Dungeon Keeper


Mar 26, 2022
Dduudes and Dduudesses.

I had the sweet urge to play the famous and great Dungeon Keeper again, after, hm, I played it in my childhood, so, about, hm, 24 years later. I saw it GOG, and downloaded it. I watched a Youtube Letsplay and recognized that the resolution of that Letsplay Dungeon Keeper was brilliant, and thought: Hm, looks like Dungeon Keeper, the original, but far better GFX, what is that??? HOW??? WTF! A... resolution patch?!?!?! Plus bug fixes and Win10 ready??? WTF!

Found out, tonight, that there exists a FAN MADE VERSION called Keeper FX, that blew my balls off. It is a .zip of about 700 mb, which Launcher copies the original data out of the GOG Dungeon Keeper into Keeper FX. You basically have your about 350 mb GOG on your M2, paste the about 700 mb FX right next to it, and show the Launcher Installer the directory, it confirms that the required original data could be copy and pasted - et voila! A legal, fair Keeper FX, with a NICE resolution, some bug fixes, PLUS --------

a vast bunch of campaigns, new campaigns, just.... mindblowing. Admitted. I just played the first five or six levels vanilla campaign, with crystal clear GFX, but from what I saw - I NEVER HEARD OF THAT.

You all should know that!

The site even provides Modding Tools... that is MIND BLOWING!!! Check it out. Have fun! :)
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