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Priest of Hiroshima
Jan 3, 2004
San Francisco, California, United States
The BUG Project

BTS Unaltered Gameplay, or BUG, is a modification code for Civilization IV: BTS. CIV is a very easy game to modify, but not all modifications are compatible with each other. In an effort to combines these many different Mods from the Civ community, into one concise program, the BUG Project was born.

BUG combines mods that do not change the basic game play of CIV, while adding flavor and ease of use. Some aspects that we feel are within this criteria are Advisor Screens, City View Screen, the Main View Screen, the Civopedia, as well as the way units may look but not the way they play. Also, any addition or changes made, will not provide any information that cannot be figured out within the game itself.

BAT is an add-on to the BUG Mod, that adds flavor to and diversity to the game. It contains the latest version of BUG, so no additional installation is required by the end user.

We feel these Mods are safe for use in any Succession Games, and have ensured any bugs which would conflict with users who are not playing with the BUG Mod are elimiated. If you find any changes within the code that modify games play, please post a message to us here, or on the Project Development link listed below, and we will make it of the utmost important to fix the problem. Also, if you find something that causes conflicts within Succession Games, please let us know as well.

If you would like to have your Mod added, please visit the Project Development page on SourceForge.

Current BUG version: 4.4 (Compatible with Beyond the Sword version 3.13 and above only!)
Current BAT version: 3.0.1 (Compatible with Beyond the Sword version 3.19!)
Current BULL version: 1.2 (Compatible with Beyond the Sword version 3.19!)

(For older versions of Beyond The Sword, please download one of our older releases. We will no longer be supporting older versions of BUG or BAT.)

Download Here

Project Development Pages:
BUG Mod Page
BAT Mod Page
BULL Mod Page

If you'd like to keep updated with the latest changes to the Mods, then use our SVN server. To do this, follow these directions:

  1. Download the latest version of TortoiseSVN from here: Download TortoiseSVN Here
  2. After installation, reboot system.
  3. Create Directory to place the Mod. I'd suggest a directoy called "The BUG Project".
  4. Explorer the directory you just created, and right click on it. Go to the Option that says "SVN Checkout."
  5. Use one of the SVN URL's listed below, when prompted. Right click on the URL and select "Copy Link Location," and copy into Tortoise.
  6. Once the directory has been downloaded, you can keep up to date by using SVN Update on the directory again.
  7. To install you just have to use the Export command from within the TortoiseSVN context menu from inside Explorer.
  8. To get the latest revision, right click on directory, and pick "SVN Update."

Source Forge SVN Links:

The BUG Mod:

The BAT Mod:

The BULL Mod:

BUG Mod Includes:
Spoiler :

•Option Switching Core by ruff_hi and EmperorFool.

Main Screen Interface:

•Not Just Another Game Clock TheLopez
•Remove Dead Civs from Score by TheLopez
•Power rating in Score by EmperorFool
•Attitude Icons by Porges (Take from Attitudes in Scoreboard by SimCutie)
•Advanced Scoreboard by EmperorFool
•Pop-up Game Messages
•Civ4lerts by Dr. Elmer Jiggle
•Reminders by Eotinb
•Autologger by Eotinb
•Basic Plot List Enhancments by ruff_hi
•I Love Asphalt! By ricardojahns

Advisor Screens:

•Better Espionage Screen by Almightix
•Sevopedia by Sevo
•Great Person Tech Preferences by ruff_hi
•Custom Domestic Advisor Redux by EmperorFool
•Ruff_Hi's Military Advisor

City Screen:

•Raw Yields by EmperorFool
•Specialist Stacker

The BAT Mod Includes:
Spoiler :

•Varietas Delectat by Avain
•Cultural Diversity by Chugginator
•Ethnic Art Styles by GeoModder
•Better Diplomacy Text by Willowmound
•Better Flags & Buttons by KingKongTR
•Improved Graphics Leaderheads by Chuginator
•Blue Marble by Kai Fiebach

Lemon Merchant

Deutsch - The Doc
Espanol -
Français - Falc
Italiano - Cammagno
Please do not post in this thread. It is only for announcing new releases to the BUG Project. Any post in this thread other than that will be ignored, and eventually deleted.

Thank You
BUG version 3.0 released.

Change Log:

Spoiler :

* BUG Military Advisor made optional, as well as several bug fixes.

* Added Worst Enemy Indicator to BUG Military Adivsor.

* Complete Translations for Italian and German of all game text, as well as help files. Almost complete translations for French.

* New trade messages in autologger.

* Fixed problems with hover text.

* Fix Reminders Bug.

* Added hover text, in English, Italian, and German, for all Options.

* Added Shortcuts SevoPedia entries by Ekmek.

* Added Strategy Guides SevoPedia entries by Alerum68.

* Made compatible with both 3.13 and 3.17 versions of Beyond the Sword.

* Made changes so easier to add to other community Mods.

* Fixed bug in Custom Domestic Advisor where cities over a certain point would not select properly.

* Added hover text for Plot List Enhancement buttons.

* Added new buttons and icons for PLE. Thanks NikNaks93!

* Made PLE filters and modes more intuitive.

* Changed Scoreboard Icons for War and Peace to Crossed Swords for War, and a Peace Symbol for Peace.

* Wide Screen version of Foreign Advisor. Thanks Ricardojahns!

* Added I Love Asphalt! Modern Roads mod by Ricardojahns.

* Replace Raw Commerce and Raw Production with Raw Yields by EmperorFool.

