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    Scenario Generator (v23):

    Scenario Generator Assets II (v3):

    Scenario Generator Assets I (v16):

    Steam Workshop - Collection

    • Gods and Kings
    • Brave New World
    • Babylon DLC
    • Inca DLC
    • OS allowing DLL mods
    • Strategic View mode is not available
    If you have downloaded mod manually, you have to copy it to your directory with civ 5 mods (usually: ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS). Enable mods in game. Enjoy.

    Note: It may be a good idea to manually unzip those files there (I recommend using 7-zip), Assets I are almost 100mb and I heard that game can crash if it try to unzip it on its own.

    Mod is not designed to be played with small amount of players. 8 major and 16 city-states is a reasonable minimum you should aim for. I personally enjoy the game with 16 major and 32 city-states on large maps.
    This is powerful tool, but game options (map size, players' amount) may need some adjusting before it will create worlds you seek.
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    Feb 24, 2013
    Optional Content
    (09-02-2022) Scenario Generator Palaces I (v2):
    (21-04-2022) Scenario Generator Unique Units I (v2):

    Mod compatibility

    This mod is a heavy conversion to the base game and its compatibility is therefore very low. DLL based mods are exclusive in civilization V. You should not use any gameplay mods with it. Maps and visual mods (ex. Single Unit Graphics or R.E.D) should be fine. Mod is replacing a big part of in-game UI elements and relying on the changed versions - interface mods are not recommended.

    - TableSaverLoader was a tool crucial for creation of this mod.
    whoward69 - for knowledge-sharing.
    DaveMcW - for <<How to compile the DLL>> thread.
    All contributors to civfanatics download assets, all unit models found in mod are taken from here. Especially danrell, bernie14 and Deliverator.
    Gedemon - for HotSeat loading menu and help in setting this subforum.

    Archived Versions
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