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Download and Screenshots

Discussion in 'Civ4 - MongooseMod' started by LunarMongoose, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. Carwyn

    Carwyn Prince

    Apr 2, 2004
    K, can't download it right now, busy with something else, but will do it later tonight if it all works. Thanks tons!
  2. Carwyn

    Carwyn Prince

    Apr 2, 2004
    Well, I tried it and got from Rapidshare:

    Download not available
    Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5)
  3. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose King

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Okay! After googling "Rapidshare" + "Download permission denied by uploader", I discovered the arcane incantation required to enable public access, which is not mentioned, shown, linked to, or otherwise explained IN ANY WAY on Rapidshare itself for some reason. Sigh.

    Soooo, please try it ONE MORE TIME now, lol. Very sorry for the delay. :( (I did at least learn something, though.)
  4. Carwyn

    Carwyn Prince

    Apr 2, 2004
    It's downloading nicely, tomorrow I will check it out, I hope! :)

  5. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    File does NOT work again
  6. Pariah21

    Pariah21 Chieftain

    Jan 16, 2010
    I would love to try your mod! Please fix the download link.
  7. Rakete4

    Rakete4 Chieftain

    Jan 4, 2012
  8. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005

    thank the gods,

    ive been w8 for this mod forever, lost hope already.

    are you part of lunars work force? cause i thought he solo built this mid.

    i only wish lunar i ok in real life.

    thank you!
  9. Cruel

    Cruel King

    Jun 22, 2005
    São Paulo, Brazil
    Thank you! I downloaded the mod but it didn't work ...
  10. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
    can you plz upload the sdk source as well?
  11. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose King

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.1 has been posted.

    This version breaks 4.0.1 save files.

    Contents (Part 1):

    Spoiler :
    Version 4.1


    * Redesignated Sevopedia 3.0.6 as version 3.2 MME.
    * Redesignated StatsMod 3.4.2 as version 3.3a.

    * Updated all the vanilla mapscripts for MM compatibility.
    * Updated all the vanilla Scenarios for MM compatibility.
    * Ported the Caveman2Cosmos version of Giant Earth Map over to basic MM compatibility.
    * Set the mod's options to only allow private maps.

    * Organized and cleaned up the mod's text files.


    * Moved Tile Improvement Gold Cost reduction from Prolific to Expansive.
    * Moved Starting City Population Boost from Expansive to Imperial.
    * Moved Arcology Infrastructure doubler from Prolific to Expansive.

    * Removed Prolific -25% city growth thresholds.
    * Added Larger Starting Borders based on Current Era to Creative.
    * Added +1 Production per city to Industrial.
    * Added +1 Trade Route per city to Seafaring.
    * Added -100% Unit Supply Gold Upkeep to Charismatic.

    * Added -50% Tile Damage on Aggressive.
    * Added -100% Tile Damage on Tenacious and Seafaring.
    * Added +50% vs Air Units to Aggression.
    * Added +100% vs Air Units to Tenacity.

    * Increased Charismatic diplomacy bonus to +2, Happiness to +4, and elite unit gold costs to -100%.
    * Increased Expansive Health to +4, and tile improvement gold cost to -100%.
    * Increased Philosophical unit upgrade costs to -50%.
    * Increased Expansive Gatherer / Worker production to +100%.
    * Increased Imperial Tribe / Settler production to +100%.
    * Increased Seafaring to +100% vs Air Units.


    * Split Gun unit class into Early Gun and Modern Gun classes.



    * Removed all the highly redundant FeatureNative XML entries.


    * Added limited Floating Fortress unit in AquaEngineering.


    * Added Deliverator's Desert Scorpion unit as an invisible land animal.


    * Removed terrain / feature defense stats from Kraken.
    * Added Fossils requirement to Fire Dragon, Ice Dragon, and Storm Drake.
    * Restored 1 first strike on Ice Dragon.
    * Added free Warlord promotion to Jedi Master and Sith Lord.
    * Added Deliverator's Abaddon unit as a SETI Program unlock in Space Exploration.

    * Increased gold cost on Jedi Master and Sith Lord from 20 to 30.
    * Increased gold cost on Fire Dragon and Ice Dragon from 20 to 40.


    * Added Marsh, Rocky, Dry Lake, Desert, Dunes, Permafrost, and Ice restriction to Tribe and Settler.
    * Added Marsh, Rocky, Dry Lake, Desert, and Permafrost clearance to Survival for Tribe and Settler.
    * Added difficult terrain blockage, and access from Survival to all of them, to Gatherer, Worker, and Clone Worker.
    * Added difficult terrain blockage, and access from Survival to all but Dunes and Ice, to Spy, Caravan, and Missionaries.
    * Added difficult terrain blockage, and access from Combustion to all but Dunes and Ice, to Executives.
    * Added Dunes/Ice blockage to Freight.

    * Increased Settler base cost from 75 to 90.


    * Removed Aluminum requirement from Manticore.

    * Added No Bad Goody Huts ability to Ranger.
    * Added Survival requirement to Scout, Explorer, and Ranger.
    * Added Oral Tradition requirement to Ancient King.
    * Added Wheels requirement to Catapult and Battering Ram.
    * Added splash damage to Pirate, and removed Sulphur requirement.
    * Added splash damage to Clone Infantry.
    * Added Iron requirement to Machine Gun, Early Tank, Tank, and Helicopter.
    * Added Iron or Aluminum requirement to Gunship.
    * Added Aluminum requirement to Wraith and Banshee.
    * Added Shadow Demon targeting, and +25% vs it, to Mercenary and Bounty Hunter.
    * Added Stealth requirement to Stealth Tank and Scout Mech.
    * Added Rocketry requirement to Heavy Mech.
    * Added Flight Research and Rocketry requirements to Wraith and Banshee.


    * Moved Transport to Industrialism.
    * Moved Constructor to AquaEngineering.

    Classical Warships have been redesigned:
    * Trireme gets +25% attack vs all warship types and +50% vs Galley, Dromon gets +10% strength vs all warship types (and +25% vs Galley), and Quinquereme gets attack modifiers that cancel out feature defense.

    * Removed "No Defense Bonuses" from Submarine, Attack Submarine, and Nuclear Submarine.
    * Added 1 Special People cargo to Quinquereme.
    * Added Longboat and Viking Kogge as additional Viking UUs, both with Sea clearance in Bronze Working.
    * Added Sea clearance to Optics for Kogge.
    * Added Polar Ocean restriction to Caravel, Galleon, Clipper, Privateer, Frigate, Ship of the Line, and Cruiser.
    * Added Polar Ocean clearance to Steel for Cruiser.
    * Added Iron requirement to Dreadnaught, Battleship, Leviathan, Carrier, and Modern Carrier.
    * Added Industrial Park requirement to Leviathan.
    * Added +10% Ocean Strength and Aluminum requirement to Manta.
    * Added 150% Splash to Sea Mine with 5 targets and 50% limit, removed Defensive Only, and restored Submarine invisibility.
    * Added -25% vs Sea Mine to Freighter, Transport, Ironclad, Cruiser, Dreadnaught, Battleship, Carrier, and Modern Carrier.

    * Decreased Submarine Coast Defense to -35%, and adjusted its feature modifiers.
    * Decreased Ironclad withdrawal to -40.
    * Increased Sea Mine speed to 6, updated its AI scripts, and set it to be a suicide unit.


    * Added Lasers requirement to Stealth Bomber.
    * Added Stealth requirement to Drone Fighter and Drone Bomber.


    * Moved -50% enemy splash/flanking limit and -50% city revolt chance effects from Leadership to Warlord.
    * Moved Guerilla 1 and Woodsman 1 from Cultural Identity to Survival.
    * Moved Pinch from Military Science to Stirrups. (Thanks Rakete4!)

    * Added -50% Tile Damage on Warlord.
    * Added Smart Bombs promotion for Fighters and Bombers to Lasers.



