I give it a thumbs up or two, yes two
Spoiler Last time on DYOS... :
Defeated by his nemesis Bowie, Gruekiller fell in battle. Now he recovers from the mysterious event which brought him back to life, and prepares to stop the diabolical Bowie and recover the mysterious Power Armor...

Spoiler COMICS :

It's not much, just what was ready to upload. :) I drew these a couple years ago, so if the style changes abruptly by my next post, that's why.
"You've been out for _x days" is far too common a trope. For a sec I thought this was a repost. :p
And of course, in DYOS time, 3 days is 3 years of real world time.
All great adventures start in a bar...

Because the XI likeness was uncanny.
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> two comics in a month
> consecutively
> not Part II

Guys, you're slipping... ;)
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Not a usual comic, but after some things. Had to make a Take That Comic...

Nope. Giantesses are blocking his view. :mischief:
omigod lord joakim is back omigod omigod omigod!!!!11!1 SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I'd like to pretend this is a historic chronicle of how I single-handedly roped l_j into DYOS. :cool:
Do it. Passionately so.
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