* Change shortcut for the BUG Mod Help file to Alt + Ctrl + F1

* Added 6 map scripts: SmartMaps, RingWorld, PerfectWorld, Full of Resources, Planet Generator, and Tectonics

BAT Mod 1.0

Change Log:
Spoiler :

* Added BUG Mod 3.0

* Updated Varietas Delectat to v3.6

* Made Compatible with BTS 3.13 or 3.17

YOU MUST uninstall any previous versions COMPLETELY! Not removing previous version of BUG completely will cause lost of interface, options not being saved, and a headache.

Not a full release, but we now have put in place a daily build of the SVN. Users will no longer have to figure out how to use the SVN of BUG to get all the latest and greatest. If you'd like to try it out, then visit here: http://civ4bug.sourceforge.net/BUGModSVN.html. Right click on the file, and save target to download to your PC. This will be updated daily, around 3am Pacific time. Hope this helps simplify things for everone!
BUG 3.5 has been released! ALOT of changes, so many that I couldn't format the change log and as usual. Good luck wading through it.;) Link to Change Log is Here.

Hopefully we will have a BAT 1.5 release within the next month. For now you can copy the contents of the BUG Mod into the BAT Mod 1.0 folder, and changing the name of CustomAssets to Assets. Make sure to not overwrite BugHelp.py to ensure the BAT Mod Help file can still be used. If you have any questions about this, make sure you DO NOT post it here, but in the Questions About BUG Mod thread.

We've released BUG 3.5.1 and BAT 1.1!

BUG 3.5.1 is the same release as 3.5, but with the problems with BugPath that was causing some people not to be able to install into the Mod's Folder.

BAT 1.1 is a new release with the following additions:
VD 4.0 has been updated.
Improved Graphics 2.0 has been added. This adds some great terrain improvements, including Oceans from Colonization! Also several Leaderhead fixes.
BUG 3.5.1.

BAT 1.1 should use the same settings as are stored already in BUG 3.5.1. You may notice a few on-screen pop ups on your first run, but it will only been on the first run, and won't affect anything.

Also, since we did update to VD 4.0 BAT 1.1 works only with Beyond the Sword version 3.17. We have left BAT 1.0 for 3.13 users though.

Have fun!
We've released BUG Mod 3.6!

Major new features include

  • In-game dot-mapping tool for laying out city BFCs
  • EventSigns shows effects of random events on plots
  • BUG Charts lets you view multiple charts at once
  • BUG Finance Advisor with detailed line items
  • Min/Max Commerce Rate buttons for binary research
  • Field of View slider
  • Improved Foreign Advisor INFO page
  • Smaller multilingual installer with more options

Plus many small imrprovements, bug fixes, and much more!

Spoiler Complete Changelog :
Changes in BUG Mod 3.6:

New Features:

- Added map script "Maze" by Sirian
- Field of View slider on the main screen
- Improvements to stats tab on info screen
- Tick Marks for selected progress bars (tech, food, production)
- Tick Marks: Added whip threshold indicator to city production bar (look for yellow center tick mark)
- Added FoodAssist: net food added to stores per turn and turns until starvation
- Added EventSigns: plots whose yields change due to random events marked on the map with signs
- Added BUG Finance Advisor with detailed line items for Commerce and Income
- Added Min/Max Commerce Rate buttons: set any commerce rate to 0% or 100% with one click
- Added Gold Rate Warning: yellow gold rate when negative but not enough to go below zero
- Added Strategy Overlay: create a multicolored in-game dot map
- Log the current turn slider values (gold, science, culture, espionage)


- Customizable Domestic Advisor (CDA) now also resizable based on 2 new BUG options
- CDA: Added a "whip anger" column to CDA (not added to any pages)
- CDA: coloring options now allow reversed comparisons (i.e. higher numbers are worse)
- Show attitudes in leaderhead hovers in Exotic Foreign Advisor (EFA) Info tab and Military Advisor (MA)
- EFA Info tab: Added Domestic Trade total and correct detection of possibility of trade routes
- EFA Info tab: Added second trade column (for number of trade routes) to EFA Info Tab
- Advanced Scoreboard: option to show Civ ID number; layout character is "I" but it's not in the default layout
- Advanced Scoreboard: option to show the rank of a Civ; layout character is "K"
- Advanced Scoreboard: options for maximum players, line height, and research icon size
- Civ4lert: alert for cities that will/have become pacified after capture or revolt
- Civ4lert: alert for cities founded by known, non-vassal rivals
- Civ4lert: alert for when rival will become a vassal, capitulate, or sign a peace treaty
- Raw Yields: Split up Trade Routes total into Domestic, Foreign, and Overseas (foreign only) Trade
- Sevopedia: Resource pages show all buildings they affect in the Buildings list--not just the buildings that supply the resource
- Great General Progress Bar: Replaced "General" with icon
- BUG options screen: Improved hover texts that include multiple options and redesigned General tab
- Updated German and Italian translations
- Added CvAltRoot for use with Civ4's /AltRoot command-line feature
- F9 / Charts now includes a 3-in-1 feature that displays 3 user selected charts
- Added the ability to revert to the original BtS unit plot style
- Added the ability to add the following options to the original BtS unit plot style (promo, mission, GG, wounded, upgrade)
- Unit Info Pane: Added option to display moves left for a single unit using a fraction
- Unit Info Pane: Added min/max moves left when multiple units selected
- added 'turns to next vote' and 'vote to next election' to members tab

Bug Fixes:

