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Jun 18, 2017
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Argentinian Empire
Esplendor Patagónico

Tiles within Argentinian cities automatically raise their Appeal by +1 (to a maximum of +2) whenever a Holy Site, Theater Square, Preserve, or Milonga is built on or adjacent to them. Any of said tiles that are included in a National Park provide Tourism as if their Appeal were 2 higher. Completing any District or District project adjacent to a National Park provides a boost of Tourism equal to the Production cost.
Unique light cavalry unit that unlocks with Stirrups. Fast-moving unit that is weak in combat but has a large line of sight and can construct Pastures. When pillaging enemy Pastures, gain Food and/or Horses equal to that tile’s yield in addition to the normal yield from pillaging. Upgrades into the Helicopter.
Unique District that replaces the Entertainment Complex. Has lower upkeep than the Entertainment Complex. Completing the Bread and Circuses project grants a boost of Culture equal to 50% of the city’s Production. If two cities complete the project within 3 turns of each other, they both gain a temporary boost of +50% to their Tourism yield (increased to +100% with Cultural Heritage.)

Bartolomé Mitre
Partido Unitario

Gain a Wildcard policy slot upon adopting a government from a new tier. Cities above 75% Loyalty generate Diplomatic Favor equal to their Culture yield. This output temporarily doubles in cities with a Government Plaza or Diplomatic Quarter when a new building is completed in those Districts. (Does not stack.)
Party Switcher
Likes civilizations who adopt new forms of government whenever possible, especially those from higher tiers, and will try to be the first to adopt a new tier of government. Dislikes civilizations who retain outdated forms of government.

Presidente Mitre, you have seen your country torn apart by war and disagreement for far too long; now, by your hand, Argentina is united. From the bustling cities to the windswept prairies, you shall look after and guide your people, providing a strong central government to unify them and filling their lives with light and culture. A man of letters yourself, and a student of history, you surely know the traits of a good leader, one whose civilization will stand the test of time... the kind of leader Argentina needs.

Bartolomé Mitre's Details

Religion: Catholicism
General personality: Quiet and reserved, but very stern and unmoving with enemies.

Mitre would speak Argentinian Spanish.

Spoiler Dialogue :

Voiced Lines:

“It brings me joy to welcome you to Argentina. I am President Mitre, her steward and protector.”

Agenda-based Approval: “Ah, I see your nation is on the cutting edge of civic development. A good leader always strives to keep his people abreast of the newest and best.”

Agenda-based Disapproval: “Your cities stagnate, and your people languish in darkness! How can you possibly cling to such outdated practices?”

Attacked: “I see that a choice is before me. A choice with only one answer: to make you regret this foolish decision.”

Declares War: “Argentina stands in unity and freedom, and her people have spoken as one: your wickedness must be snuffed out!”

Defeated: “Is it all over already? Ah... the years go by like shadows, do they not?”

Civilopedia Quote: “There are two beautiful moments in life: the moment when one separates from a person they hate, and the moment when they reunite with another person they love.”
I couldn't find very many quotes from Mitre without tracking down one of his books. The defeated quote references a postcard he signed in 1905, and the Civilopedia quote I found online, but cannot verify.

Unvoiced Lines:

Invitation to Capital:
“I invite you to come see the vibrant hub of business and culture that is our capital, Buenos Aires.”

Invitation to City: “Come to our nearby city, friend, and with a little practice you’ll be dancing the tango in no time.”

Sends Delegation: “Along with my good will, my delegates bring you plenty of empanadas, asado, and for later, dulce de leche to spread on dessert.”

Accepts Delegation: “While I was happy to help your delegates learn the music and lyrics to our tango, I’m afraid there’s not much I can do about their two left feet.”

Rejects Delegation: “My apologies, I’m simply too busy to host your delegation at the moment.”

Accepts Declaration of Friendship: “Argentina is blessed to claim your friendship.”

Rejects Declaration of Friendship: “I am afraid this is not an ideal time to claim such a brotherhood with you.”

Offers Friendship: “Your popularity among the Argentines cannot be denied. Perhaps you would consider a mutual declaration of friendship for both our nations’ benefit?”

Trade Deal Accepted: “Many thanks.”

Too Many Troops Near Border: “I can see your soldiers amassing at our marches and teeming at our shores. It would be best to withdraw and avoid a diplomatic incident, no?”

Denounced by Player: “Your crude words belie your primitive nature. My people shall not be intimidated.”

