * Increased Three Gorges Dam from -1 / -2 to -2 / -4 happiness and health
    * Added Observatory requirement to SETI Program, and removed its Space Exploration obsoletion
    * Increased World Trade Center from 2 to +5% gold in all cities
    * Added Scientist slot to Jurassic Park


    * Decreased cost on SDI from 1900 to 1800
    * Increased cost on Manhattan Project from 1500 to 1700, Apollo Program from 1700 to 2700, Internet from 1800 to 2000
    * Increased cost on Hull Section from 1000 to 1250, Cockpit from 1500 to 2000, Docking Bay from 2000 to 2500, Stasis Chamber from 1200 to 1500, and Thrusters from 1000 to 1500
    * Changed Thrusters doubler from Aluminum to Uranium
  8. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Contents (Part 2):

    Spoiler :

    * removed 0.9x effect on tech costs, and increased costs of early Prehistoric, early Classical, late Medieval, all Renaissance, all Modern, and all Future Era techs

    * Added Long Range Weapons, Leather Working, and Falconry techs, set LRW as a secondary requirement for Archery, and set LW as a secondary requirement for Falconry

    * Added Gathering requirement to Herbalism
    * Added Leather Working requirement to Horseback Riding
    * Added Long Range Weapons requirement to Gunpowder
    * Added Computers requirement to Hydroponics
    * Removed Hydroponics and Aquaculture requirements from Cloning
    * Changed NanoConstruction secondary requirement from UAVs to Stealth, and Shielding secondary requirement from Stealth to UAVs

    * Moved Defensive Pacts from Military Science back to vanilla's Military Tradition
    * Moved free Great Merchant from Economics to Corporations
    * Moved global map reveal from Space Flight back to Satellites, and free Great Spy from Satellites to Space Flight
    * Added -1 health to Globalization

    Terrain, Features, and Resources

    * Added SaibotLieh's Walrus resource with Tundra and Snow spawning, and special coastal-tiles-only restriction

    * Increased Fur minimum latitude from 0 to 40, and Deer minimum latitude from 30 to 40
    * Decreased Fur and Deer maximum latitude from 90 to 80, and Potato maximum latitude from 80 to 70
    * Decreased Pearl density from 64 to 96, and increased Thermal Vent density from 128 to 48
    * Increased Salt maximum latitude from 80 to 90, and Potato minimum latitude from 0 to 20
    * Decreased Salt density from 36 to 48, and increased Hemp density from 48 to 36
    * Decreased Iron and Sulphur unique range from 6 to 0, Oil unique range from 8 to 0, and Apple and Banana unique range from 2 to 0
    * Decreased Horse maximum latitude from 90 to 70

    * Enabled full Marsh spawn for Oil and Uranium, Tundra Marsh spawn for Aluminum, and Plains Floodplains spawn for Aluminum, Stone, Copper, Iron, Gold, and Salt, based on existing Jungle and Floodplains permissions
    * Moved Olive enabling from Herbalism to Pottery, Horse Cow Pig enabling from Sedentary Lifestyle to Animal Husbandry, and Aluminum enabling from Mining to Metallurgy
    * Moved Furs from Hunting to Wood Working, and Apples and Bananas from Gathering to Wood Working

    * Added Mongoose OceanStormMod designation, and rewrote the basic storm code I was using before from scratch
    * Increased Marsh food from -1 to 0, commerce from 0 to 1, and river commerce from 0 to 1
    * Decreased yield penalties on Thunderstorm from -1 -1 -1 to 0 0 -1, Snow Storm from -2 -2 -2 to -1 -1 -2, Tornado from -3 -3 -3 to -2 -2 -2, Thunderstorm (Ocean) from -1 -1 -1 to 0 -1 -1, Snow Storm (Ocean) from -1 -1 -1 to 0 0 -1, Smoke from -2 -2 -2 to -1 -1 -1, and Poison Gas from -3 -3 -3 to -2 -2 -2
    * Increased Ancient Temple density from 32 to 24
    * Increased Fallout disappearance chance from 300 back to vanilla's 500 value
    * Increased Tornado growth rate from 0 to 1200 to allow for "tornado outbreaks"
    * Increased base Dredge Marsh yield from 0 to 5 hammers
    * Increased Peak defense from 75 to 100, and decreased Marsh defense from 100 to 90


    * Increased Workshop base production from 1 to 2

    * Added river commerce to Lumberyard
    * Added +1 commerce to Forest Preserve with Railroad or Maglev
    * Decreased route feature growth rate penalty from -50 to -25%

    * Added Woodland Cottage improvement, with river commerce and Paper obsoletion, to Refuge Building (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Moved Cottage from Monarchy to Pottery, decreased commerce on Hamlet and Village from 3 to 1 and on Town from 4 to 2, and added +1 commerce to Hamlet, Village and Town in Monarchy to compensate (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Decreased Mountain Village commerce from 2 to 1