- Advanced Scoreboard: Fixed offset for vassals when grouped
- Advanced Scoreboard: Changed empty vassal indent to a bullet
- Advanced Scoreboard: Changed vassal icon to a gold star for the active player
- Autolog: Added checking of logging to all logging options which was previously ignored
- Autolog: Fixed bug with Autolog onCityOffered logging which was misinterpreting a passed event argument
- IconGrid: Added changes by DanF5771 (two widget data values instead of one)
- IconGrid: Fixed bug where empty icon and stacked bar columns caused following columns to misalign
- MA: Removed event reporting
- MA: Reversed leaderhead parameters so attitude of row leaderhead is shown
- MA: Fixed scrolling display error with Worst Enemy in MA Sit Rep when there is none for a leader
- Main Interface: Fixed click/hover response on (widescreen) research bar
- Main Interface: Era Text and Great Person Bar now hide with No Interface and WorldBuilder
- CDA: Now adjusts position of Liberate button to make sure it doesn't overlap Exit text
- Advanced Scoreboard: Fixed screen redraw after peace treaty is canceled
- No more warning about xmllib being deprecated
- Fixed bug with loading options when viewing Sevopedia from the MAIN MENU
- PLE Unit Hover: Fixed calculation of Movement Points remaining
- Unit Info Pane: Fixed calculation of Movement Points remaining
- Logger: Fixed missing turn headers


New Features:

- New Font File includes citizen icon, great general icon, and blank icon
- Created FontUtil for adding new constants to FontSymbols
Define symbols in XML: <symbol id [name] [from] [offset]/>
Provides getChar(symbol) for easier access to unicode string for symbol
- CvMainInterface.updateScreen() fires gameUpdate event (not fired by Civ4)
- Added <shortcut> tag to XML configuration to create keyboard shortcuts
- Added module attribute to <mod> element that is used as default for module attributes in all child elements
- Added horizontal and vertical sliders to BUG Options Screen (see BugOptionsTab)

Bug Fixes:

- Reloading Python modules now works!
Added PythonReloaded event fired after reloading (good time to call onLoad handler for mods that store data)
- Fixed bug where Trade.findTypes() from TradeUtil.py was returning a list of types rather than a list of trades with that type
- Fixed DealCanceled event
- Option dirty bits and change functions are no longer set/called during initialization
Version 1.2 of BAT offically released!

Updated VD to version 5.0
Removed Improved Graphics
Added Improved Graphics Leaderheads
Updated BUG to version 3.6

Hot on the heels of the BUFFY release, we bring you The BAT Mod 2.0!

It includes:
  • BUG 4.0.
  • BULL 1.0
  • Varietas Delectat 7.0
  • Blue Marble Gold!

This is probably the most beautiful release of BAT that has ever been, as well as the most stable. The artwork has been fixed up dramatically to help with crashes late in the game. Blue Marble Textures add another layer to the appearance of the game. BUG and BULL bring a whole new realm to what is possible with the game. Await their offical release for a list of what is contained there!

Enjoy this one folks, because I think you're going to be pleased what the CFC community has done in the last few months of modding.

Oh yes! Don't forget to play a GOTM with the new BUFFY Mod! Submit the highest scores the system has ever seen.;)
Long ago, in a time of plenty, it was Prophesied that one day a great Mod would come forth, and unify and control all games of CivilizationIV: Beyond the Sword. This Mod would bring happiness to all who would partake of its power over this game. One day it appeared, and it was named BUG! It changed many things, and did all that was promised of it... but this was long ago, and it has grown old in it's ways.

Time passes, and still more time. It is now a time of darkness and confusion. None know what shall become of the people who have relied so heavily on The BUG. Many beg for it to return to them, to help them in this new and dark time. And these pleas are heard, and finally heeded by the Creators.

Today, the Creators give you....

BUG Mod 4.0!

Change Log:
Spoiler :

*** BULL: The BUG DLL ***

This is an optional component that, once installed, enables the features listed below marked [BULL].
Any features that don't require BUG are not listed here. Refer to BULL's changelog for more information.

New Features:

- Regenerate map shortcut (ALT + G) [BULL]
- MapFinder from HOF Mod: ALT + CTRL + G to start/stop [BULL]
- Advanced Scoreboard
Refuses to Talk (F) [BULL]
Number of Cities (Q)
- Production Decay [BULL]
A yellow ! means an item in the build queue will start to decay after 5 turns of non-production
A red !! means an item will decay this turn
Hover for units/buildings shows actual decay amount and turns until it starts
- Info Screen (F9)
New expanded Wonders tab by DanF5771
Shows constructed items (all known rivals)
Shows items being built (must have enough EPs for City Visibility)
Zoom to City button
Remembers the selected tab like other screens
- BUG Religious Advisor (F7) shows which buildings have been or are being built for the state religion
- AutoSave: automatically save single-player games at start, end, and exit [BULL]
You must use ESC : Exit to Main Menu or Desktop; ALT + F4 won't save


- BUG and BULL versions are displayed when hovering over your flag [BULL]
- Min/Max Commerce Rate buttons have more accurate hover text [BULL]
- City Screen
Added hover details for food rate [BULL]
- Foreign Advisor
ACTIVE: Added number of turns until you can cancel each deal
INFO: Hover details for trade with each rival [BULL]
RESOURCES: Hovers show the reason an AI won't trade [BULL]
TECHS: Hovers show the reason an AI won't trade [BULL]
- Finance Advisor
Hover details for trade commerce and gold from specialists [BULL]
- Graphs (both BUG and Vanilla) now include a 'log scale' option
- Autolog
Amount of gold from pillages
Retreat and withdrawal [BULL]
Collateral and flanking damage [BULL]
Upgraded units [BULL]
- Strategy Overlay
Configurable color palette
Outlines using the same color now overlap instead of merging into a single outline

