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[DRN-001] BtS Any Which Way You Can


Nov 16, 2003
Home or Work...
DRN-001 is now open

Game: Beyond The Sword (v3.02)
Map: Big and Small
Size: Standard
Difficulty: Prince
Speed: Epic
Leader: Abe Lincoln
Opponents: 7, Random.


Any win we can achieve. This is a normal rules game just to mess around with the new changes.

I'm open to suggestions with the leader. Once we've got a full roster I'll roll start.

24 Hours for got it.
48 Hours for game turn around.

15 turns for peace time.
10 turns for wartime.

Please discuss with the group on major things like declaration of war (either our group as the aggressor or if someone declares on us).

No spoilers: If it's not your turn, please do not play beyond the current turn set, so we can all enjoy any surprises that come our way.

1. doronron
2. azaris
3. njorls
4. Sorceresss
5. pigswill
6. yena

Post here or PM me for a spot. First come, first serve.

Leader Suggestion: I'd like Abe Lincoln, if only because I haven't played a game as Abe since Civ I...:mischief:
If you need rooster filler, I'll join.

11 civs on a standard map, huh? It's going to be total mayhem. I like it. :ar15:

The espionage missions are currently somewhat unbalanced on Epic speed (and broken on Marathon), but maybe we just have to take it into account.

Abe is fine with me.
We can probably get by with the poison and unhappiness missions on epic. I've got a small work around for marathon play, but I didn't think anyone would be interested in having to load and run a mod everytime they wanted to do their turn set.

I've got you listed in the roster, too. Welcome aboard.
Please add me ! I have never played a SG, so I have a few questions :

1. What did you mean by your 24/48-hour cycles ? [Got my answer from njorls.]

2. It seems to me that you cannot accomplish much in 15 turns of peacetime, on Epic. Is it a standard number of turns (on Epic) ? [Got my answer from azaris.]

Leader > I don't mind which...but as a francophone Canadian girl, I must admit that there are some leaders that do not motivate me in the least -- all USA leaders being on my black list ! But if you select a leader for his game characteristics (independently of his historical attributes and esthetic appearance), I suppose that any would be fine, depending on the special characteristics & powers you prefer to start with.

3. Doronron stated : "I'd like Abe Lincoln, if only because I haven't played a game as Abe since Civ I..." Could we not rather agree on a leader for deeper, strategic reasons? (Sorry : I take that game way too seriously...) [Got an answer from Doronron.]
Thanks for the welcome Doronron. Just a little nitpick but it's NjorLs with an L and not an I :)

I believe 24/48 means you have 24 hours from when the last round was played, to post Got It, and then 48 hours to play and post your round.

As for a leader, Abe Lincoln seems to have good traits, and playing to the Civil War soundtrack would keep me in character. One of the new civs would be fun too.
I believe 24/48 means you have 24 hours from when the last round was played, to post Got It, and then 48 hours to play and post your round.

I'm new to SG, so excuse me if I find that sloooooow : 48 hours to play 15 turns (and if you add the got-it 24 hours, that would mean that someone could take 72 hours) !?! [Received an answer from njorls.]

American Civil War music ?! [deleted negative emoticon]
72 hours is the max, if people play faster it'll go faster. Part of the idea is we discuss the strategy for the next turnset during this time as well.

The soundtrack I was talking about was for Ken Burns's Civil War documentary on PBS. I just saw 2 episodes last weekend, the music is very nice. Ashokan Farewell specifically.
OK : I guess it is your legitimate taste.

As a young (= 20), francophone Quebecer (Quebec is a semi-autonomous state within Canada), I feel NO interest for American history. I'm more Eurocentric.

OK : I understand that 72 hours would be an absolute max. In my case, I would be surprised if my turn lasted more than 6 hours : I'm a student with lots of free time !
Welcome into the game! Njorls, I've updated the roster. :)

The 24/48 deal is to allow people the opportunity to negotiate real life as necessary and still get their turns in on time. As much as I'd like to play Civ, I still have this job thing I've got to do!

As for Lincoln: Two real reasons - One, This game's about getting our feet wet with the new features in BtS. Lincoln is one of the new leaders, so you can't beat that. Two - Lincoln's traits will allow us to promote our units faster and gain a few extra great people along the way (which might be useful!).

I will probably get this game started once we've got our fifth player -- a sixth would be nice, but it might not be necessary.
Looking for another player?

I've played a few SGs and I'm comfortable on prince but I'm still a BTS noob.
We do need a new player! Welcome to the game, Pigswill. I'll post the starting position tonight. We can have a brief discussion on where to build the first city, and I'll post a turn report following.

We can take in one more player after pigswill should anyone be interested.
We're playing a standard size map, with 12 civs? Isn't a default standard size map with 7 civs?

I would prefer the njorls reference : the standard 7 (including us) rather than 9 (including us). But I will gently comply with your set-up : I want to proceed with gameplay ASAP. :)
I'll setup the game tonight with 7 players and post screenshots. Usually, I play huge maps, which tend to have more opponents, so forgive me if I've forgotten how many rivals the smaller maps tend to pit the player against. ;)
Usually, I play huge maps

Me too : only huge maps. For the past six days, since I got BTS, I have only played on the huge "Europe" map, as a custom scenario. That one is really vast : some so-called "huge" maps have such much ocean in them that the landspace to colonize is not that immense.

The designer of that "Europe" map included North Africa and the western part of the Middle East : there is so much space there, that you could even go up to the full 18 players. The problem with that map, though (in both scenario versions), is that the starting positions are random : the Egyptian can wind up starting in Italy, and Rome can be founded in Russia ! I fix that by editing the starting positions on the first turn, so that each civ's settler is placed at a historically correct position.
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