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Oct 15, 2004

I have recently begun work on a new fantasy mod that I am calling Dragonia. It is based upon a world that I have created long ago when I played AD&D.

Civilizations- 100%
Leaderheads - 100%
Resources - 100%
Advances - 100%
Improvements and wonders - 100%
Governments - 95%
Units - 90%
Civopedia - 75%
Map - 99%
Terrain - 100%

Civilizations of Dragonia:
Good Civs
Rock Clan - King Brodfean - Dwarven Race
Stonecutter Clan - King Rantok - Dwarven Race
Kalagori Elves - Lord Dewsword - Elven Race
Runehaven Elves - Lady Maplestone - Elven Race
Isendorf - King Hanric - Human Race
Paladorn - High Priest Amonadan - Human Race
Gullydale Shire - Master Deepfurrows - Halfling Race
Furn - Grand Vizier Tarnal - Human Race
Sundabar - Reagent Falir - Human Race
Whiteham Gnomes - Master Gilro - Gnomish Race
Neutral Civs
Grey Orcs - Chief Hortusk - Orcish Race
Helmsmoor Gnomes - Master Primtolph - Gnomish Race
Wei - Lord Isedo - Human Race
Ungdu - Chief Chuphoc - Human Race
Jihish - Sheik Khemrin - Human Race
Thay - King Onender - Human Race
Wildarrow Elves - Lord Moonsilver - Elven Race
Mithrilcraft Clan - King Gulroth - Dwarven Race
Longfurrow Shire - Master Wayhall - Halfling Race
Osterlands - King Osger - Human Race
Evil Civs
Hazelfire - High Priest Mortarg - Human Race
Ghashmog Goblins - Chief Kibilniz - Goblin Race
Tang Zul Goblins - Khan Khanali - Goblin Race
Silver March Lizards - Chief Chiimogli - Lizardman Race
Verfang Gnolls - Chief Simfang - Gnollish Race
Ironfist Clan - King Argog - Dwarven Race
Drow - Dark Queen Z'viir - Elven Race
Black Orcs - Warlord Gorlarg - Orcish Race
Warg Goblins - Chief Zikulu - Goblin Race
Matsujima - Lord Aokata - Human Race

Spoiler Screenshot 1 :

Spoiler Screenshot 2 :
Woohooo! Fantasy madness! Take that, sci-fi dudes! :p
Good luck Darque, I see that you have 0% on your units, but I`m sure you`ll find what you need around here, our fellow members with unit-making skills have created a variety of amazing fantasy and medieval units. Also, for some colour variations I suggest you download the D&D Mystara mod, if you haven`t already, cause it has some nice recolorings of existing units.

P.S.: Welcome to CFC :wavey:
P.P.S.: just joking with "take that, sci-fi dudes!" ;) The Fallout mod was the reason I started lurking around here.
Thnx for the support :D

I am already playing the Mystara mod. It has been a great source of inspiration for planning out my new mod.

As for units, I have downloaded a bunch off of this site. The unit creators have done an absoultely fantastic job. I just have to plan out where each unit goes and implement them into my mod.
It will be a bit like the WH and Mystara mods, in that each race will for the most part have its own set of units. I will also add another factor into the mix - alignment. Each civilization will be designated as good, neutral, and evil. Some technologies and units will be only available to the correct alignment. This will give a little extra variety between each of the civilizations.
(I will update the civilization list to reflect their alignment)
there are both orc and goblin LH somewhere...I will look if youd like, I think they are both WH or some other themed fantasy canon, but they should work better than nothing...

Gnomes I think you are hosed...maybe one of the less hairy dwarves?...

Oh wait...I think there is a Bilbo baggins LH...maybe thats better than nothing...
Coolness. I almost missed this one. Good news hearing about another Fantasy mod. Goodluck and Godspeed Darque!
And I agree with Stormrage about the units. You shouldn't be at 0% for long if you borrow some. :)
I have downloaded a bunch of units...just not implemented them yet. I want to complete my tech tree and then decide what units I want where before I start implementing units.