Denounces Player: “You deny your people even the most basic tenets of liberty.”

Argentina's Details
Start bias: Tier 1 towards resources improved by Farms and Pastures; Tier 2 towards Grassland, Plains; Tier 4 towards Mountains
Ideal victory types: Culture, Religion
Argentina default.png
Argentina alt 1.png
Argentina alt 2.png
Argentina alt 3.png

The Sol de Mayo (Sun of May) is a national symbol of Argentina, symbolizing the May Revolution that earned the country independence.
The colors are inspired by the Argentinian flag.

City list:
Spoiler Argentinian Cities :

🌟Buenos Aires
San Miguel de Tucumán
La Plata
San Salvador de Jujuy
Mar del Plata
Santa Rosa
Rio Gallegos
Santiago del Estero
Bahía Blanca
San Luis
La Rioja
Villa María
Río Cuarto
San Rafael

Citizen list:
Spoiler Argentinian Citizens :



Modern Males

Modern Females

River names: Paraná River, Rio de la Plata, Uruguay River, Paraguay River, Desaguadero River, Iguazu River, Salado River, Río Negro, Reconquista River, Santa Cruz River, Gallegos River...
Lake names: Nahuel Huapi Lake, Argentino Lake, Lácar Lake, Cami Lake, Espejo Lake, Lake Menéndez, Gutiérrez Lake, Lago Falkner, Laguna del Diamante, Alumine Lake, Laguna Vilama, Terra Lake, Laguna Isla...
Sea/Ocean names: Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Fox Bay, Queen Charlotte Bay, Byron Sound, White Rock Bay, Bay of Harbours, Wine Bay, Adventure Harbour, Low Bay, Choiseul Sound, Berkeley Sound, Bahia Grande...
Mountain Range names: Andes Mountains, Principal Cordillera, Cordillera de la Ramada, Aconquija Range, Sierras Chicas...
Desert names: Puna de Atacama, Atacama Desert, Patagonian Desert
Volcano names: Lanín, Domuyo, Cerro Galán, Tipas, Maipo, Ojos del Salado, Copahue, Incahuasi, Aracar, Cerro Blanco, Cordón del Azufre, Trocon, Cerro Solo, Tupungato...

Civilization theme: Mi Buenos Aires Querido (My Beloved Buenos Aires)
An Argentine tango originally released in 1934 by Carlos Gardel, it reflects upon the beauty of its titular city.
Examples for Inspiration: "Industrial Era"
Original Version with Lyrics (Public Domain)

I admit, I had a bit to learn when I set out to make Argentina into a playable civ (and in fact, I'm still learning.) I knew it had been a Spanish colony, one of many that waged wars of independence, was famous for tango and gauchos and, because I'm a science nerd, very big dinosaurs, but I didn't know much else. Naturally though, it has an interesting history in its own right, as does every civilization. Hopefully I've done a little bit of justice to all of these areas: the history with gauchos and Mitre, the culture with milongas and tango, and the beautiful landscape with Esplendor Patagónico.

Gaucho's Details
Era: Medieval
Promotion Tree: Light Cavalry
Upgrades from: N/A
Upgrades to: Helicopter
Unlocks with: Stirrups
Obsolete with: Synthetic Materials

•20 Horses
•60 Production
•120 Gold
•2 Gold maintenance cost
•Movement: 6
•Melee: 12
•Sight: 4

Milonga's Details
Unlocked by: Games and Recreation
Pillage award: Health
Production cost: 54
Maintenance cost: 0.5

Trade Yields:
•Domestic destination: +1 Food
•International destination: +1 Food
•Appeal: 1
•Bread and Circuses
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Can’t believe Sauce is a city
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Also did I just see health
When you normally pillage an Entertainment Complex it gives the unit 50 HP back. Probably from all the bread early game, and then late game concession stand food. :lol:
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When you normally pillage an Entertainment Complex it gives the unit 50 HP back. Probably from all the bread early game, and then late game concession stand food. :lol:
Oh I see, thought there was a health mechanic getting introduced (I barely know all the bonuses in Civ)
Isn't General Roca a good leader (or will this anger Mapuche')

Also should Mapuche gets Manuel Namuncurá an alt leader? (I can't really think of more successful Mapuche leader particularly those of 19th Century. but I see reasons why Fxis included them, their Malones still sting every outsiders for several centuries until Roca stomped them up good, something Colonial Spanish can't do)
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