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Dreams That "Predict" Your Demise


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Jan 24, 2006
So I had another dream last night that had to do with me dying. I say that in a sense that I have these often but really I don't, but after 22 years of life I have an okay collection of them.

Well, I don't mean to play the "I am in the Army" card but the dream had to do with me being with my platoon. We were in Iraq (currently I am on leave so I am in the states for another week, this DID happen while I was in the states) So we were just dicking around Iraq and I think getting ready to go home. We were just messing around, we happened to get together and decide to go to a movie (go figure! at a movie theater!) so as we were walking there a guy was TOTALLY just talking **** to me, a guy I am good friends with so I couldn't figure out why he was doing that, but he was just pissing me off so I was like WTF?! As he was totally "dissing me" in the background was a city scene, a few skyscrapers with some smaller multi-story buildings, and there was a cloud up in the middle of it, slowly catching more and more fire to it, as I watched this I thought "OH MY GOD.." and then I said "IS THAT A NU..??!!" and BOOM!! The shockwave hit, I was thrown down and I looked in another direction as I got up and In the distance I could see more fire clouds being spread throughout the city as I ran for cover.... I woke up before anything happened to me but it still was pretty freaky...

Well I know it was just a dream but I am still having some "aftershock" to it in th sense that it was pretty realistic in my head...I couldn't imagine what a full scale nuclear strike would feel like but I bet that it would be like that. At least knowing my luck. I would know it was happening and then all of a suddne I would be like "Oh Crap..." Done. Finito :eek: And then it would be over with.

Well I just wanted to share with my buddies at Civ Fanatics...any death/dream stories??? :D
Falling, getting shot, stabbed, defending loved ones, dying peacefully (but consciously), in war, and a whole range of others. Thankfully for those, I never seem able to remember my dreams beyond a short period after waking up from something like that.

So I leave the interesting stuff to those with more vivid memories.
I get killed quite often in my dreams but, as you can see, I am not dead so I wouldn't worry.
I've only ever "died" twice. Once was when I crashed in a plane, and once where I drove off a bridge into the ocean with my friend. :cry: I was sad all day!
Falling is a regular theme in my dreams.

I've never hit the ground...yet!
I often have dreams in which I die. I don't usually remember my dreams though.
I don't recall dying in my dreams as myself. Sometimes when I'm someone else that person may die though, usually in a very gory way, but then the view point is transfered to another body almost instantly, or sometimes it just floats around overlooking the mangled body. Sometimes I dream of being poisoned or having a terminal disease though, I hate these ones because they often seem so real and are so full on anguish, then I wake up fearing that I'm going to die very soon. The relief is immense afterwards when I realize that it was just a dream.
I rarely die in dreams, but I have had a few random dreams that ended up happening the next day. Freaky.
I only have one dream that I remember in which I die.

Basically I am riding a bike through a forest. I am going at a fairly high speed down this downhill path when suddenly I hit a log lying on the ground. I flip over the handle bars, fly over the log and on the other side is a giant python with it's mouth wide open. I fall into it's mouth and it swallows me and everything goes black.

That was one of those dreams where I shot up out of bed like in the movies.
I never die in dreams, but the fear of death sometimes rears its ugly head in my life, turning some nights into nightmares.
I've had a dream about being dead and buried under my house with other bodies.
I once had a dream that I was in the middle of a nuclear explosion. Surreally, in the dream I had taken a really strong painkiller, so the blast didn't affect me (yes, it makes sense, I know :crazyeye:). So I was able to sit back watch everything burn away. Weird.

I suppose falling is the most common way that I get wasted in my dreams, though. Falling from a high altitude and waking up when I hit the ground. Scary.
Once, long time ago. I was in the middle of a gun battle somewhere. Though most of the time in my dreams I usually come to near-death, and then prevail over seemingly overwhelming odds. It's just that one time I didn't survive.
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