I have decided that my tech tree will be split into 5:
Base Tech: Includes technologies that are given to civilizations at the start of the game instead of being learned.
Military: Includes technologies that have a direct relation to offensive, defensive, naval, and air units, as well as military buildings.
Infrastructure: Includes technologies that are related to production, commerce, food, and trade.
Religion/Government: Includes technologies that are related to religion and government.
Magic/Education: Includes technolgies related to magic and science.

Another idea that I want to implement is that buildings that generate culture points will be military related buildings rather than cultural buildings. The reasoning for this is that as the city holds onto a territory, its military power is what determines how much land is controlled around the city. As the city builds more military related building, its military power grows, increasing its area of control.
Darque said:
Another idea that I want to implement is that buildings that generate culture points will be military related buildings rather than cultural buildings. The reasoning for this is that as the city holds onto a territory, its military power is what determines how much land is controlled around the city. As the city builds more military related building, its military power grows, increasing its area of control.
I think this is a very, very good idea.
And there are no alternative orc and goblin LH`s, just two of them. Another Orc may get finished by R8XFT, but it may take some time, he is quite buisy with his AD mod - btw, are you aware of his units? They cannot be found around here. If you want I`ll give you a link. They are really cool.

Just an idea... If someone makes a mod with lots of civs, but without a LHs - lets say you use aaglo`s beastmen for a civ, or in this case lots of orc and goblin civs- why not have flag LHs? Those should be easier to make if appropriate one`s do not exist, right?
Here are some initial stats for the mod:
Civilizations: 30

Base Advances: 18 Advances
Military Tree: 27 Advances
Infrastructure Tree: 27 Advances
Magic/Education Tree: 32 Advances
Religion/Government Tree: 27 Advances
Total: 131 Advances

Resources: 34
Improvements: 37
Small Wonders: 23
Great Wonders: 41
Governments: 15
Units (Per Civilization, some shared):
Attack: 5
Defense: 4
Animal: 2
Flying: 3
Siege: 2
Mounted: 4
Ranged: 2
Sailing: 5
Other: 5
Total: 32 per Civilization
Here is a preview what I think will be the final tech tree. Only small changes will be made to it from now on:
Base Techs (Non-tradable...assigned to civilizations at the start of game)
Spoiler :
Dwarven Race
Elven Race
Gnollish Race
Gnomish Race
Goblin Race
Halfling Race
Human Race
Lizardman Race
Orcish Race
Eastern Culture
Evil Alignment
Good Alignment
Mineral Lore
Mountain Culture
Neutral Alignment
Nomad Culture
Plant Lore
Western Culture

Military Tech Tree
Spoiler :
Hunting (Required tech before advancing to Religion/Government Tech Tree)
Iron Working
Early Seafaring
Early Prospecting
Animal Training
Feudal System
Mounted Combat
Shogunate System
Military Tradition
Magic Items
Hull Building
Adv Military Tactics
Dragon Mastery
Arial Combat
Knights of the Dragon
Defensive Tactics
Cavalry Tactics
Advanced Archery
Armored Ships
Imperial Strength

Religion/Government Tech Tree
Spoiler :
Code of Laws
Gods of Evil
Gods of Good
Gods of Neutrality
Dwarven Monarchy
Elven Monarchy
Priesthood of Evil
Priesthood of Good
Priesthood of Neutrality
Tribal Council
Dark Theocracy
Dwarven Pantheon
Elven Pantheon
Orcish Pantheon
Drow Pantheon
Gnomish Pantheon
Halfling Pantheon
Goblin Pantheon

Infrastructure Tech Tree
Spoiler :
Early Tools
Fired Goods
Philosophy (Required tech before advancing to Magic Tech Tree)
Bards Guild
Stone Roads

Magic Tech Tree
Spoiler :
Magical Philosophy
Air Mastery
Earth Mastery
Fire Mastery
Magocratic Law
Water Mastery
Conjuration Mastery
Divination Mastery
Elemental Mastery
Evocation Mastery
Magical Engineering
Magical Mastery
Path of Immortality
Undead Mastery
the drow is a scifi Auslander by ED. Paladorn looks like a LOTR elf. Rock Clan might be from AD or TAM...
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