    * Increased Mountain Mine production from 1 to 2, and Mountain Cottage, Hamlet and Village food from 0 to 1
    * Decreased Mountain Cottage upgrade time from 20 to 15, and Mountain Hamlet upgrade time from 40 to 30
    * Doubled all Mountain Mine and Extractor coughup chances

    * Changed Snowman to have zero base yield, and gain +1 commerce from Cultural Identity and Priesthood, +1 food from Improved Fishing and Hydroponics, and +2 commerce from Aquaculture
    * Added Afforess' Igloo from RoM: A New Dawn as counterpart to Snowman

    * Increased Aquaculture bonus to Fishing Boats from 1 food to 1 food, 1 production, and 2 commerce, and added bonus to Whaling Boats of 2 food, 2 production, and 4 commerce
    * Increased build times on Fishing Boats and Whaling Boats from 0 to 100, and on Offshore Platform, Extractor, and Floating Town from 0 to 200

    * Increased defense on Farm, Workshop, Windmill, Lumberyard, Lumbermill, Watermill, Plantation, Winery, Pasture, Woodland Cottage, Cottage, and Mountain Cottage from 0 to 2%; Hamlet and Mountain Hamlet from 0 to 4%; Goody Hut, Village and Mountain Village from 0 to 6%; Town from 0 to 8%; and Mine and Mountain Mine from 0 to 10%
    * Increased defense on Extractor and Offshore Platform from 0 to 2%, Floating Town from 0 to 4%, and City Ruins and Arcology Ruins from 0 to 10%
    * Decreased Snowman defense from 10% to 0
    * Increased air bomb defense on Outpost and Lumberyard from 0 to 5, on Mountain Cottage Hamlet and Village from 5 to 10, on Mountain Mine from 10 to 20, on Fishing and Whaling Boats from 5 to 20, and on Fort from 25 to 40
    * Decreased air bomb defense on Well and Offshore Platform from 10 to 5

    Nuclear Weapons

    * Increased Tactical Nuke cost from 250 to 375, and ICBM cost from 500 to 750
    * Moved ICBM from Rocketry to Space Flight (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Decreased nuke damage control globals back to their vanilla values: unit damage base from 50 to 30%, population death base from 50 to 30%, and building destruction from 75 to 40%

    * Increased Bomb Shelter from -30% back to vanilla's -50% damage vs nukes, and increased Arcology Shield from -30 to -50% to match
    * Increased Manhattan Project from 15 to +25% nuke interception

    * Set Thunderstorm and Snow Storm to not be nuke-immune

    * Added Mongoose NukeMod to enforce the Cannot Explore New Territory attribute on the Tactical Nuke and ICBM, which they were ignoring, with a vision radius of zero; and to not perform the equivalent of an air Recon mission when they land
    * Made the center tile of a non-city nuke hit always be converted to Fallout, rather than with a 50% chance like all surrounding tiles
    * Made cargo units immune to nuke damage, since they're already immune to combat and tile damage
    * Made all players who are Pleased or Friendly with a victim of a nuclear strike, automatically declare war if they have a Furious diplomacy attitude toward the player that nuked their friend (thanks Platyping!)
    * Made AIs care about the Manhattan Project's interception chance and the SDI a bit when nukes aren't enabled yet, and to make them care more about the SDI when nukes are enabled
    * Added a "+100% Production of Nukes" effect to the Nuclear Plant, with AI evaluation and city view mouseover support


    * Increased worker rate bonus on Serfdom from 50 to 100%, and on Industrialism from 25 to 50%
    * Added Watermill and Extractor to Caste System production bonus, and Extractor to Communism food bonus
    * Added Floating Town to Democracy production bonus and Free Speech commerce bonus

    * Increased Monarchy cost from Medium to High
    * Increased Monarchy capital bonuses from 10 to 25%
    * Added +10% Capital Food to Monarchy, and +20% Capital Food to Bureaucracy
    * Reduced Theocracy cost from Medium to Low, and added +10% state religion unit production and -25% war weariness
    * Increased Representation war weariness from 10 to +25%, and Democracy war weariness from 25 to +50%
    * Increased Police State military unit production from 25 to 50%
    * Increased Technocracy capital research bonus from 25 to +50%

    * Reduced Bureaucracy cost from High to Medium
    * Increased cost on Nationhood from Low to Medium, and on Free Speech from Medium to High

    * Added a food bonus to Slavery Whaling Boats, and added +10% food and production global bonuses
    * Increased Caste System from 1 back to + 2 gold / culture per specialist

    * Increased Barter gold capital bonus from 25 to 50%
    * Increased Free Market cost from Medium to High

    * Reduced Ancestor Worship cost from Medium to Low, and increased its shrine happiness from 1 to +2
    * Reduced Organized Religion cost from High to Medium

    * Increased Apprenticeship cost from Low to Medium, and increased its great people rate from 10 to +25%
    * Renamed Military Training civic to Military Schools

