DX10/11 not available - Need help


Sep 24, 2010
As many other players, I do not have the possibility to run the game with DX10/11. I have a Vista 32bit system, GTX 280, DX11, latest drivers, but don't have the otion to play in DX11.

Now, looking at the path: Documents/My Games/Sid Meirs's Civilization 5, where the configuration/ini files are saved, the GraphicsSettingsDX11.ini is missing!

All I have is the GraphicsSettingsDX9. At first I wasn't able to run AA (Anti-Aliasing) neither in DX9, but thanks to Ainwood's fantastic help post I was able to run at least with some nicer graphics as before. Having AA on 8 makes a big difference.

So, question is, why can't i use DX11/10. Why is the ini. file for it missing?
Is it possible to manually add it?

Thanks for your Help!
That would be because you do not have a DX11 capable graphics card...
You need either an ATI 5xxx series or an Nvidia GTX 4xx series GPU to run in DX11 mode.
I thought it's Geforce 4XX cards and up, not GTX 4XX cards and up?

Also, if not DX11 compatible, why not DX10? My GTX280 is DX10 compatible, is it not?

Thanks for the enlightenment! :)
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