    * Removed Tech requirements on Wonders that were redundant with their secondary building requirements.
    * Decreased all Buildings with 3 Specialist slots to 2 slots.


    * Added Kathy's Airport Building as Hangar in Flight.
    * Added Hrochland's Versaille Pyramid as Hydroponic Farm in Hydroponics.
    * Moved Industrial Park from Industrialism to Semiconductors.
    * Moved Mass Transit from Ecology to Advanced Construction.
    * Removed Mongol Factory and added Mongol Hangar.

    * Added Fire requirement to Lighthouse.
    * Added Construction requirement to Observatory and Theater.
    * Added Economics requirement to Hospital.
    * Removed Flight requirement on Airport.

    * Added Granary requirement to Hydroponic Farm.
    * Added Forge requirement to Industrial Park.
    * Added Aqueduct requirement to Hospital and Nuclear Plant.
    * Added Mass Transit requirement to Arcology.

    * Added Stone doubler to Nuclear Plant.
    * Added Silver doubler to Observatory.
    * Increased cost on on Barracks to 130, on Drydock to 160, on Hospital to 240, on Industrial Park to 300, on Cloning Facility to 260, on Arcology to 400, and on City Shield to 360.
    * Decreased cost on Moat to 20, on Airport to 225, on Recycling Center to 150, and on Virtual Reality Center to 280.

    * Set FreeStartEra on Burial Mound to None.
    * Set Monument to be a free building on Renaissance and later starts.
    * Increased Colosseum culture spending threshold to 10%.
    * Increased Physical Defense on Moat to +50%, added -1 Health, and added Medicine obsoletion.
    * Increased unit production bonuses on Shipyard and Drydock to +25%.
    * Removed +2 experience bonus for Armored units on Factory.
    * Increased Health on Arcology to +4, and added +1 free Spy.


    * Changed Nuclear Plant from -1/-2 to -2/-1 Happiness and Health with Uranium.


    * Decreased Obelisk to +1 Priest slot, and added +1 free Citizen.
    * Decreased Stele to +15% culture, and added +25% Modern Defense and +1 Engineer slot.
    * Increased Pavilion to +25% culture and +3 culture.
    * Increased Hippodrome to +3 culture.
    * Decreased Forum to +25% Great Person rate.
    * Removed +1 Happiness from Odeon, and added +10% Great People rate.
    * Added +2 experience to Melee and Gun units on Celtic Dun. (Thanks Karadoc!)
    * Added +5 experience to Artillery units on Spanish Citadel.
    * Removed +50% build speed with Coal on Assembly Plant.
    * Added +100% build speed with Coal on Shale Plant.
    * Increased Assembly Plant to +2 free Engineers.
    * Increased Research Institute to +3 free Scientists.


    * Moved Military Academy from Military Science to Military Tradition.

    National Wonders

    * Moved West Point from Military Tradition to Military Science.

    * Added Construction requirement to Forbidden Palace, Globe Theater, and Hermitage.
    * Added Mountaineering requirement to Mt. Rushmore.
    * Increased requirement on West Point to 4 regional Barracks.
    * Increased requirement on Ironworks to 4 regional Forge.
    * Added Fresh Water requirement to National Park.
    * Added "Peak in City Radius" requirement to Mt. Rushmore.

    * Changed Royal Tomb to Marble doubler.
    * Removed Stone doubler on Mt. Rushmore.
    * Removed Marble doublers on Heroic Epic and National Epic.
    * Increased cost on Globe Theater to 350, on Hermitage to 650, on Wall Street to 400, on Manufacturing Plant to 375, and on Dimensional Portal to 3000.
    * Decreased cost on Heroic Epic to 75, on National Epic to 80, on Oxford University to 500, on West Point to 550, on National Park to 175, on Red Cross to 200, on Mt. Rushmore to 600, and on Iron Works to 300.

    * Changed Ironworks to +25/25/25% base/Iron/Coal Production.
    * Increased Dimensional Portal to +16 culture, changed type to Engineer, increased population loss to -30, removed +50% Golden Age length, added one Scientist slot, added Bank and Laboratory requirements, added 8 regional Fusion Plant requirement, and added Aluminum doubler.

    Great Wonders

    * Updated all Great Wonder flavor values.

    * Added Platyping's Nazca Lines in Astrology.
    * Added Hrochland's Serpent Mound in Ceremonial Burial.
    * Added WalterHawkwood's Cheom Seong Dae in Masonry.
    * Added Hrochland's Gate of the Sun in Calendar.
    * Added Chamaedrys' Neuschwanstein Castle in Constitution.
    * Added AsioAsioAsio's Sydney Opera House in Lasers.
    * Added Hrochland's Lotus Temple in Lasers.
    * Added Hrochland's Petronas Towers in Advanced Flight.
    * Added Hrochland's Hubble Space Telescope in Satellites.
    * Added Platyping's Svalbard Seed Vault in Ecology.
    * Added Platyping's Large Hadron Collider in Superconductors.
    * Added Platyping's Swords of Qadisiyah in Cloning.
    * Added Platyping's National Aquatics Center in Aquaculture.

    * Moved Lepenski Vir from Prehistoric Music to Astrology.
    * Moved Parthenon from Aesthetics to Mathematics, and added Aesthetics requirement.
    * Moved Hanging Gardens from Mathematics to Aesthetics, and removed Aesthetics requirement.
    * Moved Shwedagon Paya from Meditation to Engineering, and added Meditation requirement.
    * Moved World Trade Center to Advanced Construction, and added Airport requirement.
    * Moved Space Elevator from Space Exploration to MegaEngineering.
    * Changed eBank to Taipei 101, moved it from Fiber Optics to Magnetic Levitation, increased Culture to 10, added Mass Transit and Ecology requirements, and added 8 regional Airports requirement.

    * Added Stone Tools requirement to Lepenski Vir.
    * Added Woodworking requirement to Ise Jingu.
    * Added Exploration requirement on Silk Road.
    * Added Military Tactics requirement to Art of War.
    * Added Military Tactics and Survival requirements to Parthenon.
    * Added Herbalism requirement to Temple of Artemis and Hanging Gardens.
    * Added Falconry requirement to Statue of Zeus.
    * Added Sailing requirement to Colossus.
    * Added Pottery requirement to Ishtar Gate, Hanging Gardens, and Spiral Minaret.
    * Added Pottery, Monotheism, and Literature requirements to University of Sankore.
    * Added Polytheism requirement to Colossus and Chichen Itza.
    * Added Polytheism and Monarchy requirements to Labyrinth.
    * Added Aesthetics requirement to Shwedagon Paya and Porcelain Tower.
    * Added Aesthetics and Monotheism requirements to Hagia Sophia.
    * Added Priesthood requirement to Angkor Wat.
    * Added Trade requirement to Machu Picchu.
    * Added Masonry requirement to Chichen Itza and Pont du Gard.
    * Restored Masonry requirement on Hanging Gardens.
    * Added Construction requirement to Copernicus' Observatory, Versailles, and Spiral Minaret.
    * Added Engineering requirement to Leonardo's Workshop and Angkor Wat.
    * Increased requirement from Construction to Engineering on Apostolic Palace, Porcelain Tower, and Taj Mahal.
    * Added Mountaineering and Advanced Construction requirements to Three Gorges Dam.
    * Added Theology requirement to Copernicus' Observatory.
    * Added Liberalism requirement to United Nations.

    * Removed Masonry requirement from Sphinx.
    * Removed Theology requirement from Cristo Redentor.
    * Removed Compass requirement from Theory of Evolution, and added Sailing and Alphabet requirements.
    * Removed Drama requirement from Broadway.

    * Added Forge requirement to Big Ben, United Nations, Eirik Raude, Petronas Towers, and Space Elevator.
    * Added Mass Transit requirement to World Trade Center and Petronas Towers.
    * Added Airport, Bank, and Laboratory requirements to Jurassic Park.
    * Added Bank requirement to SETI Program.
    * Added Customs House requirement on Statue of Liberty.