    * Added Stance, Workforce and Focus civic "sub"-categories
    * Moved Manifest Destiny and Pacifism to Stance category, and Environmentalism to Focus category
    * Added new civics: Belligerence to Stance; Human Workers, Cooperative Society and Android Workers to Workforce; Balanced and Industrialism to Focus; Alien Worship to Religion; and Neural Interface to Education
    * Updated LM's CivicsAdvisor to version 2.0 to support the new civics design
    * Added Very High upkeep cost for use with the Androids Only and Neural Interface civics
    * Added -25% Military Unit Production to Manifest Destiny
    * Added -50% Military Unit Production to Pacifism
    * Added +2 commerce to Snowman and +1 happiness to Marsh on Environmentalism, and increased its Forest Preserve commerce bonus from 2 to +3

    * Added UN global civic resolutions for Public Schools and Free Care

    Events / Quests

    * Added Marsh and Thunderstorm placement chances in a 2-tile radius around Hurricane / Cyclone / Monsoon hits
    * Decreased minimum population for a Tsunami to not destroy a coastal city from 5 to 3, and changed the effect on size 3+ cities from 4 destroyed buildings, to 2 destroyed buildings and -2 population

    * Decreased number of improvements hit by a Volcano from 3 or 6 to 3 or 5, and added guaranteed destruction on the center Peak tile if there is an improvement there
    * Added a guaranteed hit on the center tile of an Earthquake if there is an improvement there

    World Sizes

    * Decreased distance maintenance from 110 to 100 on HugeMongoose and 120 to 100 on PlanetaryMongoose


    * Fixed wonder movies not playing for Machu Picchu, Golden Dawn and Trafalgar Square
    * Fixed Forbidden Palace movie still playing for Silk Road even though a Silk Road movie was added at some point

    * Decreased the "first OR prereq bonus" research global from 20% to 0 to make techs like Mining and Flight Ressearch not cost more than they're supposed to, increased the "additional OR prereq bonus" global from 20 to 25%, and decreased the BBAI tech rate modifier from 0 to -30%
    * Changed Culture Victory requirement from 3 Legendary cities to 3 Transcendent cities (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Updated the turn timer values: decreased the city bonuses, increased the unit bonuses, and adjusted the base amounts to form a better sequence (thanks Rakete4!)

    * Increased hidden "Power Health" global, and not-hidden "Dirty Power Health" global, from -2 to 0
    * Updated the GW weight factors

    * Decreased BASE_WAR_WEARINESS_MULTIPLIER global from 5 to 3 (thanks AIAndy and Rakete4!)
    * Increased EternalMongoose anarchy modifier from 200 to 250, and decreased Quick anarchy modifier from 100 back to 67

    * Cut the barb XML exclusion lists down to just what should be there: research buildings and barb unique units
    * Changed two BBAI control globals back to their default values for AI "skip bombard and storm city" decision
    * Fixed what I think was a major bug with AI avoidance of tile damage when pathing their units due to the PATH_DAMAGE_WEIGHT global not being set correctly

    * Updated flavor values on new and modified buildings
    * Made update pass on unit and building Advanced Start Costs, which had been neglected for far too long
    * Made update pass on unit asset and power values
    * Made update pass on building asset and power values
    * Made update pass on building Hurry Cost Modifiers
    * Made update pass on technology flavor values to set them for the new Prehistoric techs, and to accomodate all the changes that've been made to the contents of existing techs
    * Made update pass on technology power values to adjust them for a higher maximum value, to set them for the new Prehistoric techs, and to accomodate all the changes that've been made to the contents of existing techs
    * Changed Scrub Fallout Rapidly tech requirement to Ecology in case a player obtains a set of Clone Workers early somehow

    Game Options

    * Updated Custom Color game option mouseover text to be more helpful
    * Added Mongoose NoEliteUnitsMod, and associated game option, to allow disabling of fantasy, scifi, and monster units if desired


    * Moved some icons around, and added a lot of new ones
    * Cleaned up a number of things in the Art pak file

    * Added veBear's Zulu Explorer as African visual unique
    * Added new icons for the Intercept, Recon, Bomb, Strike, Rebase, Explore, and Sentinel actions

    * Added small grove model to blank Knowledge Inheritance
    * Added Pont du Gard to the LSystem so it displays on the map as a Roman stone aqueduct for all artstyles and in all eras, rather than being an Aqueduct clone

    * Increased model scale on Outpost and Lumberyard from 0.6 to 0.75 to make them more visible, matching the mountain improvements
    * Set Lumberyard and Lumbermill to hide some trees around the improvement, like all OTHER improvements do, so you can see them clearly
    * Wrote custom Python procedure to batch-process 600+ lines in PlotLSystem to scale Mountain Cottage, Hamlet and Village buildings to 75% of their normal size, matching the Mountain Mine scale
    * Reduced Ancient Temple size from 1.0 to 0.8
    * Fixed Industrial era Fishing Nets to use the improved Paddle Steamer skin that was in use all this time on basic water-worked tiles, and fixed Whaling Nets to use the Ancient, Medieval, and Industrial Fishing Net models
    * Updated GameFont to fix blank Methane Ice icon in Extractor mouseover