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed City Built event
- Changed Scoreboard items (WHEOOH, Number of Cities) so that they are optional
- HotSeat
Strategy Layer is hidden while switching players
Civ4lerts and Reminders no longer show up while switching players
Civ4lerts now fire for all human players
Reminders that fired this turn no longer show in End Turn Text for next player
- Multiplayer
Strategy Layer now saves all players' dotmaps
- Sevopedia now opens from MAIN MENU without loading or starting a game
- Fixed intermittent Vista "no interface" issue
- AutoLog no longer calls CvGameUtils.getPillageGold()
- Anger Counter on City Screen hidden when investigating foreign cities


New Features:

- BugConfig
Configuration XML is now modular (rewrote BugConfig)
Added <config> element to add your own configuration XML elements
Added <bug> element that can be used in place of <mod> when not specifying a new mod
Added <link> element to create a linked option*
- Added BugDll module for creating Python features that depend on the DLL but work gracefully without it
- Added "dll" attribute to <mod>, <option>, <list>, <init>, <event>, <events> and <shortcut>
The <mod>, <option> and <list> elements are still created but marked if the DLL isn't the correct version; the others are skipped
- DealUtil
Deal class has new CvDeal functions, plus more
Added several helpful module functions for testing TradeableItems values
- Exposed and/or replicated several CvDeal functions in DealUtil.Deal:
bool isCancelable(PlayerTypes eByPlayer, bool bIgnoreWaitingPeriod=False)
wstring getCannotCancelReason(PlayerTypes eByPlayer)
int turnsToCancel(PlayerTypes eByPlayer)
- Events
SwitchHotSeatPlayer(PlayerTypes ePlayer)
unitUpgraded(CyUnit pOldUnit, CyUnit pNewUnit, int iCost) [BULL]
unitCaptured(PlayerTypes eOwner, UnitTypes eUnitType, CyUnit pNewUnit) [BULL]
combatWithdrawal(CyUnit pAttacker, CyUnit pDefender) [BULL]
combatRetreat(CyUnit pAttacker, CyUnit pDefender) [BULL]
combatLogCollateral(CyUnit pAttacker, CyUnit pDefender, int iDamage) [BULL]
combatLogFlanking(CyUnit pAttacker, CyUnit pDefender, int iDamage) [BULL]
- BugUtil
getText() and getPlainText() both replace [ICON_XXX] in the message
Added deferCall() to call a function in a future gameUpdate event after an optional delay
Added alertInput() and alertInputFlags() that print to the screen using alert() instead of debug()
- CvUtil
Added CvUtil.getNewScreenID() so mods don't have to hard-code screen IDs*
- BugPath
Completely rewritten to be easier to use*
- BugGameUtils
Provides modular access to CvGameUtils-based callback handlers and listeners
- WidgetUtil
Allows mods to define new WidgetTypes without modifying the DLL
Use this to add hover help to almost any button, text, or graphic

Bug Fixes:

- Removed firing of gameUpdate in updateScreen() as it seems to be fired by BTS now
- Active Player Turn
Moved checking for begin/end from CvMainInterface.updateScreen() to BugEventManager.onGameUpdate()
Now fires begin event when active player changes in addition to game turn for HotSeat games

API Changes: (*)

- If you define any linked options in your configuration XML, you must change them to use <link>
<option id="NewOptionID" link="ExistingOptionID"/>
<link id="NewOptionID" to="ExistingOptionID"/>
- BugPath directory names and paths are exposed through functions
For example, replace
- If you have defined your own screen ID, switch to using CvUtil.getNewScreenID() to avoid clashes
MOD_SCREEN_ID = CvUtil.getNewScreenID()


BUG 4.1 has been released into the wild. This is a minor update with a few significant additions and fixes.

New Features

  • Full MacOS X support! :band:
  • New alerts including worst enemy, refusal to talk, and resource trades
  • Help hover text for the Customizable Domestic Advisor buttons
  • Support for mods that add religions/corporations: Scrolling Religion Advisor and resizing icons on City Screen

  • BUFFY and BUG installed for single-player can happily coexist
  • City Screen Production Bar tick marks count :food: for Settlers and Workers
  • Trade alerts are suspended for AI's that refuse to talk
  • Number of cities in the scoreboard counts only known cities when you can't see a rival's list (drawn in cyan)


New Features:

- Mac support
- Scoreboard
	Added Civilization Description option (e.g. "English Empire")
- City Screen
	Added option to show only religions and corporations present in the city plus allows for more than seven of each
	If Fractional Trade Routes is enabled, shows two decimal places for Trade Route values [BULL]
- Foreign Advisor (F4)
	TECHS: Added a status column that shows War, Forced Peace, and Refuses to Talk
- Religion Advisor (F7)
	Added option to limit the religions shown in the top area to only those that are founded or available for conversion
	Added johny smith's scrolling panel for mods with more than seven religions
	Shows new religions and religious buildings/units types from mods
- Civ4lerts
	Added Refuses to Talk alert
	Added Worst Enemy alert
	Added Resource Trade alert
	Added Map Trade alert


- Scoreboard
	Refuses to Talk now works without BULL
- Customizable Domestic Advisor (F1)
	Added hover help text to buttons
- MapFinder
	Added ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + G to stop
	Added separate Save path

Bug Fixes:

