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DYNAMO DREAMS (Indie Scifi youtube series made in Blender)


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Sep 24, 2016
Ran across this rather cool project on youtube a few days ago.. this super talented fellow named Ian Hubert is working on a scifi series with epic dystopian Cyberpunk like cities and spaceships creating everything (other than the greenscreen actors) in Blender.

The Teaser
It all started with this super impressive Cyberpunkish teaser fan film where there doesn't seem to be any cuts.. surely can only be done with some clever greenscreen work yet the shots are handheld with not cuts.. very nice!

As soon as I saw the above I wanted to see the greenscreen version as presumably the lift is fake she's just walking around a small area with some cleverly positioned light sources and sure enough I found they've done a nice behind the scenes video showing how they did just that!

The Main Series
Episode 01:
All the cool stuff above was just a teaser for a bigger series this guy is doing.. the first episode is more of that girl in the cyberpunk city and it just looks amazing.. crazy to think he did all this in blender.

Episode 02:
The 2nd episode is in space and looks amazing too. Definitely some matrix vibes here as well as they're all possibly in a simulated universe.

Episode 03:
There's a 3rd ep out too but haven't watched yet... looks like it can take him 1-3yrs to make each ep so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Watching this stuff I'm like "how is this guys not doing mainstream stuff.. but sure enough is indeed doing tv shows, music videos and adverts.. here he is talking about some of his amazing work and somehow making it sound funny and easy..

Just casually makes his own amazing podracer sequence lol

Meanwhile I've now watched episode 3.. things get very weird with this one lol.. wonder how long it will be before episode 4 comes along..

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