    * Fixed Flamethrower combat effect to sound like a flamethrower and not like machine gun fire
    * Fixed the main dragon sound effects I stupidly broke in a previous version by changing their XML names, and attached a few existing sounds to some additional dragon combat actions
    * Fixed the dragon units so their "Run away!" sound effect doesn't play twice in quick succession when they randomly raise their wings while idle
    * Decreased the volume on the Dromon flamethrower effect from 75/100 to 60/80
    * Added sound effect to Hawk and Condor strike and intercept actions

    * Changed construct sound on Lepenski Vir from Stonehenge to Pyramids, Ise Jingu from Stonehenge to Oracle, and Royal Tomb from Library to Parthenon


    * Updated the Tactical Nuke text string to be clear its evasion effect applies to enemy SDI interception

    * Improved the "x Building required in Empire" text
    * Updated the Bomb Shelter text string to be clear the effect is for unit and population damage only
    * Changed Globe Theater and NanoMedicine strings to be clear they do not remove power penalties

    * Changed Forest Preserve mouseover text to "Forest" and to state the actual value of the effect
    * Added a few missing [LINK] tags in Build Route and Build Improvement text strings

    * Extended Mongoose UnitStringMod to show world units in the trait doubler lists when present
    * Consolidated "Forest / Jungle Strength" and "Forest / Jungle Attack" into single text lines on units
    * Collapsed Bombard / Culverin, Infantry / Trench Infantry, Marine / Paratrooper, Jedi Master / Sith Lord, and Gold Dragon / Blue Dragon combat modifiers onto single text lines
    * Collapsed new Submarine Coast and Coral Attack / Defense stats onto single text lines
    * Extended Mongoose BuildingStringMod to fix a bug with what is apparently a hardcoded vanilla list order for the civilizations, where leader mouseover traits were showing the unique building names in the doubler lists in some cases, and not showing them when they should be in other cases; also removed the now-redundant code from the Pedia leader page that was doing the same thing I'm now doing in the DLL trait-string function
    * Added Coastal / River / Fresh Water requirement text in building mouseovers
    * Moved building happiness and health, and happiness and health from bonuses, to the "Provides Power" text line when there is one, for use with the new power plant effects
    * Added Mongoose TechStringMod to show event activation and obsoletion points in the tech mouseovers, and added a new color to support it
    * Added resource enabling text in tech mouseovers, and added a widget for it in the tech entries themselves (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Added a "Reveals and Enables" text line for resources, seperate from the "Reveals" and "Enables" ones
    * Added enabling tech text in the resource mouseover
    * Extended Mongoose CityStringMod to put the good happiness and health effects above the bad ones in the main city happiness and health mouseovers
    * Extended it to display negative health from technologies correctly in the city health mouseover
    * Added Mongoose ImprovementStringMod to show higher coughup chance text on Mountain Mine and Extractor
    * Added improvement defense text in neutral tile mouseovers, since it applies in combat there

    * Extended Mongoose AnimalMod to show terrain and feature native values in animal Pedia entries and mouseover text
    * Extended Mongoose DiplomacyMod to show an attitude line for the game difficulty effect, if any
    * Fixed the Machu Picchu "requires peak in city radius" text, which was showing up like an effect and not a requirement
    * Extended Mongoose PowerPlantMod to add text for the new disabling rules on the Coal Plant and Hydro Plant


    * Updated PerfectMongoose mapscript from 3.1 to version 3.2.1, which is a MAJOR update :)
    * Increased Coral spawn percent from 0.03 to 0.04, decreased Coral commerce bonus from 3 to 2, and changed Coral from spawning in Coast tiles in the 30-90 latitude band, to spawning in Coast tiles in the 0-25 band, and in Ocean tiles in the 25-80 band at half the normal frequency
    * Set Marsh to spawn in tiles with extremely high rainfall, rather than with a small chance in any tile with a river
    * Changed Marsh to use a top 8% rainfall requirement in Jungles, a top 16% rainfall requirement in cooler Grassland, and a top 16% rainfall requirement in Tundra, rather than a fixed high value for rainfall
    * Set Scrub to require top 75% of Desert rainfall with a spawn chance of 40-85% in that range, and set Oasis to require top 50% of Desert rainfall with a spawn chance of 50-100% in that range
    * Increased Oasis minimum separation distance from 1 to 2

    * Updated Domestic Advisor to show "AG" in the food entries for cities that have their Growth Lock set
    * Updated Military Advisor to show the number of units of each type currently in production in the player's cities, and cleaned up the vanilla code a little
    * Added title text and fixed the tiny Exit button on the Domestic advisor, updated the title text and Exit button placement on all advisor windows to be completely consistent, and made a number of additional visual improvements to them

    * Extended the Pedia Unit Graph category depths to line everything up correctly within each domain
    * Added Plains-FloodPlains Pedia food line (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Filled in the correct yield, movement cost, defense, and city founding values on the Hill and Peak XML entries so they display correctly in the Pedia (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Fixed some great wonder Pedia entries that weren't displaying due to some XML name changes in the past, and added a couple new ones

