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Earliest UHV achieved

Discussion in 'RFC mod-mod: Classical World' started by Sitalkas, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Sitalkas

    Sitalkas Chieftain

    Jun 19, 2012
    So I got my first Antigonids victory today, and quite sooner than the 70 BC limit!


    Settle the settler in my core to support my empire in stability.

    Set research to Monarchy asap. Tech rate at 40-50 %

    Send all units to Tyros, your boat can help you with this!

    All cities build wealth, Ephesos builds tannery - textile factory -fairground - agora. Then 3-4 work boats

    Hire every suitable mercenary. I was extremely lucky with mercenaries as I hired 4 heavy spearmen, 3 of them had city raider 3 + strength 1, and the other had strength 5!!! Not to mention that the Seleucid cities fall without killing any of my mercs! I was also lucky with an event that upgraded all my melee units to shock! Damaskos falls first, then Jerusalem. Destroy the other city north west of Seleucia.

    When I captured Babylon, Seleucia and Susa I signed peace with the Seleucids and got horticulture from them. My army then moved to Egypt. They were destroyed within 5-6 turns.

    I settled one slave per city and kept 4-5 to build farms and cottages. In Alexandria I settled 2 slaves and began building spearmen to fortify them in Egypt. My uber army then Moved to Greece and took over it.

    By that time Ephesos should have start building the Great Lighthouse.

    Then I returned to the Seleucids and destroyed them.

    After that, I conquered Rhodes and used some of the slaves to rush the final wonder in Ephesos!

    Post your earliest victories!

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