- BUFFY and Single-Player BUG can coexist; set NoCustomAssets to 1 in BUFFY's INI file
- Main Interface
	Moved the Tech text down 2 pixels so that it now lines up with the GG and GP bars
	Era Text and Great Person Bar hidden in Hide Interface and WorldBuilder modes
- Strategy Layer
	Placed dots are drawn when a game is loaded if the Dot Map is visible
- Scoreboard
	Number of cities counts only the ones you can see on the map (plus their capital) when you can't see a rival's city list
	Rival city lists cannot be seen when you cannot contact them and for OCC games
- City Screen
	Production bar tick marks count food for Workers/Settlers correctly
	Anger Counter hidden for foreign cities because you cannot see Whip/Draft button hovers
- Customizable Domestic Advisor (F1)
	Culture levels under No Espionage are now correct
- Technology Advisor (F6)
	Great Person Bulbed Techs are reset when a game is started or loaded
- Info Screen (F9)
	Projects List
		Hover shows project instead of building; click goes to correct Civilopedia entry
		Completed projects no longer show an invalid date or city name
- MapFinder
	Status panel title displays correctly
- Civ4lerts
	Trade alerts suspended when an AI Refuses to Talk
- Unit Naming
	Default naming convention matches new unit counting codes
- Logger
	File name and path changes take effect immediately
	Suppresses the nationality of rival Privateers


New Features:

- AttitudeUtil
	Added functions to determine worst enemies
- BugUtil
	Added escapeXml() to replace <, >, and & with their XML entities
- DiplomacyUtil
	Added functions to detect when a rival refuses to talk
- ReligionUtil
	Makes adding religions and new types of religious buildings/units to the Religion Advisor a snap
- TradeUtil
	Added functions to get lists of valid trading partners for the various tradeable items
	Added calculateTradeRouteYield(), calculateTotalTradeRouteYield(), and calculateTradeRoutes()
	Added functions to handle Fractional Trade Routes


- BugEventManager
	Exceptions from event handlers are caught and logged, and the next handler is called instead of aborting the event
- BugGameUtils
	Each callback's dispatch logging is now optional via "log" XML attribute
- GameUtil
	Added checks for more game options used by diplomacy/trade changes
- GPUtil
	Added specific instructions for adding new GP types

Bug Fixes:

- BugPath
	Ignores CustomAssets folder when running as a Mod due to too many issues
For anyone using the ZIP archive to install to the Mods folder, you must rename CustomAssets to Assets and PublicMaps to PrivateMaps.

I've updated the ZIP file at SourceForge, but there's no need to download it again. Just change the names.

BUG 4.2 . . . BULL 1.0 . . . BAT 2.1

Finally, the Trilogy is complete. :dance: All three releases in-sync and on the same day.

Changes in BUG 4.2

  • Mac fixes
  • SevoPedia Technology page shows each civilization that starts with the tech
  • Hover text for Great Person bar on main interface
  • Lots of other fixes for Civ4lerts, AutoSave, Autolog, and more
  • Complete changelog
Changes in BAT 2.1

Features in BULL 1.0

  • Almost every detail from the City Screen appears on the City Bar hover: health, happiness, whip/draft anger, hurry cost/overflow, trade routes, building icons, specialists and settled great people, and more!
  • Building and Specialist hovers show the actual effects they will provide for the current city.
  • Pre-chop forests: Workers automatically stop chopping 1 turn from completion.
  • Advanced Combat Odds 2.0.1
  • Complete changelog
Lemon Merchant has worked tirelessly over the past several weeks to update BAT Mod with the latest Varietas Delectat (8.0) and many of her own fixes to solve the recent crashing issues. It is now available as an installer that will patch an existing 2.1 installation to BAT Mod 2.1.1a.

Spoiler Release Notes :
The BAT Mod - Patch 2.1.1a

*** IMPORTANT: This patch requires that you already have BAT Mod 2.1 installed. ***

This is an interim release, so that users of the BAT Mod can continue to enjoy their games without crashes and loading issues. It addresses a number of graphics issues only, and does not affect the game play of the mod in any way.
The graphics issues will be addressed in an upcoming release of BAT.


Simply run the .exe file. The installer will look for your BAT folder in the single user install location:

<Drive>:\...\My Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\MODS\BAT 2.1

The files will be copied to their proper locations. When the installer is finished, you may then load the game and enjoy.



(These steps are not necessary if you have BAT installed in the "<Drive>:\...\My Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\MODS\BAT 2.1" path above.)

If the BAT Mod 2.1 folder is not there, the patch will fail. If you have BAT installed somewhere else, simply create a BAT Mod 2.1 folder in the above path, and then run the patch. The installer will create an Assets folder with all of the patch files in it.
After the patch is complete, copy the newly created Assets folder into the BAT Mod 2.1 folder that you have installed elsewhere. Tell Windows to overwrite ALL files when you do this.

After the folder merge is complete, delete the Varietas Delectat v8.0.FPK, and Cultural Citystyles v0.80.FPK files. This is important, as they will conflict with the patch.

That's it. Play and enjoy!