    * Blocked the StatsMod window from being able to be activated, either with the interface button or the "U" key, while a player's own combat is happening, to prevent "cheating" by peaking ahead and using the StatsMod to see the result of a combat before it actually finishes; also blocked it when a player's turn is not currently active, to avoid being able to report the results of another player's combat to them
    * Added Tile Damage Death, Nuke Death, and Unit Disband tracking
    * Added Nuke Interceptions and Whiffs to interception tracking

    * Swapped city growth and tile growth notification icons, added 2 new city growth icons, and made them era-based
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    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Contents (Part 3):

    Spoiler :
    SDK / DLL


    * Added Mongoose SettlerCostFix to replace the absurd Advanced Start cost code for Workers and Settlers with a normal XML cost value, scaled by the XML Gamespeed GrowthRate modifier instead of the usual UnitTrain modifier
    * Added Mongoose ValidTileFix in CvPlot.cpp to make resources and Coral not spawn where the only land tiles they're in range of are Peaks
    * Added Mongoose ACMDisplayFix to get the combat odds mouseover to show when targeting a unit in a Coast tile with a helicopter, and to get it to not show when targeting a unit in a Peak tile without the Mountaineering tech
    * Added Mongoose SlowCulturalBordersFix to set plot starting culture only in the correct adjacent plots when founding a city, unless using an Expansive leader in the Industrial era or later where the full square shape still applies
    * Added Mongoose PercentCommerceRoundingFix to collect the higher-precision internal empire-level percent commerce income value remainders and add them to the gold value, to prevent alternating zero and 100% funding levels from being slightly superior to stable intermediate values (thanks AIAndy!)

    * Fix a nasty bug with Mongoose CapitalReassignmentMod that was preventing AIs from building their first Palaces, and rebuilding any captured Palaces, in the correct locations
    * Fixed significant weakness with Mongoose SiegeMod by adding checks for the Gunpowder tech in AIAttackAirMove, AIAirOffenseBaseValue, and AISeaBombardRange like I already had in a couple other places
    * Fixed a nasty bug in Mongoose SiegeMod where AIs were looking at their target cities with the wrong defense mode in AttackCityMove, probably causing major problems with deployment and/or bombardment in the first half of the game
    * Blocked Accuracy promotions from being available to the anti-air Artillery units
    * Added Mongoose AirStrikeFix to exempt air and missile units from the river-crossing damage penalty when performing air strikes on targets one tile away and across a river, due to not having the Amphibious promotion
    * Added text for the current bomb rate on air unit mouseovers, and got Accuracy promotions on bombers working correctly, rather than them adding a 1-2% Bombard ability with a 100% limit to the existing Bomb ability
    * Fixed longstanding issue with custom color selection not initially showing on Band unit on game start until after you clicked on it or hit "W"
    * Made some bugfixes in the AI StrategyHash code for siege units with 2 speed, and air bombers
    * Made 2 minor AI bugfixes where the code was off by 1 b/c of the extra era in the mod

    New Components

    * Added Mongoose MapRulesMod to add my fancy Coral Coast / Ocean spawning rules, and my Walrus "requires coastal land" rule, to the DLL map functions, so mapscripts that don't use custom feature and resource placement will place these objects correctly
    * Added Mongoose FortDefenseMod in CvPlot.cpp to make Forts not stack with feature defense; whichever is higher will be used
    * Added Mongoose WorkerRateMod to display the original, intuitively-correct half-strength values on everything but Microlith, and to fix the AI evaluations of Serfdom, Hagia Sophia, and Steam Power since they were also twice as high as they should've been

    * Added Mongoose FavoriteCivicMod to add a second Favorite Civic slot that is fully supported, including inclusion in diplomacy civic-switch demands
    * Set second favorite civics for all 78 leaders, and updated Sevopedia to version 3.0.5 to display them
    * Added Mongoose LFBLeaderMod to trigger the LFB functionality selectively, depending on the player's leader; also includes a bugfix to some BetterAI code which was reducing AI evaluation of the sacrifice values of high-experience units by way too much if LFB was enabled
    * Removed the LFBEnable control global; set 39 of the 78 leaders with the least military skill, success, and boldness to use the LFB system; and set the stat to display in the Personality section of their Pedia entries