    * Increased requirement on Statue of Liberty to 4 regional Forge.
    * Increased requirement on Eiffel Tower to 6 regional Forge.
    * Increased requirement on Pentagon to 8 regional Barracks.
    * Increased requirement on Center for Disease Control to 8 regional Laboratory.
    * Increased requirement on Colossus to 3 regional Forge.
    * Increased requirement on Tsukiji Fish Market to 6 regional Harbor.
    * Increased requirement on Art of War to 4 regional Training Grounds, and added 3 regional Stables requirement.
    * Restored regional Lighthouse requirement on Great Lighthouse back to 2.

    * Added 3 regional Monuments requirement to Temple of Artemis and Parthenon, and increased it on Statue of Zeus to 3.
    * Added 6 regional Forge requirement to SETI Program, World Trade Center and Taipei 101.
    * Added 6 regional Theater requirement to Broadway.
    * Added 6 regional Cloning Facility requirement to Jurassic Park.
    * Added 6 regional Courthouse requirement to Buckingham Palace.
    * Added 6 regional Airport requirement to World Trade Center.
    * Added 8 regional Shipyard requirement to Trafalgar Square.
    * Added 8 regional Bank requirement to Space Elevator, and increased regional Industrial Park requirement from 4 to 8.
    * Removed 3 regional Aqueducts requirement from Pont du Gard.
    * Removed Intelligence Agency requirement from Kremlin, and added 6 regional Jail requirement.

    * Added Hills requirement to Parthenon, Cristo Redentor, Copernicus' Observatory, and SETI Program.
    * Added "Peak in City Radius" requirement to Temple of Artemis, Parthenon, Statue of Zeus, and Three Gorges Dam.

    * Added Stone doubler on Cristo Redentor, Pentagon, 3 Gorges Dam, and Brandenberg Gate.
    * Added Marble doubler on Buckingham Palace.
    * Added Copper doubler on Gutenberg's Print Shop.
    * Added Iron doubler on World Trade Center, Taipei 101, and Carhenge.
    * Added Silver doubler on Copernicus' Observatory.
    * Added Fossils doubler to Jurassic Park.

    * Added Stone and Iron boosters to Big Ben and United Nations.
    * Added Copper and Iron boosters to SETI Program.
    * Added Iron booster to Statue of Liberty, and Decreased Copper to booster.
    * Added Gems booster to Taj Mahal, and decreased Marble to booster.
    * Added Dyes booster to Kremlin, and decreased Stone to booster.

    * Changed Great Lighthouse doubler to Stone.
    * Decreased Gold and Ivory on Statue of Zeus from doublers to boosters.

    * Removed Stone doubler from Haramat Yusuf, Sphinx, University of Sankore, and Spiral Minaret.
    * Removed Marble doubler from Porcelain Tower.

    * Increased cost on Great Wall to 375, Colossus to 380, Shwedagon Paya to 550, Sistine Chapel to 625, Angkor Wat to 525, Himeji Castle to 300, Porcelain Tower to 325, Taj Mahal to 875, Trafalgar Square to 1100, Big Ben to 1450, Kremlin to 1650, Rock 'N Roll to 700, SETI Program to 2600, Taipei 101 to 2750, Space Elevator to 3600, and Jurassic Park to 3400.
    * Decreased cost on Lepenski Vir to 55, Skara Brae to 70, Silk Road to 170, Sphinx to 165, Hanging Gardens to 125, Statue of Zeus to 300, Temple of Artemis and Parthenon to 320, Pont du Gard to 325, Labyrinth to 230, Mausoleum of Maussollos to 290, Art of War to 220, Machu Picchu to 240, Apostolic Palace to 375, Gutenberg's Print Shop to 560, Notre Dame to 675, Copernicus' Observatory to 540, Leonardo's Workshop to 290, Theory of Evolution to 400, Brandenberg Gate to 775, Buckingham Palace to 850, Statue of Liberty to 1350, Eiffel Tower to 1750, Eirik Roude to 1300, World Trade Center to 2250, Carhenge to 1000, and Center for Disease Control to 2000.

    * Changed Lepenski Vir type to Prophet.
    * Changed Ise Jingu type back to Scientist.
    * Changed Golden Dawn type back to Great Prophet.

    * Restored free Walls in every city on Great Wall.
    * Added free Aqueduct in every city to Pont du Gard.
    * Added free Intelligence Agency in every city to Kremlin.
    * Added free Hangar in every city to Pentagon.
    * Added free Security Bureau in every city to Buckingham Palace.

    * Added +1 Trade Route to Machu Picchu. (Thanks Platyping!)
    * Added +5% Gold in all cities to Himeji Castle.
    * Added +5% Research in all cities to Shwedagon Paya.
    * Added +10% Culture in all cities to Statue of Zeus and Gutenberg's Print Shop.
    * Added +1 Happiness to Hanging Gardens.
    * Added -1 Health to Eirik Raude.
    * Added +2 Health to Pont du Gard, +2 Food to Gate of the Sun, +2 Production to Carhenge, and +2 Commerce to Eiffel Tower.
    * Added +1 free Priest to Notre Dame, +1 free Artist to Taj Mahal, +1 free Merchant to Tsukiji Fish Market, and +1 free Engineer to Hagia Sophia and Three Gorges Dam.
    * Added +1 free Incense, -25% Maintenance, and 1 Merchant slot to Taipei 101.
    * Added -1 Production from Priest in all cities to Theory of Evolution.

    * Moved +5% Gold in all cities from World Trade Center to Center for Disease Control.
    * Moved +100% Great General Rate in Borders from Great Wall to Pyramids.
    * Moved +50% Great General Rate from Himeji Castle to Art of War.
    * Moved Unit Upgrade discount from Buckingham Palace to Brandenberg Gate.
    * Moved +1 Espionage per Specialist from Brandenberg Gate to Buckingham Palace.

    * Increased World Trade Center to 10 culture, Carhenge to 4 culture, Space Elevator to 20 culture, and Jurassic Park to 12 culture.
    * Increased Hanging Gardens to +2 area Health.
    * Increased Center for Disease Control to +2 global Health.
    * Increased Labyrinth to +25% Land Unit Production.
    * Increased Himeji Castle to +100% Physical Defense.
    * Increased Space Elevator to +2 free Engineers.
    * Changed SETI Program from +100% Research to +5% Research in all cities.

    * Removed Provides Fresh Water from Pont du Gard.
    * Removed 2 Scientist slots on SETI Program.
    * Removed +1 free Merchant on World Trade Center and +1 free Scientist on Center for Disease Control.

    * Added Hydroponics obsoletion to Haramat Yusuf.
    * Added Education obsoletion to Statue of Zeus.
    * Added Space Exploration obsoletion to Sistine Chapel.
    * Added Cloning obsoletion to Mausoleum of Maussollos.
    * Added Genetics obsoletion to Theory of Evolution.

    * Moved Silk Road obsoletion from Steam Power to Economics.
    * Moved Copernicus' Observatory obsoletion from Satellites to Semiconductors.
    * Moved Art of War obsoletion from Assembly Line to Space Flight.

    * Removed Gunpowder obsoletion from Great Wall.


    * Added International Space Station world project in Globalization, Lunar Colonization team project in UAVs, and Martian Colonization team project in Space Exploration.

    * Increased cost on Manhattan Project to 2100, on SDI to 3200, and on Internet to 2400.
    * Decreased cost on Apollo Program from 2700 to 2300.

    * Increased maximum quantity on Hull Section to 10, on Cockpit to 2, on Docking Bay to 4, on Life Support to 5, on Stasis Chamber to 3, on Thrusters to 8, and on Main Engine to 4.
    * Decreased all Starship component costs by 50%.

    * Fixed critical bugs with Science Victory by updating Success and Delay values for all Starship components that had maximum quantity 1 in vanilla.