I'd like to commemorate this past Valentine's Day by spreading some multiplayer lovin' with several long-awaited OOS fixes:

  • You can once again attack your rivals and unload your ships without fear of going out-of-sync when using BULL!
  • You can view the MEMBERS tab safely in BUG
  • Random Unit Naming in BUG no longer freaks out the OOS gods.
BUG 4.3

It's been three months since the previous release cycle, and BUG has some spiffy new features:

  • Reorganized Espionage Advisor allows you to see the cost for a single mission in all cities of a rival at once
  • Complete list of Great Person research priorities for each type in Technology Advisor
  • Unit Naming applied to starting units and free ones from Tribal Villages
  • Reminders are saved for all players in multiplayer games
  • Fixed random Vista/7 crash in Strategy Layer
Spoiler Changelog :
BUG 4.3 released February 16th, 2010


New Features:

- Main Interface
Can choose from three sizes for the build/action buttons
Added a button to bring up the BUG Options Screen (top left)
- Espionage Advisor
New layout shows EPs spent against you and icons for passive missions
Can swap cities and missions lists to see cost in each city for a single mission
New GLANCE-style tab shows EPs spending on and by each rival you've met
- Technology Chooser
Added color-coded shadow denoting each technology's era
Barbarian Uprising events require Priesthood


- Main Interface
Unit Plot drawing improvements (pre-work only at the moment)
- Great Person Bar
Added city's total GP/Turn to hover.
- City Screen
Can select which tiles to count in Raw Yields when Civ starts
- Foreign Advisor
Can select how to display attitudes: numbers, smilies, or both
Shows technologies that you cannot trade to rivals
- Technology Chooser
Added hover to GP Research icons showing the preferred order
- Unit Naming
Unnamed initial units are named when you found your capital
Units from tribal villages (goody huts) are named
Random names can now be mixed with other naming codes or static text
- Reminders
Saved for all players in multiplayer games [BULL]

Bug Fixes:

- Strategy Layer
Fixed random crash on Windows Vista/7
- City Screen
Happiness and unhappiness are shown for foreign cities
Whip/Draft Anger is shown for teammates' cities
Raw Yields now adds Trade Routes to commerce total when Fractional Trade is off, hides fractions when on
- Team Games
WHEOOH works correctly and won't check if a rival will DoW on your teammates or theirs
Worst Enemy no longer shown for humans' teammates
- Multiplayer OOS Errors
Changed random "polling error" on F8:MEMBERS tab to use asynchronous RNG
Changed random unit name generator to use asynchronous RNG
- Scoreboard
You can always see how many cities your teammates have
- Unit Naming
Phonetic and Greek naming codes now start at first element (alpha)
Domain code (^dm^) uses translated description (Water) instead of XML key (DOMAIN_WATER)


New Features:

Merged BUFFY code into BUG so there's one code repository


- Translation
Split CIV4GameText XML files for Options into individual files matching the Config folder
- BugEventManager
Added addPopupHandlers() that takes the name and functions as parameters instead of a single tuple
- Configuration
Added a warning when you specify a key for an <option> or <list> that is outside an <options> or <section> element
- DllUtil
widget() now accepts an existing WidgetType as the first parameter when you only need the data values to vary

Bug Fixes:

- BugPath
Added safeDebugPath() and safeInfoPath() to safely log paths that might contain non-Latin characters
BULL 1.1

The major change in BULL is of course the OOS fix, but there are some new goodies as well:

  • See city details when hovering over "Zoom to City" buttons
  • Disable "Declare War?" popup when moving onto tiles containing other units
  • Examine city before accepting it due to culture
  • Current trade deals in scoreboard's Trade Network icon hover
  • See peace treaties, wars, worst enemies, and defensive pacts in leaderhead hovers
  • Auto-exploring units can perform Sentry duty while healing
Important: All players in a multiplayer game must use the same Pre-Chop and Sentry Healing settings to avoid a newly discovered OOS error. This is at least easily avoided, and I will have a fix for this one soon.​

Spoiler Changelog :
BULL 1.1 released February 16th, 2010


- Multiplayer
To avoid OOS errors, all players must have the same settings for these options:

Pre-Chop Forests
Pre-Chop Improvements

Sentry Healing
Sentry Healing Only Neutral


New Features:

- Examine City button
Hover shows details using City Bar hover
- Choose Production popup
Can set to train civilian and/or military units forever, similar to using ALT with buttons
- Ask to Declare War
Can disable popup asking to declare war when moving onto tile containing a rival unit (won't declare war)
Will always ask when moving into rival territory without open borders
- Culture Flip
Can examine the city before accepting or razing cities that flip due to your culture
- Trade Deals
Trade Network and INFO Trade Routes hovers show trade deals
Hold CTRL to show trade deals in Leaderhead hover
- Leaderheads
Wars, Peace Treaties, Defensive Pacts, and Worst Enemies shown in Leaderhead hover
Foreign Advisor and Military Advisor show relations only between the respective leaders when asking one about the other
- Defense Hover
Shows breakdown of city defense modifier and damage from bombardment on City Screen
- Reminders
Saves reminders for all players in multiplayer games [BUG]


- Pre-Chop
Displays a message similar to the one shown when you do the full chop
Works with Jungles or new features if you mod them to produce hammers when cleared
- Sentry Healing
Units on Auto-Explore that are healing can act as sentries
- Actual Effects
Added city and bombardment defense
- Scoreboard
Redrawn in some cases when an AI's attitude toward the active player changes (memory counter)

Bug Fixes:

- Multiplayer
Fixed OOS errors in Safe Move when a human player attacks or unloads ships
- Leaderhead Hover
Hide "War with <team>" if active player hasn't met <team>
- Actual Effects
Fixed building unhealthiness effect shown when city has a Recycling Center
Fixed building unhealthiness effect shown for Recycling Center
Fixed display of negative commerce effects (e.g. when removing a specialist)
- Collateral Damage
Removed extraneous effect from old 3.17 Unofficial Patch
- Combat Hover
No longer shows friendly units as best defender (hold ALT for old behavior)

Merged Mods:

- Unofficial Patch
Updated to release version 1.40
- Advanced Combat Odds
Updated to release version 2.01
- Show Hidden Attitudes
Added release version


New Features:

- Merged BUFFY code into BULL
- Python API
Building Additional [Bombard] Defense functions on CyCity


- Makefile
Added MODFLAGS variable to hold compiler flags for optional mods
- Python API
Exposed CyPlayer::changeExtraHealth(int iChange)

BAT Mod 2.2 has been released!!!