    * Added Mongoose ResearchCostMod to move the BBAI global research modifier over from being a team research boost to being a tech cost reduction so it can be used to directly scale the XML values
    * Split tech diffusion, tech welfare, and tech OR-prereq boost calculations out into seperate functions; added them to the tech mouseover text; and added the total modifier to the main green research bar
    * Moved the global minimum 1 research per turn into the commerce value so it shows up in the main spending percent settings research output display in the top left of the main screen, rather than being hidden and mysterious and further confounding the tech turns-to-complete values in some cases
    * Added Mongoose EraEffectMod to make unresearched techs cost double for each era back from the player's current era they are
    * Made Tribes, Settlers, Gatherers, Workers, Work Boats, Spies, Missionaries, and Executives increase in cost by 20% for each era past their initial one the player currently is
    * Added Mongoose PowerPlantMod to allow happiness penalties on Provides Power effects, to remove the hidden -2 health penalty on the Fusion Plant, and to implement the new disabling rules: Coal Plant penalties are removed when any other active power source is present; Hydro Plant penalties are removed when any other active power source is present except a Coal Plant; and Nuclear Plant penalties are permanently active in case the nuke production bonus is ever used
    * Made AI evaluation of the Three Gorges Dam area power effect check which type it's removing in each city if it's removing dirty power; made it use the correct computed value for a Factory or Manufacturing Plant already being there instead of just a flat value for the city; and added a minimal value for being a backup power source in case the currently-active one gets taken out by a spy, nuke, or event
    * Fixed a bug with AI evaluation of the Three Gorges Dam area power effect where it was counting the values from the Dam's home city twice
    * Fixed bug with BBAI potential-new-building health evaluation where the NanoMedicine no-unhealth-from-buildings effect was making AIs want it much LESS, rather than much more
    * Fixed bug with BBAI potential-new-building happiness and health evaluation where global / empire level happiness and health effects were not being taken into account for their local effect in the city
    * Fixed bug with BBAI potential-new-building happiness evaluation where unhappiness was still being considered when the city has a Globe Theater no-unhappiness effect already

    * Added Mongoose UnitBuildingClassPrereqMod to allow building types with unique variants to be used as unit requirements
    * Added Mongoose QuantityLimitScalingMod to reduce the maximum allowed number of quantity-limited buildings and units to between 1 and their normal value, depending on world size
    * Added Mongoose AirReconMod, and associated Sentinel mission, to allow air units to continuously perform Recon missions of the last tile they previously visited
    * Reduced air recon vision radius an additional 1 tile for all air units except the Balloon series
    * Blocked the Weapons promotions from being available to the Balloon series, and to allow promotions that normally require prereq promotions the Balloon series can't get, since even though these units can't earn experience from combat they can still be built with starting experience, so they should have a full selection of promotion options available
    * Removed the hardcoded air combat unit vision radius penalty, reduced global air vision radius further from 4 to 3 to compensate, added free Sentry 1 to Balloon series, made Sentry 2 available to Fighter units so the Balloon series can use it, and took the Sentry effect into account with air unit vision
    * Fixed rare but extremely nasty bug with the new user-upgradable sight range on air units, where assigning Sentry 2 AFTER performing a Recon mission on the same turn would cause the map fog to get permanently corrupted on the next turnover
    * Added Mongoose MissileMod to make Early Rocket and Guided Missile not perform the equivalent of an air Recon mission when they land

    Existing Components

    * Renamed FeatureDamageFix to Mongoose FeatureDamageMod, and changed it to allow air units to suffer tile damage
    * Fixed resulting bug with Mongoose NotificationMod where the 2 warning messages and 1 death message that could go out would report the air unit as sinking rather than dying
    * Allowed submarine units to ignore the movement penalty and tile damage effects of ocean storms, set them to not wake from sleep if one spawns on top of them, and added a text line for the effect
    * Fixed animals and Sandworms not having tile damage immunity like they're supposed to
    * Ignored the AI_PATH_DAMAGE_WEIGHT global's new non-zero value, which affects normal movement, for barbarian units
    * Used the destination tile's damage and defense stats as tiebreakers when an AI unit is deciding between two offensive combat actions with equal odds, where the unit would move into the tile on victory, and would also use all its remaining movement points to do so
    * Extended Mongoose FeatureDefenseMod to use seperate, cumulative evaluation for terrain and feature attack and defense stats to handle Ocean Coral with Submarines correctly
    * Changed "All Defense" text line to not require Feature defenses to be set as a result
    * Disabled terrain combat modifiers on Peak tiles
    * Extended Mongoose GoodyHutMod to remove research selection being unrequired for the first 4 game turns
    * Changed Mongoose GoodyHutMod to scale gold from huts from 50-100% based on gamespeed, rather than using the GrowthThreshold value
    * Extended Mongoose GamespeedScalingFix to make improvement gold costs scale between 50 and 100% of their current values, based on gamespeed
    * Made event gold costs and rewards scale between 50 and 100% of their current values, based on gamespeed
    * Extended Mongoose GlobalWarmingMod to add GW from total empire population and from running the Industrialism civic; the latter is automatically initiated at Combustion, doubled at Industrialism, and cut in half at Ecology
    * Reduced the existing contributions from building, bonus, and power unhealth by 25% with Ecology
    * Added text for the new global warming effects on the Combustion, Industrialism, and Ecology tech mouseovers