    * Added Survival, Astrology, Advanced Construction, AquaEngineering, and MegaEngineering techs.
    * Moved Naval Warfare right one column.
    * Renamed Maglev Trains to Magnetic Levitation.
    * Updated which techs get the slightly lower and higher costs in the Modern and Future eras.
    * Updated all Tech flavor values.

    * Added Survival requirement to Mountaineering.
    * Added Astrology requirement to Priesthood, Calendar, Stonehenge, and Pyramids.
    * Added Prehistoric Music requirement to Music.
    * Added Microlith requirement to Weaving.
    * Added Sailing requirement to Aquaculture.
    * Added Liberalism requirement to Ecology.
    * Added Economics requirement to Railroads, Electricity, Refining, Steel, and Mass Media.
    * Added Replaceable Parts requirement to Radio.
    * Added Steel requirement to Radar.
    * Added Radar requirement to Aquaculture.
    * Added Sanitation requirement to Genetics.

    * Changed Mass Media requirement from Economics to Corporations.
    * Changed Shielding requirement from UAVs to Composites and Magnetic Levitation.
    * Changed NanoConstruction requirement from Stealth to UAVs.

    * Removed Education requirement from Fission.
    * Removed Fusion requirement from Space Exploration.

    * Added free Great Prophet to Dualism.
    * Moved free Great Scientist from Superconductors to Stealth.

    * Added Build Mastery (Gold at 18% and the other 3 at 20%) to Cultural Identity.
    * Added Build Integrity (Gold at 36% and Culture at 40%) to Agriculture.
    * Added Build Cunning (Research and Espionage at 40%) to Wheels.
    * Moved Build Culture from Music to Literature.
    * Added Build Espionage to Priesthood.

    * Added Sea trading to Astronomy.
    * Moved Polar Ocean trading to Steel.

    * Added -1 Health to Advanced Refining.
    * Added -2 Health to Trade, Corporations, Combustion, and Industrialism.
    * Decreased Globalization to -2 Health.
    * Increased Medicine, Sanitation, and Genetics to +2 Health.

    * Removed +1 Food on Farm, Igloo, and Snowman from Hydroponics.
    * Removed +1 Production on Igloo and +2 Commerce on Snowman from Aquaculture.


    * Added Lush, Marsh, Rocky, Dry Lake, Dunes, and Permafrost terrain from Dune Wars and C2C.
    * Added Bamboo, Swamp, Bog, Savanna, Brown/Orange/Gray Outcroppings, Sea Grass, Kelp, and Reef features from C2C.
    * Added Sea as intermediate depth between Coast and Ocean.
    * Split water tiles into Tropical, Subtropical, Temperate, and Polar temperature zones.
    * Split Coral into Coast and Ocean versions.
    * Renamed Ice feature to "Sea Ice".

    * Set Burnt Forest to be allowed on Hills.
    * Increased all terrain improvement build time modifiers to 25-100%. (Thanks C2C!)
    * Cleaned up XML sound effect and visual effect entries.

    * Increased movement cost on Ice to 2. (Thanks C2C!)
    * Increased movement cost on Smoke and Poison Gas to 2.
    * Increased movement cost on Jungle, Snow Storm, and Ocean Snow Storm to 3.
    * Decreased movement cost on Fallout to 1.

    * Increased defense on Grassland and Flood Plains to 5%.
    * Increased defense on Oasis to 20%.
    * Decreased defense on Desert to -5%.
    * Decreased defense on Ice to -10%. (Thanks C2C!)

    * Increased healing on Mushrooms and Forest to 2%.
    * Decreased tile damage on Tundra to 2%.
    * Increased tile damage on Sea Ice to 5%. (Thanks C2C!)

    * Increased Burnt Forest base chopping yield to 20.
    * Increased Health on Oasis to 1.0.
    * Increased build time modifier on Ocean to 50%.
    * Decreased commerce on Ocean Thunderstorm to -2.

    * Added river Commerce on Scrub and Oasis.
    * Added "Coast or Fresh Water" requirement to city founding on Desert. (Thanks C2C!)
    * Disabled city founding on Ice. (Thanks C2C!)


    * Added Fossils resource from C2C.
    * Updated Salt spawn values for new Dry Lake-only rule.
    * Removed Ice and added Grassland Forests to Fur spawns.
    * Increased ConstAppearance on Silver, Gems, Gold, and Ancient Temple to 200.

    * Increased TilesPer on Coal to 256.
    * Increased TilesPer on Aluminum and Uranium to 512.
    * Decreased TilesPer on Whales to 6.
    * Decreased TilesPer on Walrus to 4.
    * Decreased TilesPer on Methane Ice to 48.

    * Moved Marble reveal and enable from Exploration to Fine-Edged Tools.
    * Moved Salt reveal and enable from Exploration to Tribalism.
    * Moved Sheep enable from Weaving to Animal Husbandry.
    * Moved Fossils enable from Scientific Method to Mass Media.

    * Decreased Walrus to 1/1/0.
    * Changed Whales base effect to Health.
    * Added +1 Happiness from Market to Walrus.


    * Moved Quarry from Masonry to Advanced Tools.

    * Added "Become Igloo" and "Become Snowman" to Gatherer.
    * Added gold costs to Build Igloo and Build Snowman.
    * Increased build time on Igloo from 200 to 400.

    * Added "Build Floating Town" to Worker.
    * Moved Extractor and Floating Town from Aquaculture to AquaEngineering.

    * Added Windmill and Cottage to Tundra.
    * Added Stone requirement to Paved Road.
    * Added Iron requirement to Railroad.
    * Added Uranium option to Maglev.

    * Increased Well to +3 hammers and +1 commerce.
    * Increased Offshore Platform to +4 hammers and +1 commerce.
    * Increased Extractor to +2 hammers and High coughup chance.

    * Increased Camp to 2/2/3 on Walrus.
    * Increased Whaling Boats to 1/1/2 on Whales.
    * Decreased Extractor to +3 hammers and +0 commerce on Methane.

    * Added Road / Paved Road commerce bonus to Forest Preserve.
    * Added Railroad / Maglev production bonus to Well.
    * Decreased Scrub Fallout (Rapidly) time to 400.


    * Decreased all Nuke control global base values by 10.


    * Decreased autospread chance on Pesedjet and Hinduism to 25, and on Olympic Pantheon, Aesir Myth, and Judaism to 50. (Thanks Indrek_K!)
    * Increased autospread chance on Toltec Faith, Buddhism, and Confucianism to 200, on Christianity and Taoism to 400, and on Islam to 800. (Thanks Indrek_K!)


    * Increased spread cost on Industrial corporations to 60.
    * Decreased spread cost on Modern corporations to 40.


    * Moved Modern Medicine from Medicine to Scientific Method.
    * Moved Industrialism from Industrialism to Sanitation.
    * Moved Alien Worship from Space Exploration to Semiconductors.
    * Swapped Free Religion and Atheism in the civic list.

    * Set Igloo and Snowman to have +1 food on Tribalism, +1 hammer on Tribal Law, and +1 commerce on Ancestor Worship.
    * Set Forts to have +1 food on Military Training, +1 production on Vassalage and Nationhood, and +1 commerce on Manifest Destiny.
    * Set Forts to have -1 food on Bureaucracy, -1 production on Pacifism, and -1 commerce on Mercantilism. (Thanks for the initial idea for all this, C2C!)

    * Decreased cost on Industrialism to Medium.
    * Added +1 commerce on Extractor to Industrialism.
    * Increased cost on Environmentalism to Very High.
    * Decreased Forest Preserve commerce bonus on Environmentalism to +2.

    * Added -25% espionage penalty to Free Speech.
    * Added +1 Commerce on Farm and -1 Commerce on Town to Serfdom. (Thanks Karadoc!)
    * Moved Communism +1 Food bonus from Extractor to Floating Town.
    * Increased Fascism to +2 espionage per specialist.

