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Oct 15, 2004
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I am pleased to announce the public beta of the Dragonia mod.
Click Here to download Beta 3(ModDB - 379 Mb)

Features of this mod include (but are not limited to)
  • 300+ units, almost all of which are flavored
  • New civilizations
  • New City Improvements and Wonders
  • New Tech Tree - tree is now based on 4 catagories instead of 4 ages.
  • New Resources
  • Updated terrain graphics
  • New original UI graphics
  • New Governments

New Updates for Beta 3
  • 55 New units including many naval units
  • New wonder splashes
  • 6 new resources
  • Updated leaderhead for Runehaven Elves
  • Technology Advisor screen completed
  • Large Civilopedia update
  • Map and rule tweaks for game balance
  • Bug fixes

Artists whos units and other artwork have been used (Let me know if I missed you):
  • Mark Kochanowski (Darque)
  • Marc Angstadt (Kinboat)
  • Aki Neuvonen (aaglo)
  • Daniel Lisboa Rennó (CivArmy)
  • Hikaro Takayama
  • Torey Hickman (utahjazz7)
  • (BeBro)
  • (mrtn)
  • Yaniv
  • (embryodead)
  • John Malis
  • (Dease)
  • (A Viking Yeti)
  • (Dom Pedro II)
  • (ripptide)
  • (pdescobar)
  • (Gael)
  • Rob Riley (R8XFT)
  • (Quinzy)
  • (Orthanc)
The development forum for the mod can be found here

Here are some screenshots:
Spoiler World Setup :

Spoiler Player Setup :

Spoiler Leaders :

Spoiler Diplomacy :

Please post any bugs in the mod into this forum.
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I'm definitely going to give this a try. Expect feedback.
Nice interface screens! You should post them as a separate thread and submit them for the pcx completion.
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but besdies that its pretty interesting i like the civs you made for it and it does some more work. :goodjob:
bigdog5994 said:
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I'll fix the gnome worker issue this weekend. Nice Catch.

Stormrage said:
Um, dude, I`ve got version 0.1 ... from May..

Any chance I could get a patch, or I have to re-DL the whole thing?
I'll try to put a patch together. I have to double check references on what I added/changed since then, so it may take me a couple days.
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i was playing as the Warg goblins and i noticed that the goblin maurader upgrades to the goblin berserker
Too many missing files? Darque I suggest you to check them all yourself by adding them in the map one by one and animating them - if there are more missing files, the game will crash immediately and you'll know where you have a problem. It's time consuming, but you'll make sure there will be no game-crashing bugs.
ooooooooo Can't wait to play it!

I've been waiting for a fantasy mod for ages!
loneman are you blind!!!

theres like 2 other really good fantasy mods dungeon and dragons and warhammer fantasy download em ther fun
And Master of Myrror. And Midgard. Check my signature - I suggest Warhammer, it's definately the best mod ever made.

Edit: This wasn't very polite to say in another mod's thread. I hope it will prove good enough to add it in my signature - I already like the way the technology tree is handled, and I strongly believe that every new mod must have something unique to offer. Dragonia does have something new to show, that's a sign of quality.
I hope that Dragonia will be remembered as an excellent Civ3 mod up with Warhammer, Master of Myrror, and Mystara. Now to fix the current bugs...

I started working on fixing the unit issues using the technique listed above and have found many more unit errors. The errors are almost all related to filename related typos...others are just bad references to sounds. I should have it all fixed and a Beta v2 patch released in the next few days.

And I haven't forgotten you, Stormrage. I will create a Alpha to Beta v2 patch for you as soon as the unit bugs are fixed.
The Beta 1 to Beta 2 upgrade and the Alpha to Beta 2 upgrade archives are ready to download. The Full Beta2 download will be ready to download in an hour or so.

Let me know if there is any more issues with the mod.

EDIT: Upload failed...reattempting...
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