Boys (and the maybe three girls other than me), Mesdames et Monsieurs, señors y señoras, the BUG team has been hard at work, and the new BAT Mod release is ready for download!

There is only a very teeny glitch in the whole thing, though. It is currently only available as a zip archive, due to some time constraints on my part. That means no installer right now, though an installer-type version will be ready in a couple of weeks when I have upload access again. For those of you who aren't comfortable installing it the hard way, I am sorry, and I am working on it. There are some very simple install directions in the zip file, and if I can do it, so can you. I just thought that since it's been ready for a couple of weeks now, somebody besides me should be having some fun with it, right? Well, I should stop being greedy, anyway... :p

This is revision 2.2, and it includes a number of significant improvements since the previous release, and the subsequent patch:

Change Log:
Spoiler :
BAT Mod 2.2 - Released 03/05/10

Updated to BUG 4.3
Updated to BULL 1.1
- Added Optional Components for BULL:
-- Sentry Actions
-- Governor Builds Workers
-- Fractal Trade Routes

- Updated to GeoModder's Cultural Citystyles v0.95
- Updated BAT to make combat blood effects optional at install time (Er... not quite. See the read me file in the zip. )

- Numerous graphics fixes:
- - Washington's pink eyebrows removed and replaced with something a little more dignified
- - Various pink era-related buildings (esp Forges) now display proper artwork
- - Previously incorrect unit buttons now show proper unit art
- - Crashing and load failures from late game saves now corrected since BAT Patch 2.1.1a
- - Crashing to desktop when returning to BTS main menu has been fixed (At least on our five machines.)
- - Partially updated graphics defines and XML to enable the addition of future plug-in modules (WIP - details soon)

Merged Mods included in BAT:

- Unofficial Patch
Updated to release version 1.40
- Advanced Combat Odds
Updated to release version 2.01
- Show Hidden Attitudes

Varietas Delectat 8.0 Change Log:

- added Portugal sailing ships, Rifleman and planes (JustATourist,asioasioasio,The Coyote)
- added Viking sailing ships (JustATourist)
- added what-if Roman Sailing ships (JustATourist)
- added Tsar Tank (snafusmith)
- added Rommel as German Great General (bernie14)
- added KV-1 heavy tank by asioasioasio
- added Japanese Heavy Tank, Tank Destroyer and Assault Gun (danrell)
- added Joan of Arc, Trung Nhi and Native Great Generals (Achilleszero)
- added Portugal industrial units (The Capo)
- added Swedish industrial units (avain, Rifleman based on The Capo's)
- added Korean industrial units (The Capo)
- changed Russian Infantry
- changed Russian Modern Infantry
- changed Russian WW2 Marine
- added Spanish Swordsman, Axeman, Spearman and Chariot (The Capo)
- added various Xebecs (Achilleszero, The Capo)
- corrected Me-109's and Ki-10's models (Achilleszero)
- corrected Russian Battleship to use Destroyer animations (Achilleszero)

Spoiler :
&#8226;Varietas Delectat by Avain
&#8226;Cultural Diversity by Chugginator
&#8226;Cultural Citystyles by GeoModder
&#8226;Better Diplomacy Text by Willowmound
&#8226;Better Flags & Buttons by KingKongTR
&#8226;Improved Graphics Leaderheads by Chuginator
&#8226;Blue Marble by Kai Fiebach

Lemon Merchant

Deutsch - The Doc
Espanol - Coming soon!
Français - Falc
Italiano - Cammagno

Some thank you's:

A special tip o' the hat to Phungus420 for all of his help with the installer files, some inadvertent code instruction, and some nice Python guidance.
And a big hug for EF and ruff_hi for letting me join the team, and for answering my stupid (and incessant) questions. :mischief:

See the Download links at the top of this thread for all the BAT goodness. The link is now valid, and the file is available.

As always, if you have any troubles, please post in the Bug Reporting thread so we can help. :D

Have fun! :)
So BAT 2.2 is currently unavailable until someone puts it on SourceForge?

EDIT: How can I delete this message?
The BAT Mod is now available with an installer (Finally!!) :rolleyes:

I have also corrected a mistake in the zip file. The only change to the original files is that the User Settings folder is now included in the install package for those not using BUG in Custom Assets.

Both packages are otherwise the same. Please use the download link at the top of this thread, and choose version 2.2a in either zip or exe. Your choice.

Enjoy. :)
:nuke: :run: :nuke: :run: :nuke:

Crazy weather patterns, Icelandic volcanoes, and Mexican Gulf oil spills . . . Looks like the end is nigh, folks! Nothing left to do but enjoy a few more games of Civ4 before it all falls apart. :D

BUG 4.4

BUG is more about small enhancements this time around:

  • Significantly faster large unit stacks
  • See and cancel resource deals directly from RESOURCES tab
  • Multiple counters in a single unit naming code
  • Quite a few Civ4lert fixes (they just keep coming!)
Spoiler Changelog :
BUG 4.4 released May 17th, 2010


New Features:

- BUG Plot List (Unit Icons)
Completely rewritten code significantly speeds up drawing icons of large unit stacks
- Resource Deals
Resource icons in active import/export columns on the RESOURCES tab of the Foreign Advisor
show the full deal they belong to and can be clicked to cancel the deal [BULL]