    * Increased Neural Interface to +80% Great General rate, Military Schools to +100% Great General rate, and Alien Worship to +100% Great General rate inside borders.
    * Increased Health on Herbalism to +2, and on Modern Medicine and Free Care to +4.


    * Fixed Freedom Concert reward 2 and Crusade reward 3 to obey the 4-religions-per-city limit.
    * Adjusted all event worldsize-based unit and building required numbers, and unit and religion spread reward numbers, to not be ridiculously high on PlanetaryMongoose due to its default player size of 34, and adjusted the overall balance in some cases.
    * Set Forest Fire to always apply Burnt Forest.
    * Updated Hurricane to handle the new wetland types correctly.
    * Updated the Bermuda Triangle unit list for the now-potentially-Sea-capable ships, and the Experienced Captain unit list for not having ever been updated to support the mod's custom ship types at all.

    * Set Noble Knights to require both Stirrups and Civil Service.
    * Restored Computers requirement to Personal Computers, and added Plastics requirement.
    * Moved Civ Game requirement from Lasers to Fiber Optics.

    * Added MegaEngineering obsoletion to Earthquake.
    * Moved Overwhelm obsoletion from Stealth to AquaEngineering, and added Shielding obsoletion.
    * Added AquaEngineering and Shielding obsoletion to Bermuda Triangle.


    * Renamed HugeMongoose to EnormousMongoose.
    * Updated all iTargetNumCities values.
    * Increased default players per worldsize to 2-3-5-8-12-16-20-34.
  12. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose King

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Contents (Part 2):

    Spoiler :

    * Added SunriseSwordfish difficulty.

    TwilightLlama changes:
    * AIs are now slightly stronger.
    * Animal attack chance has been set to a flat value of 75%.
    * AI unit production is no longer cheaper than their other production types.
    * AI unit upgrade costs now correctly scale with their unit cost/supply level.
    * StartingLocPercent has been changed from 90 to 50%.
    * Barb densities have been flattened using the DarkMongoose values.
    * AdvancedStart point modifiers for humans and AIs have been set correctly.


    * Renamed Mongoose to Moongoose.
    * Removed Llama name, moved Quail name into its position, swapped Pelican and Moongoose names, and added Pterodactyl name to replace Quail.


    * Split the Art pak into 6 separate pak files.
    * Updated a large number of building model scales, building interface scales, and building city grid sizes.
    * Updated a large number of icons.
    * Updated the LayerOrder values for all the land and water terrain types.

    * Darkened the grass in the Swamp model, and added a dark-blue tint on the grass but with the original yellowish-green cattails.
    * Made a new white version of the C2C Coral skin for the deep-water version.
    * Made a dark gray version of the Stone skin for the new Reef feature.
    * Made new color variants of the existing water textures for the 12 temperature and depth zones.
    * Made new water overlays by combining the Sezereth and Anhu files, and replaced the Blue Marble "Bump" files with them.
    * Made new Green and White Bamboo skins and added them as temperature variants, replacing the original skin.
    * Did Hill Conversion on Thomas' War's Burnt Forest feature, using key information from The_Coyote on a forum thread started by TesB. (Thanks again guys!)
    * Did Hill Conversion on C2C's Bamboo feature, with a new shadow grid having to be worked out from scratch since the Corn one isn't designed for individual trees.
    * Updated the titleplate for version 4.1, added awesome green and orange text, fixed several alignment and centering errors, created a new compressed version that is on by default and shows all its text even on 16x9 resolutions, and added the standard version to a disabled art folder loose outside the paks that can be manually enabled.
    * Updated the loading picture to move the photo credit into view on 16x9 resolutions, to change the color on the Fullscreen bands to something less annoying than hot pink, and to add a CivFanatics blurb. (Thanks for the idea on that last one, Indrek_K!)
    * Updated the GameFont to include the new Fossil resource.

    * Made a full icon set for the new water types.
    * Made custom icon for AsioAsioAsio's Sydney Opera House.
    * Remade Svalbard Seed Vault icon from its source image, matching Platyping's version but with better centering and much higher image quality.

    * Set Tech Advisor to use a different icon for tech health penalties.
    * Updated the Armored and Mobile unit class icons. (Thanks C2C!)
    * Extracted the WoodlandCottage icon, and removed the RoM_Atlas index from the Art pak.

    * Added the improved Coral model from C2C.
    * Added WalterHawkwood's Barbarian Camp as Cradle of Civilization model.
    * Added WalterHawkwood's Bandit Redoubt as Skara Brae model.
    * Added WalterHawkwood's better Pentagon model, and his high-res textures for Sphinx and Cheom Seong Dae.
    * Added Hrochland's better Mt. Rushmore model.
    * Added Hrochland's Old Singing Fountain as replacement Moat model.
    * Added Hrochland's Crazy Horse Monument as ethnic Royal Tomb.
    * Added Hrochland's Kharbas Caves and Indian Rock Carving Temple as ethnic Cave Painting models.
    * Added Hrochland's Old China Port as ethnic Harbor for 4 artstyles.

    * Set the unused Pacific Harbor model to be used by 5 artstyles.
    * Set the unused Pacific Library and Palace models to be used by 3 artstyles.
    * Set the unused Pacific Forbidden Palace, Courthouse, Barracks, Hermitage, and Jail models to be used by 1 artstyle each.
    * Set the unused Pacific Military Academy model to be used by 6 artstyles.
    * Set the unused Pacific Monument and Theater models to be used by 2 artstyles.
    * Set the unused Pacific Grocer model to be used by 7 artstyles.
    * Set the unused Pacific Plantation model to be used by Mongolian and Khmer artstyles.
    * Removed unused Asian Plantation model, which was just a reduced version of the vanilla one.
    * Removed unused Kharbas Caves, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Olympic Pantheon Monastery models in the Fort folder.

    * Removed India ethnic Mt. Rushmore.
    * Removed one of the ethnic pre-modern granaries that was using the Cheom Seong Dae model.
    * Removed two of the ethnic National Epics that were using the Ishtar Gate and Silk Road models.
    * Removed two of the ethnic Heroic Epics that were using the Porcelain Tower and Royal Tomb models.
    * Removed the two versions of Olympic Stadium as Modern and Future Globe Theater models.
    * Removed the Carthaginian Cothon from being used as an ethnic (Greco-Roman) normal Harbor.
    * Removed the vertically-compressed/collapsed Haramat Yusuf model from being used as an ethnic (Egyptian) Hermitage.
    * Removed the normal Academy model from being used as an ethnic (Greco-Roman) Hermitage.
    * Removed the standard Forbidden Palace model from being used as an ethnic Intelligence Agency for 4 artstyles.
    * Removed the standard Ancient Cottage model from being used as an ethnic Library for 6 artstyles.
    * Removed the Center for Disease Control model from being used as a Future Library for all artstyles.
    * Removed the SETI Program model from being used as a Future Military Academy for all artstyles.
    * Removed the Mongol fort model from being used as a Mongol Palace.
    * Removed the Big Ben model from being used as a Scotland Yard for 7 artstyles.
    * Removed the Future University model.
    * Removed Meso, Asia, and Japan ethnic versions of Mt. Rushmore that were using the Jurassic Park, Terracotta Army, and Silk Road models.

    * Fixed centering and rotation on Kathy's Airport Building, World Trade Center, and National Aquatics Center models.
    * Fixed centering on Fusion Plant, Confucian Cathedral, and Taoist Monastery, Dimensional Portal, Great Library, Statue of Zeus, Buckingham Palace, Versailles, Big Ben, Leonardo's Workshop, Neuschwanstein Castle, new Pentagon, Hollywood, Three Gorges Dam, new Cradle of Civilization, Svalbard Seed Vault, Large Hadron Collider, Patronas Towers, Gutenberg's Print Shop, United Nations, Olympic Shrine, Jewish Shrine, Christian Shrine, Islamic Shrine, Hindu Shrine, Buddhist Shrine, Aesir Myth Shrine, and Pesedjet Shrine models.
    * Fixed centering on new Mt. Rushmore model.
    * Fixed centering on ethnic Globe Theater model for Asia artstyle.