    * Renamed CivicAnarchyMod to Mongoose AnarchyMod, and rewrote it to clean up the religion anarchy code, and to achieve different hardcoded results with civic anarchy
    * Extended Mongoose EnhancedSettlerMod to found cities with square 3x3 borders when exceeding the maximum normal 5 starting population by using an Expansive leader in the Industrial era or later, so the 6-8 population has a better chance of not immediately starving to death due to lack of workable tiles
    * Extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to provide better handling of negative trade route values in the DLL, and to display the Silk Road non-coastal effect as a single text line
    * Implemented the new Requires Inland City effect for the Silk Road, and the new Requires Fresh Water effect for the Hanging Gardens and Pont du Gard
    * Implemented the new Provides Fresh Water effect for the Pont du Gard, and the new Unit Upgrade Cost effect for Buckingham Palace
    * Removed the temporary 2 Fish effect I added earlier, extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to make the long-intended change of having the Tsukiji Fish Market provide 1 Fish, Clam, Crab, Shrimp and Whale resource, and updated AI evaluation of the building accordingly
    * Extended Mongoose PirateMod to make Harbors grant +2 experience when training Pirates
    * Added AI evaluation of the Buckingham Palace upgrade discount modifier, taking into account the current number of units with available upgrades
    * Rewrote AI evaluation of Golden Dawn global sacrifice anger modifier to use vanilla's local version of the AI modifier evaluator on every city, rather than a flat number-of-cities-based value
    * Rewrote AI evaluation of Himeji Castle and World Trade Center pillage gold modifier to not be worth WAY too much, and to take current offensive land war status into account
    * Extended Mongoose DemolishOwnCitiesMod to add a minimum-turns-since-founding requirement of 16-50, depending on gamespeed, before you can use the city mover functionality, to prevent exploiting it to clear one Jungle or Marsh every other turn before laying the real city
    * Fixed bug where the power status and some other effects set with update commands might not have been set correctly at first b/c the saved buildings were being restored AFTER the special "update" calls in the function

    * Extended Mongoose BarbarianMod to block the Barbarian player from building Palaces, Scouts, Settlers, and all religious buildings, great person buildings, wonders, missionaries, executives, great people, and missiles, directly in the SDK so I don't have to constantly update a VERY long pair of exclusion lists in the XML
    * Got the Sandworm to use its new bombard ability when it's randomly next to a player city
    * Blocked barb ships from spawning in lakes (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Increased Heroic Epic and West Point unit level requirements by 1 if the Raging Barbarians game option is set
    * Removed early-eras-only restriction on AIs using 2 extra city defenders when the Raging Barbarians option is on, due to the PirateMod ship drops
    * Fixed bug where the increased number of defenders AIs try to maintain when the Raging Barbarians option is set, was not checking if the No Barbarians option was also set

    * Extended Mongoose WithdrawalMod to allow promotions to still be selected when they increase withdrawal over the 90% limit, to treat any withdrawal beyond the limit as an additional combat strength bonus instead, and to update AI promotion evaluation to reflect this
    * Changed defender withdrawal blocking unit requirement from having no withdrawal itself, to being over 50% health, which will still prevent endless tile defense loops as before, but which also allows for defender withdrawal to occur properly in naval combat
    * Allowed units to have negative withdrawal from promotions, so that giving Rail Gun to a Battleship will cause the Ironclad "Slow" effect; and allowed units to cancel out an inherent "Slow" effect with positive withdrawal effects
    * Reported the attacker or defender withdrawal result directly in the combat code, and, as a result, removed the analysis code I was using to try and guess which type of withdrawal had occured based on the combat data
    * Handled the new withdrawal promotion effects, and to fix some minor bugs, in the flanking strike combat code, and in the unit and combat odds mouseovers
    * Fixed bug where the Slow effect wasn't showing on the unit mouseover
    * Extended Mongoose CollateralDamageMod to allow the Barrage promotions to be used by tanks, which were designed to be upgradable into having a weak collateral damage ability
    * Reinstated old Mongoose DamageDampeningRemovalMod to remove the StrengthFactor calculation from air strike damage, making air unit combat modifiers significant like they're supposed to be
  10. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.0.1 has been posted.

    This version does not break 4.0 savegames, but a few things may be a little messed up if you use them so I'd recommend starting fresh if you can.


    Spoiler :

    * Increased cost on Warrior from 5 to 6 and on Quechua from 6 to 7, and decreased them from 50 to +25% vs Falcon (thanks Rakete4!)
    * Changed Condor type from Fighter to Bomber so it has the right promotions available


    * Rearranged Haramat Yusuf, Sphinx, Ishtar Gate, and Buckingham Palace in the building list so they display in a better order in their tech bubbles in the tech tree
    * Added Coastal requirement to Trafalgar Square and Statue of Liberty
    * Changed Statue of Liberty to display out in the water on the world map


    * Decreased civic upkeep from population by 25%

    * Increased cost on Pacifism and Alien Worship from None to Low
    * Increased cost on Slavery and Free Religion from Low to Medium
    * Increased cost on Barter and Theocracy from Low to High
    * Increased cost on Nationhood from Medium to High
    * Increased cost on Bureaucracy and Organized Religion from Medium to Very High
    * Increased cost on Free Speech, Free Market, Monarchy, and Fascism from High to Very High
    * Decreased cost on Mercantilism from Medium to Low