- Production Queue
Items that have hammers invested already are drawn in cyan (projects only work with BULL)
- Customizable Domestic Advisor
Added Draft Anger column
- Great Person Tech Prefs
Added headings and limited Current and Future techs to those that can be researched
- Unit Naming
Can use multiple counters for a single naming code
- Civ4lerts
Worst Enemy alerts show the old enemy along with the new one
- BUG Button
Added option to hide the button and moved it slightly left
- Translations
Added several improved Spanish translations by Gerard

Bug Fixes:

- Random Events
Fixed culture-level checking in Partisans random event; event is now possible on 3.19 and above
- Unit Naming
Civilization name code uses adjective as described in hover help as opposed to noun form (English vs. England)
- Worst Enemy
Fixed check in games with multiple players on a team
Alert ignores human teams instead of AIs
- Civ4lerts
City-related, Worst Enemy, and Refuses to Talk alerts work for each player in Hot Seat games
Worst Enemy and Refuses to Talk alerts work with AI AutoPlay
Worst Enemy alert not shown when team is killed (was showing no-name team)
- Combat Log
Actual owner of hidden nationality units is not exposed
- Options Screen
Fixed options that were not being saved and/or could only turn off
- Foreign Advisor
INFO tab shows correct modifier total, including visible values from Show Hidden Attitude mod when active

Merged Mods:

- Unofficial Patch
Updated to release version 1.50


*** Important: See "Removed EntryPoints Modules" below ***

New Features:

- BugUtil
Added export(), exportFunction(), extend(), and extendFunction() for injecting functions into EntryPoints modules
- Configuration
Added <export> and <extend> XML elements that call exportFunction() and extendFunction() respectively
- BugData
New API for storing data in CyGame's script data that is 100% compatible with SdToolKit


- Simplified Initialization
BugInit.init() alone guards against being called twice
CyGame.isFinalInitialized() used to check if Civ4 is ready
- Removed EntryPoints Modules
CvAppInterface, CvDiplomacyInterface, CvOptionsScreenCallbackInterface, and CvRandomEventInterface
If your mod needs to add code to any of these modules, use <export> and <extend> or use the original BTS modules as a base
- PlayerUtil
players() and teams() now accept active parameter that restrict to players/teams that can become active

Bug Fixes:

- Better Espionage
Removed unused EspionageEventManager
- AttitudeUtil
Limits Worst Enemy checks to teams that are alive
- BugUtil Logging
Unicode encoding errors are caught and ignored in log()
- Options
Unsaved options use TYPE_MAP to convert to correct real type (bool/int/etc) when setting
<option> key defaults to id if inside <options> so they are saved to the INI file
- Initialization
BUG now tells BULL that it has been initialized so BULL can query for options
BULL 1.2

BULL sees some spiffy new hover information which is always welcome:

  • Starting experience and promotions
  • Draft unit and limit
  • Spoiled food and angry population alleviated from buildings
  • Show Hidden Attitudes mod by DaveMcW
  • Unofficial Patch 1.5
Spoiler Changelog :
BULL 1.2 released May 17th, 2010


New Features:

- Ignore Harmless Barbarians
No warnings for nearby barbarians that cannot enter your lands
- Starting Experience
Added starting experience and number of promotions a unit will receive
Added list of the present and missing sources of experience and their amounts similar to resource modifiers for buildings
- Draft Unit and Limit
Added full unit description: strength, moves, XP, promotions, abilities, etc.
Added number of units you can draft this turn
Added messages to Draft button hover when you have reached the player or city limits
- Cancel Deal Info
Can click an import/export bonus on the Foreign Advisor to cancel the deal and hover shows full deal [BUG]


- Building Actual Effects
Added Global Happiness and Health [Fuyu]
Added Building Class Happiness (unused in original game) [Fuyu]
Added Global War Weariness Modifier [Fuyu]
Added Angry Population affected by Happiness
Added Spoiled Food affected by Health
- Show Hidden Attitudes
Debug mode exposes all modifiers

Bug Fixes:

- Leaderheads
Worst Enemies you haven't met are no longer shown
- Show Hidden Attitudes
First Impression modifier resets to zero for each leader
- Production Decay
Scales correctly with game speed
- Options
Starting a new game no longer breaks BULL's access to BUG's options

Merged Mods:

- Unofficial Patch
Updated to release version 1.50


New Features:

Added calculateExperience() in CvGameCoreUtils
Added calculateLevel() in CvGameCoreUtils
Added CvUnitInfo::canAcquireExperience()
Added CvGameTextMgr::setBasicUnitHelpWithCity()
Added CvGameTextMgr::setUnitExperienceHelp()
- Python API
Exposed calculateExperience()
Exposed calculateLevel()
Exposed CvUnitInfo::canAcquireExperience()


Added iAngryPop to CvCity::getAdditionalHappinessByBuilding()
Added iSpoiledFood to CvCity::getAdditionalHealthByBuilding()
Added CvCity::getAdditionalHappinessByBuilding() form that doesn't take any reference arguments
Added CvCity::getAdditionalHealthByBuilding() form that doesn't take any reference arguments
- Python API
Exposed CvCity::get/set/changeProjectProduction()
Exposed CvCity::getAdditionalHappinessByBuilding(BuildingTypes eBuilding) [four forms]
Exposed CvCity::getAdditionalHealthByBuilding(BuildingTypes eBuilding) [four forms]

Bug Fixes:

- Initialization
Added setIsBug() that is called by BUG once all options have been read
The XML values or defaults are used until BUG has been initialized
- Building Additional Effects
Only buildings that your civilization can build are checked so asserts aren't triggered
- Production Decay
CvCity::isBuilding/UnitProductionDecay() and getBuilding/UnitProductionDecayTurns() scale with game speed
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