    * Fixed Iberian Theater reverting to pre-Modern model in Future era.
    * Fixed Modern Granary using the wrong version of its model.
    * Fixed broken African Hermitage model that didn't get included in the last GeoModder update.
    * Fixed broken texture on the Native American Heroic Epic model.
    * Fixed shadow size on Early Rocket and Floating Fortress.
    * Fixed Scorpion model's idle animation rate.
    * Cut "idle tentacle flaying about" speed in half on Shadow Demon, and fixed bug with Storm Drake where it went back to TurboFlapping™ when fortified.

    * Replaced empty-sign corporation headquarters model with eBank model for all Future era banks.
    * Transferred the Inca Hermitage model over to use as a new Machu Picchu model, and set Inca to use the Meso-America Hermitage model.
    * Moved one additional artstyle over to the Pacific Lighthouse model.
    * Decreased scale factor on several ethnic Fort models.
    * Completely redid the ethnic Fort assignments, changing a number of eras and models around and getting their LSystem entries organized.
    * Lowered the Floating Fortress model down to the water level.

    * Added C2C's improved era screens, and fixed the bug where they were all off by one.
    * Added C2C's Apadana Palace picture to replace their stock Ancient Era one.

    * Added Pont du Gard movie.
    * Added Hubble Space Telescope, Large Hadron Collider, International Space Station, and Swords of Qadisiyah movies from RoM.
    * Added Via Appia, Ivy Mike, and Gutenberg's Print Shop movies, and Palace picture, from Thomas' War.
    * Added Neuschwanstein Castle movie from A New Dawn.
    * Added Serpent Mound, Nazca Lines, and Lotus Temple pictures, and NASA picture as Lunar Colonization, from C2C.
    * Added World War movie from Thomas' War for Manhattan Project.
    * Added Swedish Ice Hotel movie from Thomas' War for Svalbard Seed Vault.
    * Set unused Arcology movie to be used for Martian Colonization.
    * Set unused eBank movie to be used for Taipei 101.
    * Set unused Fusion Plant picture to be used for Dimensional Portal.

    * Added tree suppression to the Outpost, Workshop, Mine, Fossil, and Ancient Temple models.
    * Added Prehistoric through Medieval to Lumbermill PlotLSystem.
    * Added some icons to the trait text, and reorganized the list order a little.


    * Decreased volume on Dragon Breathing.


    * Added TXT_KEYs for most entries that were missing them in the mod.

    * Updated No Elite Units game option mouseover text.
    * Updated Great Wall effect text.
    * Renamed all remaining "Create" water builds to "Become a".
    * Highlighted all Nuke text with the global warming tech modifier color.


    * Fixed Python error with the Foreign Advisor not having been updated for the Mongoose TwoFavoriteCivicsMod.
    * Disabled Turtle alerts in Renaissance and later, and Sandworm and Serpent alerts in Modern and later.
    * Fixed typo in CvCultureLinkInterface.py that was causing a Python error on map generation in the unusual case of a vertical map with Y-wrapping enabled.
    * Fixed Civic Advisor to show the main categories in the 3 dual columns when first opened, and updated it to version 2.1.


    * Added a menu option to use 5 different Sea Level values.
    * Added a menu option to use absolute height for setting Hills and Peaks.
    * Added a menu option to use Vanilla Civ4's SDK river generator by default.

    * Switched ContinentMap generation over to having all water tiles count as separation.
    * Wrote additional code that allows sorting the third-largest-through-smallest landmasses by proximity when adding them to the main Old World and main New World continents.
    * Disabled Cephalo's code that converts Peaks into Hills when rivers flow between two neighboring Peaks.
    * Disabled Meteors on Duel, Tiny, and Small worldsizes regardless of Pangaea setting, and set the breakPangaeas() code to return faster if they're not used.
    * Set the width of the Sea zone to scale from 0 to 3 tiles based on map size.
    * Decreased MinLakeAltitude to 0.0, and CoastalCityValueBonus to 1.0.
    * Added HillCityValueBonus control global with value 1.1.
    * Split maxSiltPanSize into a version for the SDK River Generator with value 1, and a version for the PW2 River Generator with value 0.

    * Increased Marsh densities to 12-18-18%.
    * Set Oases to only require Desert in all cardinal directions.
    * Set Plains-Floodplains to only spawn on half the tiles that can have them, based on rainfall.
    * Set Savanna and Bamboo to only spawn in Old World landmasses.

    Updated the starting location placement code:
    * Set techs, resources, improvements, and routes to be considered when they're unlocked within four eras of the starting era.
    * Fixed CRITICAL bug where the improvement value calculation was using the wrong food variable.
    * Fixed CRITICAL bug where the final plot value calculation was adding the improvement yield values to the base yields.
    * Fixed HUGE bug where water tiles were being COMPLETELY ignored for non-coastal cities.
    * Fixed bug with a feature's extra river and hill yields being removed when considering chop builds even when the tile has no river or hill.
    * Fixed bug with the terrain's extra river and hill yields not being restored when considering chop builds.
    * Fixed bug where the later tech modifiers, and ALL civic modifiers, that calculateImprovementYieldChange() adds were not being removed from improvements under consideration.
    * Fixed bug with validity code blocking founding on normal features and allowing founding on blocking features.
    * Removed the final value code entirely.
    * Decreased minimum island sizes that are allowed, but added large region size requirement.
    * Set peak blockages to use the minimum island size unless the game started on Medieval or later.
    * Set the minimum island sizes to scale with Sea Level setting.
    * Added Impassable feature check to the region code.
    * Added cull removal, don't eat corners, obey global wrap settings, 6-bad-tile, 12-bad-or-very-bad tile, and invalid tile rules.
    * Added ratio-based player reallocation for overloaded landmasses.
    * Added small value boost for improvements with coughup chances.
    * Added the extra improvement yields, if any, from the most advanced route type that is available within the era limit.
    * Added value doublers for high individual yields from terrain, feature, and resources revealed in the start era or earlier.
    * Added discouragement factor for ocean tiles when considering non-coastal cities.
    * Added improvement growth types and irrigation yield changes.
    * Added zero value on marginal terrain when terrain + feature = zero food.
    * Added support for Plains-Floodplains in the plot evaluator.
    * Added small on-resource city bonus for pillage protection, with two control globals.
    * Added getCityPlotPotentialValueUncached() as a new version of getPlotPotentialValueUncached() specifically for city tiles.
    * Changed the caching system to store two versions of each plot value so the code is always using the right ones depending on whether the city being considered is coastal or not.
    * Changed founding on resource to be discouraged but not blocked.
    * Changed isRiverSide() call to isRiver().
    * Changed map yield weight factors to 16-16-8.
    * Increased era limit to 6 for revealed resources, improvement builds, improvement route bonuses, and improvement tech bonuses.
    * Increased limits to +2 eras for chopping, +1 eras for resource reveals to help trigger value doublers, and +1 eras for starting location sweeteners.


    * Rewrote old link/jump code, improving speed and fixing a large number of bugs.
    * Added "Animals", "Civilians", and "Special Buildings" pages, and rearranged the unit and building page order.
    * Added grayed-out status for the Back and Forward buttons when they are at the ends of their history lists.
    * Blocked the history list from storing redundant entries if the user manually selects the same item repeatedly.
    * Set the Strategy and History panels on all Pedia pages to start with consistent indentation.
    * Set all Wikipedia credits to be of the same " -" form.

