Early game plan? - Emperor - Charlemagne


Feb 7, 2013
Hey guys!

What would be the game plan with this starting location?

Spoiler Screen shot here: :

2022-12-27 11_14_45-Civ IV_ Beyond The Sword.png

I've recently moved to Emperor and the starting locations got challenging for me.
- a worker anytime soon makes little sense (can only improve tiles after technologies come)
- need fishing + 2x work boats to work the clams
- can do rice with agriculture only but it's just 4F
- pigs look way better but animal husbandry gets a discount after agriculture, so it's a waste to start with it
- need mining + bronze working to clear any of the forest tiles

I went for:
1) fishing + warrior
2) agriculture & animal husbandry + 2x fishing boat (clams)
3) mining & bronze working + worker
4) improve pigs and rice + settler
5) settled 2nd city
6) the wheel & pottery + chop forest

This didn't work out:
- the 2nd city seemed late (can't remember which turn, though)
- cottages were late
- found no copper or horses
- had to get archery which slowed me down with other techs
- fell way behind the AI

What would you do differently?


Mycro Junkie
Mar 17, 2013
Pigs are a good mined tile with IMP.
Agri looks bad before scouting more yup..would have to find more agri resources.

Maybe settler first, a city 3w1s should be coast connected.
Good seafood sharing.
Scout would have to keep that area barb free and not move around much.

If there was a not forested hill, worker & mining first would look much better too.
Could mine pigs and that hill, then go settler after growing to size 2.


Jan 1, 2006
Agree with Fippy. Settler first is rarely the best play I'd say, but here it is better than the alternatives. Dry rice is so weak you should be skipping agri. Techs you need to make this capital prosperous are fishing+mining+BW. Agri+AH probably after pottery, depends on the the surrounding land.

Settler first can be contemplated if you have several of the following
  • difficulties to develop normally due to weak tiles or poor starting techs
  • IMP
  • extra :hammers: city center
  • you are able to found a strong, connected (via river or coast) 2nd city (=extra 2:commerce:)
Here you score 4/4 so settler first seems to make a lot of sense.
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Phoenix Rising
Feb 12, 2006
Great advice above. Warrior first is not a good opener. Normally worker or fishing boat. With imp and hammers settler first is great!

Clams without LH are only 4f albeit nice commerce. You can chop these later with workers after the settler. Chops into settlers offer +50% hammers. So 4 cities by 2000bc could easily be possible. Assuming you have the commerce to support this.

GLH works great with imperialist trait on coastal starts.
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