    * Increased Theocracy from 10 to +25% state religion unit production
    * Decreased Bureaucracy from 50 to 20% and Monarchy from 25 to 10% capital commerce
    * Added -10% gold in all cities, and +10% gold in capital, to Monarchy
    * Added -10% research in all cities to Theocracy


    * Added city growth icons for the 5 eras that didn't have unique ones, changed the early city growth icon from version 4.0, and changed the city shrink icon
    * Halved the size of the Mage's pulsing magic sphere at the top of his staff in the Ancient King group


    * Updated the No Non-State-Religion Spread text line to be clear your own missionaries can still spread other religions freely
    * Changed the Cannot Explore New Territory text line to mention the new associated lack of vision, and added the stat back to the Early Rocket and Guided Missile for consistency with the nuclear missiles
    * Removed extra space at the beginning of the Gatherer's "Can Become" text line

    SDK / DLL


    * Fixed bug with Mongoose OceanStormMod that was causing turnover crashes on most Flat and some Cylindrical maps (which included Rakete4's Africa Map)
    * Fixed badly-written Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod code having to do with the Buckingham Palace and Golden Dawn AI evaluators, the former of which was causing unplayable amounts of turnover lag to build up later in games on large world sizes (thanks Rakete4!)

    New Components

    * Added Mongoose UnitVisionMod to reduce the sight radius of units with the Cannot Explore New Territory stat from 1 to 0 so their movement is not restricted near black tiles, and to block the Sentry promotions from being available to these units (thanks HannibalBarka!)
    * Added Mongoose NationalWonderLimitMod to make the normal (non-OCC) limit scale with world size: it remains at 3 on Duel, Tiny, and Small, and is now set back to vanilla's 2 on Standard through Planetary

    Existing Components

    * Extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to correctly display Eiric Raude in water, and Theory of Evolution, Trafalgar Square, and Jurassic Park not in water, in the Pedia display
    * Changed Mongoose ResearchCostMod to make the free empire-level +1 research bonus double every era
    * Added gamespeed and world size scaling to the empire-level research bonus so it's not overpowered on small maps and fast speeds
    * Extended Mongoose QuantityLimitScalingMod to make Cathedrals require 4 Temples in all cases, rather than scaling from 2 to 4 based on world size
    * Extended Mongoose CityStringMod to display State Religion happiness correctly as such in the happiness mouseover rather than as Free Religion happiness, and to add the +2 from a Cathedral, if present, into this text line as well, rather than putting it on a seperate State Religion line
  11. Cruel

    Cruel Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2005
    São Paulo, Brazil
    Download isn't working.
  12. kxta

    kxta Chieftain

    Jul 20, 2012
    Great White North
    Aww man, I wanted to play :-(

    Any chance of moving to new hosting?
  13. Rakete4

    Rakete4 Chieftain

    Jan 4, 2012
    I don't know what happened to Lunarmongoose, he hasn't replied to my emails any more for a couple of weeks. He is however aware of the problem.

    Since I do have the mod, I will upload it myself during the first days of August if it still isn't working then. So just check back then, please.

    This mod is great, btw. :thumbsup:
  14. Cruel

    Cruel Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2005
    São Paulo, Brazil
    Ok, waiting the upload.
  15. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Okay, it's finally available again (my other files will follow in a bit). This is a free hosting service so it won't be a direct link or an ultra-fast download like before, but at least it's up.

    Sorry for the delay. I was sick for 3 weeks, then I got sidetracked for 2 weeks doing (more) research on the parts for my new PC build (watercooling is very complicated, this is my first time attempting it, and mistakes can be extremely expensive, so I wanted to focus on it 100%). It didn't take THAT long to find new hosting, but I still had to do some research, and the file upload was very frustrating (took 5 long tries before it worked, heh). I blame Apple for discontinuing my old service...

    End of the day, I'm only human (unfortunately - I hate being human). To make it up to you guys I'll work on getting the 4.0.2 update out to you as soon as I can. Thanks for waiting patiently, Cruel and kxta!
  16. kxta

    kxta Chieftain

    Jul 20, 2012
    Great White North
    I'm gonna have to be patient with a download estimated at 12 hours :hammer2:
  17. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Yeah Rakete told me it was slow lol... I gave him another link to try but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. :p Please let me know if you have any trouble completing the download!

    In the past I was willing to let Apple have $100 / year, but with all these other hosting sites I wouldn't know which paid service is best, and I don't really trust ANY of them enough to pay them anyway.
  18. Cruel

    Cruel Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2005
    São Paulo, Brazil
    I downloaded, thanks. Any chance you also upload the SDK 3.3?
  19. kxta

    kxta Chieftain

    Jul 20, 2012
    Great White North
    Ok download finished and I loaded it up, didn't work. I got a black screen, alt-tabbed out and saw an error window "GCC Error: failed to initialize primary control theme" and then BTS crashes.
  20. Cruel

    Cruel Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2005
    São Paulo, Brazil
    Don't work for me too. Mod's name appears at the top right, but the game is Civ4 BTS-normal.

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