    * Fixed the Improvement and Resource pages to show all an improvement's yields when a resource is present.
    * Added History panel to the Terrain and Feature pages.
    * Added graphics credits at the ends of the Terrain/Feature History text entries where applicable. (Thanks C2C!)
    * Updated the Civic page to improve the dimensions of the top and Effects panels, and to show the "History" line.
    * Updated the Terrain and Feature pages to show "Effects".


    * Added Great General tracking, and moved the Nuke stats down.

    SDK / DLL


    * Fixed bug with Resources and water Features spawning where the only land tiles in range have Terrain or Features that block city founding.
    * Fixed bug that was preventing Coral from spawning at all on normal mapscripts.
    * Fixed bug with trade paths jumping between separate rivers that border the same tiles but don't connect.
    * Fixed bug with improvements in blocking features not restoring river Commerce on river corners.
    * Fixed bug with Ancient Temple and Thermal Vent resources being tradeable. (Thanks Rakete4!)

    * Fixed bug where CreateAnimals() was not enforcing the Hill native setting.
    * Fixed bug where Animal Terrain/Feature native settings were being completely ignored in the tile movement rules.
    * Fixed bug where my code wasn't blocking barbs from spawning on Peaks before they have Mountaineering like it was supposed to.
    * Fixed bug that was allowing Sandworms to always spawn on Peaks, and to move onto Peaks once the barbs have Mountaineering.
    * Fixed bug that was allowing Sandworms and Sea Monsters to be built in barb cities, and Sandworms to spawn as pirate cargo in barb ships. (Thanks Indrek_K!)
    * Fixed bug that was allowing Sandworms to spawn on Plains-Floodplains.

    * Fixed bug with units spawning wounded when built in cities that are on Terrain or Features with Tile Damage.
    * Fixed bugs with Terrain Defense being added to Peaks' 100% value, and with Terrain/Feature Defense not being removed when cities are present.
    * Added Defender Withdrawal condition where Safety units must be land units if the combat is happening on land.
    * Rewrote the Defender Withdrawal reporting code again.
    * Fixed bugs with the Tile Damage death warning reporting from combat, where messages for surviving defenders were never generated.
    * Fixed bugs with Guerilla 2 not being allowed on Defensive Only units for the movement bonus, and the Defense and Garrison series not being blocked on No Defense Bonuses units.
    * Fixed bug where the Raider and Garrison Event promotions weren't being re-applied on unit trade or upgrade.
    * Fixed bug where purchased Promotions weren't being refunded when upgrading to a unit type that gets them for free.

    * Fixed bug with Slavery-hurrying always only costing 1 population, and Democracy-hurrying always only costing 1 gold. (Thanks Indrek_K!)
    * Fixed bug with the Unofficial Patch's SDK security code for the Free Tech dialog not handling techs or wonders that provide more than 1 free tech. (Thanks Rakete4!)
    * Fixed bug where my previous bugfix to the isBuildingOnlyHealthy() section of Fuyu's getAdditionalHealthByBuilding() function was actually right originally.
    * Fixed similar bug with Fuyu's getAdditionalHealthByCivic() function that I had missed before.
    * Fixed bug with vanilla AI evaluation of the -1 quantity value on Broadway, Rock 'N Roll, and Hollywood free resources.
    * Fixed minor bug in CvUnitAI::AI_explore().

    New Components

    * Added value for Parietal Art in AI tech evaluation to avoid cases where AI city borders never expand. (Thanks Rakete4!)
    * Added Mongoose FreeBuildingEraMod to provide free buildings when founding or acquiring new cities, subject to the player's current era reaching or exceeding their FreeStartEra XML values.
    * Added Mongoose YieldCommerceModifierMod to make all yield and commerce modifiers from traits and civics have a flat, constant effect, regardless of any other modifiers present in a city.
    * Decreased minimum allowed production modifier on units, buildings, and projects to -75%, and decreased minimum allowed yield and commerce modifiers to -75%, to allow civic penalties to take full effect in all cases. (Thanks for the idea, BBAI!)
    * Added Mongoose CivicExclusionMod to block players from being able to use 6 specific civic combinations at the same time, and to add text lines for them.

    * Extended Mongoose RiverLinkFix to block river and Coast/Sea/Ocean trading before they are unlocked on the techtree when completely inside a player's own borders.
    * Extended Mongoose RiverLinkFix to move Trade Route updates from Turn to PlotGroup processing so they respond immediately whenever anything changes on the map.
    * Added Mongoose TechFromCombatMod to provide 1% research towards military techs, up to the techs being 25% done, each time a human or AI unit is killed in combat by another human or AI unit, where the winning player does not already have the primary tech required to build that unit, and where the winning player is in the era of that tech or later.

    * Added Mongoose TerrainStringMod to shorten and fix the restricted city building line.
    * Added Mongoose CivicStringMod to collapse the improvement yield and feature happiness lists on Environmentalism into single lists for each value.

    Existing Components

    * Updated Mongoose MapRulesMod to use the PerfectMongoose Sea width scaling, SeaGrass / Kelp / Coral requirements, Oasis requirements, and Outcrop requirement.
    * Decreased Ocean Storm spawn rate slightly.
    * Updated Mongoose GlobalWarmingMod to support the new terrain and feature types.
    * Removed EmperorFool's GWMod function that looks for active Environmentalism users, and extended Mongoose GlobalWarmingMod to implement the Feature Buffer modifier as a full Civic effect.

    * Extended Mongoose AnimalMod to enforce tile movement rules when Animals attack.
    * Set Animals and Sandworms to be allowed on tiles with Features if they have either the Terrain or Feature native setting.
    * Improved the Sandworm spawning code to check the number of Desert and Dunes tiles in a plot's land area.
    * Extended Mongoose GoodyHutMod to make AI units on the Explore and Patrol missions not specifically target Goody Huts unless they have the Good Results ability, or they have contact with at least one other civilization.
    * Extended Mongoose GoodyHutMod to block AIs from ever using the Goody mission with Workers, Settlers, Great People, or any units on the City Defense mission.
    * Extended Mongoose GoodyHutMod to block AIs from using the Goody mission with non-Good-Results units unless they have at least one foreign contact.

    * Extended Mongoose FeatureDefenseMod to use the higher of the Terrain and Feature defense values rather than adding them, and to include Terrain Defense in the +25% Feature Defense limit that Forts can't further increase.
    * Extended Mongoose FeatureDamageMod to wake units when Feature removal exposes a damaging Terrain type underneath.
    * Extended Mongoose TerrainDamageMod to wake units when Terrain is changed to a damaging type from Global Warming or Nuclear Winter.
    * Extended Mongoose PromotionMod to support Tile Damage mitigation. (Thanks C2C!)

    * Extended Mongoose TraitFunctionalityMod to support extra city yields, extra city trade routes, Unit Supply modifiers, and larger starting borders.
    * Extended Mongoose TraitFunctionalityMod to add hardcoded Terrain/Feature rules for Prolific's extra tile food bonus.
    * Updated Mongoose FloodPlainsMod and TraitFunctionalityMod to handle Floodplains correctly on all possible terrain types for use with other maps.

    * Extended Mongoose GamespeedScalingFix to make the eBank Gold bonus scale from 50 to 200 depending on gamespeed and worldsize.
    * Extended Mongoose GamespeedScalingFix to decrease the required unit levels on Heroic Epic and West Point by 1 if using Quick or Normal gamespeed, or if the No Barbarians option is enabled.
    * Extended Mongoose GamespeedScalingFix to increase the required unit levels on Heroic Epic and West Point by 1 on Marathon and EternalMongoose gamespeeds.
    * Extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to remove the "+1 Health/Happiness" text at the ends of the free bonus lines when providing single Resources.
    * Extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to implement the requires Hills, multiple free Resources, instant free Route placement, corporation spread cost modifier, blockade Gold modifier, trait pillage/capture Gold modifier, enemy pillage/capture Gold modifier, cargo units take damage and teleport, improved Nukes, and large circle of Active Vision effects.
    * Extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to add AI valuation of the new effects.
    * Renamed Mongoose QuantityLimitScalingMod to WorldSizeScalingFix, and extended it to make the number of civs required for tech sharing from the Internet project scale with map size.
    * Extended Mongoose WorldSizeScalingFix to scale down the prereq Building counts on the Duel through Standard worldsizes.
    * Extended Mongoose WorldSizeScalingFix to apply the new Building prereq quantity clamps on small worldsizes to the mouseover text of the prereq Buildings themselves.

    * Extended Mongoose CapitalReassignmentMod to allow a player who doesn't currently have a capital to acquire Great People from being the first discover a Technology.
    * Renamed Mongoose EraEffectMod to EraScalingMod, and changed it to make skipped-Tech costs increase by 50%, rather than doubling, in each later Era.
    * Extended Mongoose ReligionMod to allow Taoism, Christianity, and Islam autospreads in cities with one religion at 25% of the normal chance.
    * Extended Mongoose ReligionMod to make all Events that use the XML Convert field obey the 4-religions-per-city limit.
    * Changed Mongoose PowerPlantMod to include Resource-enabled power in the NanoMedicine no-Unhealth-from-Buildings effect.

    * Extended Mongoose NotificationMod to send a message to all human players when a Great Wonder is destroyed.
    * Extended Mongoose FeatureDisplayMod to show Lush terrain icons, and Sea Grass and Kelp feature icons, in the Ctrl-R Health category, and both types of Coral in the Ctrl-R Luxury category.

    * Extended Mongoose TechStringMod to display only one trading enabler icon for all Coast and Sea subtypes in the Tech Advisor.
    * Extended Mongoose TechStringMod to make the Tech Advisor show Projects after Buildings and Wonders in the tech tabs.
    * Extended Mongoose UnitStringMod to display terrain and water movement restrictions in a much more compact form, with tech-passable items separated into a second bullet list.
    * Updated Mongoose UnitStringMod for the new woodland and water terrain and feature types, switched from hardcoded index values to info lookup calls in the woodland line-collapsing display code, and went back to a single line for Hill / Peak Attack despite the always-different values.
    * Extended Mongoose UnitStringMod to collapse the Missionary and Executive production lists in the Spiritual and Financial trait text down to single entries.
    * Extended Mongoose UnitStringMod to add a text line for Suicide units.
    * Extended Mongoose UnitStringMod to use the "Requires Someone to Create" Project line for Units and Buildings that require Nuke access.
    * Extended Mongoose BuildingStringMod to combine Buildings and Special Buildings into a single list in the trait text.
    * Extended Mongoose BuildingStringMod to add "Total Required to Build" line to buildings.
    * Extended Mongoose BuildingStringMod to add text lines explaining Palisade removal by Walls, and Castle ability to still be built after obsoletion.
    * Extended Mongoose BuildingStringMod to collapse out-of-order lists in the new "Building required for" text, and to reverse the order on the local and regional Building requirement display, including removing a small bit of buggy and unnecessary UP display code.
    * Extended Mongoose ImprovementStringMod to display Yield bonuses from Routes in the Improvement text.
    * Extended Mongoose FeatureStringMod to display Production from Chopping and Dredging in the Feature text.
    * Extended Mongoose CityStringMod to break the player Happiness and Health categories in the city view down into all their components.
    * Extended Mongoose CivicStringMod to collapse the Building Happiness entries on Nationalism and Ancestor Worship into single lists.
    * Extended Mongoose TextColorMod to add color to the Hill/Feature/Terrain line for land tiles.
  13. Alexej

    Alexej Prince

    May 16, 2008
    Downloading right now ! :D thanks
  14. brun58

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    Dec 29, 2003
    Downloading also, thanks man :D
  15. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose King

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.1a has been posted.

    This version breaks 4.1 save files.


    Spoiler :
    Version 4.1a


    * Added Sakhr's Cobra unit as Snake and cleaned up its nif file. (Thanks EnormousD!)
    * Added Hidden Animal invisibility type, set Snake and Scorpion to use it, and set Scout, Explorer, Falcon, Hawk, and Condor to detect it.

    * Added Rocky and Dry Lake natives to Scorpion. (Thanks EnormousD!)
    * Changed Desert native to Flood Plains native on Cheetah, Tiger, Lion, and Rhinoceros. (Thanks EnormousD!)
    * Added Forest and Swamp natives to Tiger. (Thanks EnormousD!)
    * Removed redundant Swamp and Bog natives on Bear and Neanderthal.

    * Increased First Strikes on Scorpion to 4.

    * Changed terrain movement requirement on Executives from Combustion to Survival, and added it to Freight.
    * Added Jungle movement Survival requirement to Gatherer, Worker, Tribe, Settler, Caravan, Freight, Spy, Missionaries, and Executives.


    * Decreased Reef from -1 to -2 Commerce.


    * Removed Civil Service requirement from Noble Knights.
    * Moved Earthquake from the bottom of the event list up to before Volcano, and moved Monsoon from after Cyclone up to before Hurricane.


    * Decreased scale on Scorpion to 8, and increased subunit quantity to 6. (Thanks EnormousD!)

    SDK / DLL


    * Fixed critical bug with Mongoose BarbarianMod where the previous fix to block Monsters from being built in Barb cities and Sandworms from spawning as cargo in Barb transports, also allowed unlimited quantities of all Monster types to spawn immediately when the Barbs start.
    * Fixed serious bug where cities located directly on revealed and enabled resources, and cities with wonders that provide free resources, lose an instance of those resources each time anything happens that causes a PlotGroup update for them.
    * Fixed very old bug with free route placement that was preventing the Spicy, Antelope, Hiyo Silver, and Wining Monks events from ever activating.

    * Fixed bug with cities showing the Trade symbol on their bar as soon as a Palace is built, regardless of connection status.
    * Fixed bug with Mongoose RiverLinkFix where the disabling of automatic Coast, Sea, and Ocean trading inside a player's own borders regardless of tech was also disabling the graphical updates of the black crosshatch overlays on tiles when their blockade status changed, and as a result also fixed a vanilla bug where the crosshatch overlay could become partially glitched until the next save load.

    Existing Components

    * Extended Mongoose AnimalMod to require explicit FeatureNative values for Forest, Bamboo, and Jungle, and to treat Burnt Forest as Forest for FeatureNative purposes.
    * Extended Mongoose ValidTileFix to allow Terrain and Feature restrictions to be ignored when moving into cities. (Thanks EnormousD!)

    * Updated Mongoose UnitStringMod to move Feature movement restrictions onto the end of the Terrain restriction list in the unit mouseovers.
    * Extended Mongoose TechStringMod to add an icon with a unit list mouseover to Techs that enable Terrain movement.
    * Extended Mongoose CityStringMod to hide Terrain / Feature Defense on tile mouseovers when there are Flatland Cities present, and to display flat "+25% Defense" lines when there are Hilled Cities present. (Thanks EnormousD!)
  16. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose King

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.1b has been posted. (Very sorry for the long delay. :()

    This version CAN load 4.1a save files.

    FIXES UNPLAYABLE LAG in 4.1 / 4.1a!!! Also includes 4 major fixes and 1 critical fix that were made later during 4.2 development. It has been play-tested once, and is expected to be extremely stable and reliable.


    I haven't written up Release Notes yet. This patch is focused entirely on balance tweaks, fixes, and improvements to existing components, with almost no new content added.

    A large number of minor bugs and issues remain, most of which are already fixed internally in 4.2, but this should still help enormously for now.
  17. brun58

    brun58 Warlord

    Dec 29, 2003
    As always, thanks for your time and effort on the Mod :D
  18. JosEPh_II

    JosEPh_II TBS WarLord

    Jun 20, 2007
    Western IL. cornfields
    OMG! You Live! :woohoo:

    JosEPh :D
  19. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose King

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.2 has been posted.
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  20. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
    well done, been a while. glad its here.

    can you attach the source code?

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